Zoe and joel no chemistry relationship

You’re All Wrong About Joel & Zoe

zoe and joel no chemistry relationship

(Though it's tough to imagine her having sex with Joel, since the writers have so far given us no passionate Zoe then found a safe haven in the relationship with Joel. which is what draws them together and adds to their sizzling chemistry. After shipping Wade and Zoe since episode two, I really hated how their They finally seemed mature enough for a real relationship and I was finally satisfied with them. She was still not the best but her chemistry with all the actors(yes, When people talk about not liking S3 due to Joel I'm always like. Let's not forget the fact that Zoe is from New York & sports a classic Californian accent. . people think Joel & Zoe are boring or just haven't any chemistry. Joel & Zoe's relationship because they just shipped them together in.

Hell, nearly all of the friendships are boring.

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How is Team Jacob still even a thing after the 4th novel? You know what does exist though? Yes, that man, he exists. Cheating is cheating is cheating is cheating!!! Why would you want to be with someone like that?! Why would you want to date someone whom you have 0, absolutely 0, common interests with?

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How does this not spell disaster to you?! This is the reality for women, straight or gay: Those guys exist, they just happen to be in the friend zone. This obviously angered so many fans because every relationship people care about on the show deserves a backstory. It took me a while to warm up to him because their relationship was shoved down our throats, but it made sense. If they were to get married, they would absolutely work out for at least 11 years, the median time a couple stays married.

Zoe has a Jewish background as does Joel.

zoe and joel no chemistry relationship

They make sense from a philosophical background. How is this boring, please explain this to me. Speaking of, I can understand why the writers did not name Wade and Zoe's son, Harley because Vivan's son was also named after him that is another issue I will talk about later. However, they could have had a moment in the hospital where Zoe and Earl reveal to Wade that they had a secret conversation about naming him Jack, after Wade's mom who passed away from cancer.

He then tearfully agrees that will be his name. Now, that also brings a few other issues. I get that Vivian loves her uncle but I don't think she has the right to use his name for his son when Harley has his own daughter that might use his father's name too. Another thing is, it makes me angry that even after Wade's popularity with the fans, the writers still put his story in the back burner.

We should know way more about Wade's story with his mom. We know very little detail and there should be more of a story with that ring of hers he was going to give Zoe. Also, that should have been the ring that he put on her when they got married at the hospital. After shipping Wade and Zoe since episode two, I really hated how their overall love story played out.


However, I will say that it was mostly well done in the last season. They finally seemed mature enough for a real relationship and I was finally satisfied with them. They were cute and the writers really took seriously the saying that when you have been a couple for a long time, you become one person. Wade and Zoe had literally started sharing the same brain. They acted like a real couple in love in their 30s who are having a baby. Other than that, the last season was very scattered.

The love triangles, Lavon and Lemon rushed rekindling, the incestuous group of friends, and the rushed endings of the last season. The almost nonexistent friendship between Lavon and Wade annoyed me. Zoe and Lemon still feuding at the end was way too dragged and unnecessary. They had no reason to feud since Season 1. It got old very quickly. I remember so much more but I will edit it later.

zoe and joel no chemistry relationship

I really did love the show though. I only started it a month ago and it has made a bigger impact on me than I ever thought possible.