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love and hip hop season 6 episode 3 meet the rookies dvd

Episode List S6, Ep1. 14 Dec. The Crown. (6). 0. Rate. 1. Rate. 2. Rate. 3. Rate. 4. Rate. 5. Rate. 6 loading. Remy Ma makes a triumphant return to the stage after serving 6 and a half years behind bars. .. Meet the Rookies Get to know the new rookies of the new season of Love Hip Hop! TV Show DVDs. See also: List of Law & Order: Criminal Intent episodes In the season premiere episode, Detectives Goren and Eames investigate the , 2, "Tru Love", Norberto Barba, Teleplay by: Diana Son . Detectives Logan and Wheeler investigate the murder of a young hip-hop artist, shot to death. 3. What's Poppin. Cardi reveals some news to Yorma at MariahLynn's birthday party. . Get to know the new rookies of the new season of Love Hip Hop!.

Henry does not speak in contractions. His uncle, Lucian Connally, was Walt's predecessor as sheriff, and Branch hopes to be sheriff one day, as well.

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He was romantically involved with Cady Longmire. After being shot by David Ridges in season 2, he is shown during the next season recovering and investigating the attack. He was suspended from the force at the end of season 3, and is later shot and killed by his father, Barlow Connally.

Cassidy Freeman as Cady Longmire, Walt's daughter, an attorney who initially works for a local law firm.

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Later, she works for Jacob Nighthorse, to provide representation to residents on the reservation. She was romantically involved with Branch Connally for a time. Later on, she becomes romantically involved with "Zach" Heflin. In the series finale, her father convinces her to run for sheriff.

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Adam Bartley as Archie "The Ferg" Ferguson, an awkward but hard-working young deputy, who felt unappreciated next to his more senior deputies, the handsome Branch Connally and the former Philadelphia Detective Vic Morretti. His eclectic knowledge and skills have helped solve cases, justifying Walt's hiring him, despite the fact that one reason Walt hired him was as a favor to his father.

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He continues to feel overlooked, even after he is promoted to a more senior deputy status following Branch's death. In the early seasons, he has an unrequited crush on Cady.

love and hip hop season 6 episode 3 meet the rookies dvd

In season 5 he meets Meg, a local nurse. Louanne Stephens as Ruby: Branch's uncle and Walt's predecessor as sheriff, now retired seasons 1—4, 6 John Bishop as Bob Barnes: Dutton as Detective Fales: Vic's husband, who works as a natural gas company executive seasons 1—3 Jeffrey De Serrano as Hector: Liza Minnelli guest stars as Beth Harner, a grieving mother who might get closure as a suspect is found that might have been involved in her daughter's brutal murder on Halloween night in the s.

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Rita Moreno pictured portrays Detective Goren's terminally-ill mother in the sixth season only, though she had been mentioned in prior seasons as being in a psych ward due to her schizophrenia. Fran Drescher and Michael Biehn portray Elaine and Leland Dockerty, a couple whose military daughter disappears over Thanksgiving after she comes home from a tour of duty. Michelle Trachtenberg portrays Lisa Willow Tyler in "Weeping Willow," a girl who is kidnapped during the middle of her web show broadcast.

The story and the WeepingWillow17 character were inspired by the lonelygirl15 video blogs on YouTube, which were originally believed to be the works of a real-life year-old blogger, but were eventually discovered to be a professionally filmed hoax.

Maulik Pancholy plays Dani Hasni in the episode "World's Fair," where his younger sister is initially believed to have been murdered as the victim of a hate crime. The detectives later discover that Dani was the one who committed the murder because she shamed their family. Doris Roberts guest stars as Virginia Harrington, the ill mother of an aristocratic New York family; she almost dies until Detectives Goren and Eames discover she's been mistreated by her family.

Mike Colter also guest stars as the Pagolis's driver, Dave Oldren.

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Fab Five Freddy guest stars in the opening of the episode "Flipped" as rapper Fulla-T who is killed on the streets. Aunjanue Ellis portrays Carmen Rivera, the girlfriend of Fulla-T who refuses to "snitch" to the police on who killed him.

love and hip hop season 6 episode 3 meet the rookies dvd

Tony Goldwyn guest stars in "Brother's Keeper" as Detective Goren's brother Frank, who is first seen homeless, and possibly high, on the streets; Goren gives him his coat and a few dollars.