Meaning for never the twain shall meet crossword

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meaning for never the twain shall meet crossword

never the twain shall meet definition: said when two things or people are completely different, unsuitable for each other, or are unable to agree. Learn more. Oh, East is East, and West is West, and never the twain shall meet. Kipling's reference here is to the British (the “West”) and the people of India. Never the twain shall meet. What's the meaning of the phrase 'Never the twain shall meet'?. Two things which are so different as to have no opportunity to unite.

No one could know everything, of course, but it was possible to have a frame of reference. Needless to say, I never made the grade, but as the years went by some of those same criteria became part of my own definition of an intellectual: In my mind this person lived in a large city, was not affiliated with a university, and spent at least some of her time in coffeehouses reading obscure publications.

Until recently I always pictured her framed in a curl of cigarette smoke.

meaning for never the twain shall meet crossword

She didn't have much money, but she always vacationed in Europe. It all has to do with matters of the mind. And yet even I, erstwhile backyard astronomer, erstwhile naturalist, continuing science buff, have all these years allowed myself to be taken in by the abduction scheme. One compartment of my mind was awed and inspired by how much the human mind has been able to discover about the unimaginably small and the unimaginably faraway. Yet in another compartment an intellectual was still that person in the coffee bar, reading a long piece about the newest star among French philosophers, a piece written in German.

Brockman, a writer and literary agent himself, believes that the best scientific work ranks as high as any other endeavor in the great achievements of the human mind.

'Never the twain shall meet' - the meaning and origin of this phrase

His title refers not to the coming together that Snow envisioned but a new culture in which scientists whose work transcends the barriers of their particular disciplines are taking their ideas directly to the public.

Their books are bought and — contrary to common belief — read, Brockman asserts.

Leslie Howard and Conchita Montenegro in Never the Twain Shall Meet 1931

The main body of the book is divided into sections on evolutionary biology, computers and consciousness, cosmology and complex systems. Brockman interviewed the scientists and stitched their replies into essays on what they do. Anyone wanting to know where science is today could do a lot worse than read this compilation.

Many of the names are familiar because they have been writing for the public: Before they get into what they do, however, most have a word or two to say about what has happened to the word "intellectual. Some of the backlash seems to stem from a sense of helplessness in the face of this ignorance. Therefore it must be bunk!

They went to school, learned their classics, learned their English literature, thought of scientists as some kind of nerds. What went on in the chemistry or biology labs was beneath contempt for these intellectuals who were in touch with Plato and Aristotle and Julius Caesar.

meaning for never the twain shall meet crossword

Such people, who are used to being dominant in our culture, are suddenly scared. Molecular biologists will never be able to explain the U. Serious physicists are saying it may be possible to create a universe in the laboratory out of no more than 20 pounds of matter.

meaning for never the twain shall meet crossword

In recent months, the area has been the scene of clashes between rival armed Tuareg groups and their allies in northern Mali. As well as allowing the passage of pasta, canned sardines and tomatoes across the Sahel desert, trade routes provide a conduit for smuggled cigarettes, arms and drugs.

meaning for never the twain shall meet crossword

Over the summer, fighting picked up in Tabankort, a town in the Tilemsi valley that is also an important trade route. Lack of access to services such as education and healthcare, and high unemployment — especially among young people — has spawned widespread discontent with authorities in the southern capital.

Malnutrition and food insecurity threaten 1. A furtherMalians have fled to neighbouring countries. Since the national army was chased from Kidal last May, the population has come to rely on the armed groups for protection. The situation is similar in towns and villages across the north, where the army has retreated and rebels are in control.

Two Cultures—Never the Twain Shall Meet?

Discontent has also been fuelled by the failure of the government to deal with corruption and impunity, which has led many people to lose faith in their leaders. When the German research institute Friedrich Ebert Stiftung asked the population in the northern towns of Gao, Kidal and Menaka what they saw as the most important issues to tackle, corruption and injustice came out on top, even ahead of insecurity and the need for reconciliation.

The population has grown tired of bad governance, according to Bruce Whitehouse, a cultural anthropologist at Lehigh University, Pennsylvania, who has monitored developments in Mali for the past 20 years.