Creative meet the team ideas at work

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creative meet the team ideas at work

13 of the Most Creative Agency 'Meet the Team' Pages We've Ever It gives prospects an idea of who exactly they'll be working with, and. Rock Kitchen Harris are “creative, friendly people dedicated to producing ideas that work damn hard for our clients.” Their cute little Meet the Team page is a. These 7 creative employee announcement ideas give the whole office a sneak peek It's the perfect kick-off for years of amazing work! . because they can meet an incredible amount of new team members incredibly fast.

Add some personality to the board or screen by having new hires answer a series of questions on an index card. Advise them to use their best handwriting! Then post the actual index card or a JPEG version of it on the board or screen. The handwriting adds a warm, authentic touch.

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Just grab some healthy snacks and beverages and bring everyone into a conference room for about an hour or so. After that, the mingling will happen naturally. New employees love it because… the casual mingling meeting will feel like any other get-together with coworkers. New Employee Announcement 5: The Rule of Three Announcement The rule of three suggests that a three-pronged approach to any communication makes a satisfying and memorable impression on audiences.

Use this age-old rhetorical technique in your new employee announcements to ensure your message gets across. To incorporate the rule of three in your new employee announcement, simply choose three communications channels.

Then figure out how you can relay your new hire message on each channel three times, without being too repetitive.

The Most Creative Meet the Team Pages

Did you know new hire John W. Mention new hires in an upcoming event announcement. New hire John W.

creative meet the team ideas at work

Bulletin board Post 1: Data Architect Come meet me! Provide a few more details on the new hires. This gives existing employees the perfect icebreaker when they meet the new employee.

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Provide a few more work-specific details. Again, this gives existing employees something to ask the new hires about when they meet.

Weekly Happy Hour Happy Hour 1: Give new employees a brief introduction. New employees love it because… they really get to know their new coworkers. Once all the communications die down, new employees will feel like certifiable team members.

New Employee Announcement 6: The Digital-Savvy Welcome If you come from a laid-back company, then this no-fuss new employee welcome message is for you!

creative meet the team ideas at work

Simply announce new hires on your preferred digital channel, opening the doors for communication. The post should simply jumpstart the communication process. New employees love it because… they can meet an incredible amount of new team members incredibly fast. Current employees love it because… it gives them a chance to welcome new team members without disrupting their potentially busy days.

New Employee Announcement 7: To make the announcements stand out, send a dedicated email to highlight new employees instead of plopping the introductions into existing communications.

Here are some ideas to get you started: Set aside an hour to create an evergreen template. Include name, job title, and email address, and then choose about five bonus questions on personality, interests, work history, and anything else you want. Write up short, narrative biographies. New employees love it because… they get to think about how they want to introduce themselves to new coworkers. Current employees love it because… they get to learn a ton about new employees, all from the comfort of their desks.

Plus, this strategy keeps remote employees in the loop. New Employee Announcement 8: The Boss Introduction Email This new hire announcement puts a twist on the straightforward introduction email above.

Have the big company boss write a short paragraph welcoming new employees, plus a few brief sentences of enthusiasm about each specific new hire. Once I saw these creative team pages, I knew I have to let you know about them. So here they are. RJMetrics team page — simple but effective RJMetrics builds data infrastructure and analytics software to help businesses make smarter decisions with their data.

Their team page is simple but effective.

creative meet the team ideas at work

They are also funny, try moving your cursor over a picture. I did — can you see who stands out? Once you click on them, you can read more of their responsibilities and what they like to do in their free time. Especially when you scroll it down through all the employees — it just looks cool! For example we have: The one category that stole my heart is Dogs: There are 12 dogs with names, pictures and the description like: They seem super agreed.

If you want to see their full potential, go to their website and play a little with the cursor. Also, I like how one person stands out from the crowd when you hover the cursor over them. What I miss though is some sort of information about employees. Etch — glorify each teammember I like the description and the design of this team page.

First you have a short description: When you click on a person, you go to a nicely designed website with personal photographs, private pictures and favourite quotes. Cloud Horizon — who you wanted to be as a child? This is one nostalgic team page.

30 Best Meet the Team Pages Examples and Trends

First, we have a short history of a company and right beneath we have something that seems normal at first: But when you hover the cursor over a picture, you can see the pictures reveal the past — and suddenly everything is clear.

For example we have a Creative Director who wanted to be a Ghostbuster. Or a Chief Technology Officer who wanted to be a cowboy.

creative meet the team ideas at work

Etsy — show yourself It takes a lot of people to build such a resilient platform like Etsy. They make you feel anonymous.