Bolin and mako meet their family is

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bolin and mako meet their family is

Although "The Legend of Korra" is over, Nickelodeon still has more answers to the many family trees in the series. The third season of the animated television series The Legend of Korra, titled Book Three: Meanwhile, Kai absconds from the group to pickpocket, and while looking for him, Mako and Bolin meet the family of their late father. They learn that . Mako is a firebender from a multicultural family who grew up on the streets of set to meet Zaheer at Xai Bau's Grove, Mako and Bolin investigated the town.

When Naga approached to greet Mako, she was quickly lead to safety by Tu, preventing her from being trampled by the excited polar bear dog.

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After meeting Asami and KorraYin asked Mako why he was not dating either of them, inadvertently creating awkwardness for the teenagers. Upon noticing AsamiYin mistook her for being the Avatar, stating she was even more beautiful than she had imagined. However, Mako corrected her and introduced her to Korra, whom she, upon examination, declared to be very muscular for a woman.

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Taking both Asami and Korra's hand, she turned to her grandson again, asking why he was not dating any nice girls like them.

Unaware of the awkward situation she created for the three teenagers, Asami quickly changed the subject by asking what had happened to the brothers.

Yin and her family accompanied Team Avatar toward Zaofuwhere they planned on using a strong radio transmitter to reach the Northern Air Temple. While everyone prepared to leave for the temple, Yin left to take a nap. She grew distraught upon discovering that the animals were playing tug-of-war with Mako's scarf and immediately retrieved the clothing item from Naga's mouth, admonishing the animals for their shameful and disappointing behavior.

When Mako, Korra, Asami, and Prince Wu traveled to the Sato estate, Yin answered the door when they rang the bell and pleasantly greeted her grandson. Before she could finish her sentence, however, she noticed that Prince Wu was with him and became starstruck.

Told that the royal would stay at the estate for a while as well, she received a kiss on the hand by Wu, which caused her to faint.

bolin and mako meet their family is

Cuddling the royal, Yin inquired if he would like to have a cherry-berry lemonade and glared at Mako when he chided the prince for being weak. She subsequently listened as Mako relayed part of his past to Wu, though when he told them he had kissed Korra while dating Asami, Yin reprimanded him for being "naughty" and commented that he took after his grandfather.

Learning that Mako had professed his love to Korra at some point, she approvingly asked if they lived happily ever after, though was told about the other love triangle that occurred between him, Korra, and Asami, prompting her to scold her grandson once again for his behavior that mirrored his grandfather's. As Mako finished his story, Wu declared that he had learned that women were complicated and apologized to Yin, a statement to which she took no offense.

When the training session resumed, Yin was shocked to see Mako knock down Wu again with a single hit and reprimanded her grandson with a slap on the arm.

bolin and mako meet their family is

Weeks later, Yin, together with Tu, joined the last group of citizens set to evacuate Republic City. They became stranded at Central City Stationhowever, when Kuvira attacked the metropolis and had her army destroy the train tracks.

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When Prince Wu arrived with two badgermolesYin and the other evacuees followed the creatures underground as they tunneled a way out for them. After Korra reluctantly agrees, Earth Queen Hou-Ting instructs her to retrieve a tax shipment from a vault located in a town just outside the city walls, two of which had already been stolen by barbarians. Kai uses his airbending to create a distraction and facilitate his pick-pocketing of rich citizens.

Bolin and Mako search for Kai in the Upper Ring and find him scamming unsuspecting residents using his airbending.

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Having been discovered, Kai hurriedly flees the scene with the two brothers following close behind. The duo eventually encounters Kai in a monorail cart at which point Mako corners Kai and grabs him by the collar. Kai, however, easily escapes his grasp, sends the two brothers back with an air blast, and slips out of the cart just before the doors close, leaving them stranded in the cart on the way to the Lower Ring.

Mako and Bolin attempt to catch a train back to the Upper Ring, but find themselves unable to do so after realizing that Kai had stolen their money. Without a means to purchase tickets, the brothers decide to sleep in the streets until they find a way back to the Upper Ring. Back at the palace, Korra and Asami decide to take the airship and retrieve the tax shipment without Mako and Bolin. Asami expresses concern about the fact that they were unaccompanied, but Korra reassures her by stating that royal guards stationed at the vault would keep them protected.

Mako refuses to take part and expresses his disgust at the state of the fruit on display, prompting a wary Tu to appear from behind the stand.

He interrogates the brothers and attempts to intimidate them, eventually tackling the two to the ground after concluding that they were planning to steal fruit. Zuko and Tonraq arrive at the Northern Water Tribe and visit Desna and Eska, who they ask to accompany them to a secret ice prison in the western tundras of the North Pole.

Chow introduces Mako and Bolin to their extended family. She promptly inquires about her son and daughter-in-law, but is disheartened to hear from Mako that the two were killed while he and Bolin were still young. Korra and Asami arrive to collect the tax shipment, but became immediately wary of their surroundings after noticing residents fleeing indoors.

As the guards bring the shipment out to load in the airship, they are attacked by a group of barbarians on motorcycles. The leader instructs Korra and Asami to leave the shipment but the two refuse, causing a fight to erupt in which Korra and Asami quickly take the upper hand. The leader calls his men to retreat and tells Korra that she is fighting for the wrong side before fleeing the scene.

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Watching them go, Korra discloses to Asami that she indeed suspects Gombo to be correct. He recalls how he once hired Combustion Man, who was capable of the same technique, in a failed attempt to kill the previous Avatar, Aang. Eska comforts him and recalls the time she attempted to kill Korra for ruining her wedding with Bolin.