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Here, Spyro met the Skylanders squad and swiftly agreed to join them in .. After the events of Skylanders: SuperChargers, Spyro is first seen arguing As Spyro expected, the evil mastermind and the creator of the Doomlander was Kaos. A page for describing Characters: Skylanders Villains. Main Villains KaosThe Later comes back in Trap Team during his Kaos Challenges. Kaos: My head is. Cynder is a violet dragon who is one of the Undead Skylanders in Skylanders: After the battle, the dragoness goes to meet and greet her eager fans, one of them Upon discovering the mastermind behind Calliope's actions, Cynder, Hex , . Spyro's Adventure; Giants; Swap Force; Trap Team; SuperChargers; Imaginators.

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He defeated an army of forty Skylanders and planned on destroying the Skylanders Academy to build a stronghold in its place before beginning his rule over all of Skylands. Does this to Spyro, Cynder and Hex. Instead of finishing them off there and then, Malefor has the three Skylanders, including Wallop, imprisoned as he wanted them to suffer the same pain and fustration they caused him.

For Spyro, Cynder and Hex. In the past, Malefor corrupted many Skylands inhabitants into his servants including Cynder, and later hunted down Hex and caused her to become the undead Skylander she is today. Sometime after his defeat at the hands of Hex, Malefor targets Spyro, Cynder and Hex, the three very Skylanders who caused him so much pain and fustration than anyone else.

He planned to make them suffer by using their powers he stole to destroy everything they knew and loved and wanted to make them watch as he was crowned overlord of all Skylands. Considered to be one of, if not the most malevolent enemy Spyro ever faced in and out of universe- his Legend counterpart nearly succeeded at destroying their world.

As soon as he appeared in his comic debut, fans felt like they weren't reading a regular Skylanders comic anymore. The usual lighthearted atmosphere turns serious as soon as Malefor becomes a main threat. Says this when he is being forcefully pulled over the edge of the Academy island towards the endless abyss of Skylands and when he eventually falls to wherever he may end up. Names to Run Away from Really Fast: Defeated an army of Skylanders, including the powerful Giants, at once with a single blow of his weaponized tail.

Please, I Will Do Anything! When Malefor is tethered to the damaged Dread-Yacht and is being pulled over the edge of the island to the endless abyss along with the ship. He pleads to Calliope to help him, she refuses. I'll do anything you ask! I'll send you back to your family Whatever you want will be yours! All I want is to never see you again. Enjoy your trip, Malefor. He constructed steampunk armor after his fight with Hex left him nearly destroyed.

While it helps keep Malefor patched together, Word of God mentioned that the armor he wears stores magical energy which makes him even stronger than he used to be. Absorbs the powers of Skylanders with a crystal Calliope created for him to make himself stronger.

Put on a Bus: Wallop is one of the Earth Trap Masters in Skylanders: His inventive mind is always looking for new ways to create. And Wallop was the finest apprentice any of the masters had ever seen. Using hammers in both of his mighty hands, he could tirelessly pound and shape the incredibly hot metal into the sharpest swords or the hardest axes.

But on the day he was to demonstrate his skills to the masters of his craft, a fierce fire viper awoke from his deep sleep in the belly of the volcano. But, bravely charging the beast with his two massive hammers, Wallop was able to bring down the creature and save his village.

Now with his Traptanium-infused hammers, he fights with the Skylanders to protect the lands from any evil that rises to attack!

Story History When the Doom Raiders wrecked havoc across Skylands, Wallop was among the Trap Masters who confronted the villains to put a stop to their evil deeds. After a lengthy battle, the Trap Masters succeeded in defeating the Doom Raiders and locked them away in Cloudcracker Prison.

Skylanders Issue 0 Snap Shot and Wallop appearing on the scene. Responding quickly, both Snap Shot and Wallop arrived at the Mabu mining expedition in time to assist the three Skylanders. Wallop dealt with the trolls, while Snap Shot fought with Wolfgang, who was easily overpowered and thrown towards Wallop. However a speck of goodness burned somewhere in her black heart, which made her internally aware of the evil she was committing.

After being freed from Malefor's spell, Cynder desires to make amends by battling evildoers with her dark powers, but she still struggles with her past. As a result of being corrupted under the Undead element, Cynder retains a wicked side and can occasionally be menacing, but she is trying hard to control her dark impulses from time to time.

