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meet the allies hetalia wiki

Dec 26, Welcome newcomers to the Hetalia world! Getting started in a strange new fandom and the Wiki pages are down? Here's a good place to look!. Adapted in Hetalia Drama CD: Prologue and Episode 01 of the anime. After becoming allies, Germany and Italy meet Japan and form the Axis Powers. He often tries to adopt the cultures of other countries he meets such as France, The Allied Powers consist primarily of the characters America, England, France.

He has long blond hair, clear blue eyes, and usually wears a purple cathedral cloak. In the anime series, he is voiced by Masaya Onosaka in Japanese and J.

Michael Tatum in English.

meet the allies hetalia wiki

He has wavy silver hair, purple eyes, a large nose, wears a thick winter coat and a silk scarf. Russia has a seemingly kind demeanor, but has suffered mental trauma following the strain of his bloody history, and as a result he has the innocence and cruelty of a child; sometimes he casts an aura of pure evil around him whenever such malicious thoughts enter his mind. He often terrifies the other countries without even trying, especially when he was the Soviet Union. He would abuse the Baltics and still stalks them in the modern day, especially Lithuania.

Occasionally, he stalks China, while in a panda costume; and he holds a subtle rivalry with the Western nations, especially America. His primary target of resentment is General Winterbecause despite using the cold to his advantage in war, he is also attacked by him every year. Russia has also been known to want Lithuania and other countries to become one with him. Russia also has two sisters: He becomes gloomy and depressed when either of them are on his mind because Ukraine left him to try to make friends in the EU and Belarus, is obsessed with the idea of forcing him to marry her.

She seems to be the only other country which Russia fears. Russia happily promises that eventually " all will become one with Russia ". He dreams of living in a warm place surrounded by sunflowers, and vodka is his fuel.

He says " kolkolkol " to threaten his subordinates when he is angered. Russia is often seen carrying a metal faucet pipe. He claims he is the big brother of Japan and often depicted with a panda. His boss was introduced as a green Chinese dragon with an intimidating appearance. During the fight between the Axis and Allies, he fights Germany and Japan with a wok and ladlewhich became his weapon of choice which also serves as a stereotype that China serves good food.

He is a big fan of Hello Kitty and tends to end his sentences with the suffix -aru, a Japanese stereotype of how Chinese people speak see Kyowa-go. However, he replaces the customary -aru with the suffix -ahen, which means opiumwhen speaking to England, as a reference to the Opium Wars. He is a bit disturbed by and distrustful of Russia, reflecting Tsarist Russia invaded China and occupied Vladivostok before.

Since it's a comic mainly talking about stories until WW2, it doesn't matter with the Russia-China Alliance after all. When England didn't give him chocolates for Valentine's Day, he sulked about it. He also grew concerned for England when he was sick and feigned glee at his "death", knowing it would shock him into waking up.

Estonia Estonia finds all his websites hacked with each site displaying a drawing of Chibirussia. Immediately, Estonia accuses Russia of the dirty deed, but naturally, Russia denies it. In order to solve the mystery, Estonia hires America to trace the hack. Finland Finland was shown to be the first one to discover America in Finland's Holiday Home; after mentioning it to him, Sweden decides to try to capture him, but they both end up being beaten up by Holland.

Finland also is the one who tells France and England about America. While the two argue over who the boy looks most like, Finland asks if America looks like him. There is a resemblance, but both France and England deny it. America responded with "I might be able to if you looked older", to which Finland responded, "I'll wear a beard!

France As a baby, America was fought over by both France and England, with England becoming the winner. Despite him being England's rival, America holds no hate for France, likely because of his contributions to America's independence. Even though France always refers to himself as "onii-san" and treats America similar to a younger sibling, America has never referred to him as such. France has offered to feed America his food instead of England's cooking multiple times, once becoming very depressed when a young America stated that both France's and England's cooking were "sweet and tasty".

In the strip America's Brewster F2A Buffalo France refuses to offer a depressed America a drink after he has a horrible day, stating that he is still a child.

After a lot of hard work on his part, France presented America with a dismembered Statue of Liberty, celebrating America's th year of official independence in The Story of The Statue of Liberty.

In Independence Day, France's gift was a censored object along with champagne, to which America asked for such things not to be shown in public.

When America went on a diet in Supersize You, he asked France for a suggestion, however, whatever was said was censored out; later in the Hetalia Fantasia 2 C. This revelation came after France stumbled into a dungeon area that he believed America had based off of the Palace of Versailles, and he became very emotional.

He then goes on about how much he always knew America loved his culture and how grateful he is for it, but this is never verified by America himself. Italy America and Italy have appeared together quite a few times and both are known for not being able to read the atmosphere. In Comic Diary 1, they were shown looking for the "Legendary ability to read the atmosphere" together.