This omnious trait causes most of the Skylanders to try and keep a safe distance from Cynder just in case her inner darkness takes over.

While she is loyal to the Skylanders, she is snarky, spiky when riled, witty, fierce and can be a terrifying force for good in the battle against the Darkness. Cynder also possesses a liking towards dark and brooding places, a trait shared by all Undead Skylanders. However she doesn't enjoy pranks or jokes of any kind.

For years, she spread fear throughout the land until she was defeated by Spyro the Dragon and freed from the grip of Malefor. But dark powers still flow through her, and despite her desire to make amends for her past, most Skylanders try to keep a safe distance Cynder is a dangerous dragon with a dark past. While still in her egg, Cynder was stolen by the henchmen of the evil Dragon King named Malefor. He brought the youngster up as a black-hearted harbinger of despair, but deep inside Malefor's monstrous apprentice shone a small speck of goodness.

It was none other than Spyro who released Cynder from Malefor's grip by defeating her in battle. Once defeated, the red mist lifted and the spell of evil was broken. Cynder quickly renounced her evil ways and vowed to fight for good. She even joined Spyro on a dangerous quest and came out smiling. However Kaoswho had claimed to be turning over a new leaf by battling evildoers, dealt with the problem long before the two Undead Skylanders arrived on the scene.

Cynder Confronts the Weather Wizard Cynder and Zook were relaxing in the sunrays at the Cloudless Desert, though the dragoness felt that they were wasting time when they should looking for the next fragment to the Mask of Power. Soon, Hex arrived via portal to inform Cynder and Zook that Master Eon has requested their presence, but were forced into action when a freak rainstorm caused the sand dunes of the desert to start pulling the surrounding Mabu beachgoers underground like quicksand.

After saving the inhabitants, the trio of Skylanders return to Eon's citadel where they learned that there have been numerous unusual weather strikes on numerous parts of Skylands.

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A seemingly reluctant Cynder enjoying the sunrays of the Cloudless Desert with Zook. They were escorted to Ghost Town where they learn from the Night Mayor, Morboof the unusual sunny weather conditions surrounding the area.

The weather is caused by a powerful wizard named Hurrikazamwho suddenly arrived in town and demanded tributes in the form of Batterson 's pies to him all the while whisking away the villagers offering the pies. In spite of Cynder trying to rescue the undead villagers, Hurrikazam retreated, promising that if the inhabitants don't tend to his demands for pies, and if Skylanders angered him further, the weather wizard would bring an endless sunlight that would destroy the undead crops.

Morbo soon revealed what happened to the villagers Hurrikazam had taken along with the pies: The Skylanders soon realized that Hurrikazam is innocent and was forcefully doing his evil deeds by none other than Kaos. The evil Portal Master gloated that he was draining the undead villagers of their undeadliness to store it up in a tank of Undead energy to shower every island of Skylands with undead rain to turn the living into undead and destroy the other Elements.

Hex imprisoning Cynder as the dragoness tried to reason with her companion. When Hurrikazam refused to drain the Skylanders of their element, Kaos clipped the wizard's precious flower for defying him and tried to proceed with the draining process anyway, but inadvertanty released the Skylanders from their hold.

Just as the Skylanders had Kaos cornered, Hex suddenly trapped Cynder and Zook in her bone fortresses. The elf sorceress revealed that she has switched sides, now serving Kaos but was concerned if the Undead Energy Extractor was still functional. When it still was, Hex allowed herself to provide Kaos with her powerful Undead energy, claiming that she was tired of being feared and longed to be normal again.

Kaos eagerly began the procedure, however the machine was overloading with Hex's power, which the elf sorceress planned all along and never actually defected to Kaos.

The machine soon exploded, and after a brief moment of seeing Hex's true form, the Skylanders returned their attention to Kaos. While Cynder was busy repelling the evil Portal Master's pottery spells, she tricked Kaos into going near Dogwood, who became revived and seized both Kaos and Glumshanks upon being awakened.

With Kaos driven away, the Skylanders celebrated their victory back in Ghost Town, where the Undead were returned to their normal forms and Hurrikazam apologized for his actions.