Japan In Black Ships have Come, America rather forcefully convinces Japan to open up his borders, leaving him frustrated. Apparently, the relationship gets better, since in Japan and The Footsteps of Westernization, America visits his house. He introduces "table-turning" to Japan, asking what he would like to question the table about. Japan eventually ends up confiding that, while he is happy to be opening up his borders and meeting new people, he is fearful of not being able to get along with other countries.

Hetalia - Axis Powers

He then goes on to request that America ask if he will be able to make new friends, and America promptly makes the table shift once, exclaiming "That means the answer's yes!

They share a love of technology and video games and are frequently at each others' houses to play them together. Korea " The only time they had shown to actually be interacting in the webcomics was during a meeting, where Korea disagreed with Japan while agreeing with America, though America and Japan had already agreed. America and Korea were also both in the "Do your best! And Korea mentioned America in the "Breasts are Forever" strip, when Japan turns down Korea's request to touch his chest and Korea declares that "If you don't let me touch them, I'll make a movie Lithuania After falling into poverty due to WWI, Lithuania started to work for America as his housekeeper, finding himself a happy freedom in the process.

When the Great Depression hit, Lithuania found himself having to return back home with Russia. It seems like Lithuania actually cares for America since in Episode 29 he asks Russia about him, although a trembling Estonia interrupts to remind him that he can't talk to Russia about America.

He also was one of the people who went to America's birthday party. Molossia In one of the Christmas bonus requests, Molossia is embarrassed about accidentally exposing his softer side to Sealand and the other micronations, so he's on edge and ends up snapping at America. America expresses his surprise and says that Molossia used to be such a mild person, much to Molossia's embarrassment. Footnotes explain that Molossia can't "lift his head against America" and is shown exchanging a polite greeting with him in an omake illustration.

Prussia Though there hasn't been much interaction between them, it was revealed that Prussia trained America in combat for the Revolutionary War.

He's rather old, having back pains sometimes and afraid of computers, though any other form of technology is fine with him. He's rather afraid of Germans, despite the fact that he's close friends with Prussia and is slowly getting along with Germany. He has a younger sister known as Monaco, a micronation.

List of Hetalia: Axis Powers characters - Wikipedia

It's implied that he should never wake up early and might be a sleep walker. His opposite would be Italy Veneziano, since they're both somewhat useless and yet can be effective, and love to hit on women. His human age is 26 and his birthday is July 14th. His human name is Francis Bonnefois. He's similar to Veneziano because he hates fighting and could be considered a nudist because he loves the naked body. Despite the French stereotype, he can be a rather caring older brother to someone if need be.

He has Monaco after all, and I'm pretty sure she's not being raped repeatedly. Despite that, he knows how to defend himself he is a former pirate as well and can be perfect with the sword…he just doesn't want to. When it comes to relationships, he can be a rather smooth talker and heck, maybe a little manipulative humanly so, please. Many people touch on the fact that he and England have a massive rivalry, and that can be touched on many ways.

meet the allies hetalia wiki

Some say that it's because their kingdoms were constantly at odds, with France always being right behind England and rarely winning a war against them.

Others say that it's based on their personalities: France is the suave man and England's the proper gentlemen.

They're almost perfect for slapstick comedy. Few people seem to explore the fact that maybe the rivalry came from Jeanne D'Arc.

Hetalia: Axis Powers (season 1)

Unlike many of the other nations, France had personally known Jeanne D'Arc, and it is actually confirmed in Hetalia canon that France had a relationship with her, making her the closest thing to him in the world.

When the Englishmen ended up killing her, it's reasonable to think that for a time being he hated anything and everything English. Canon states that Jeanne did in fact reincarnate in the modern world as an American named Lisa, and that France found out about this and is grateful for that, and this can be greatly explored.

On the off chance that the fanfic being written involves human OCs, their first nation encounter would probably be France this will be explained later. No one can deny that. But that doesn't make him Charlie Harper, mind you.

He doesn't think with his dick and doesn't go around on rape sprees when he's porn-less and he most definitely does not go after England when this happens. When it comes to relationship fics, France is one of the top people fan fiction writers end up being the enemy unless France is the main character and it's not paired with England…in that case, it's usually Englandand it's hard not to make him the enemy.

Bonus points come up if the American Revolution is brought up and France calls raping America "payment" for helping him, causing superhero England to save him. He's extremely superstitious and his boss is a dragon NO, not from Dragonball Z. Somewhat like America, he tries to get what he wants and puts food in top priority. During the Allied Forces clips, he tries to act as the big brother and fails as such…maybe because he's so womanly like. He's extremely artistic and is said that he can make masterpieces on anything, even a lock of hair.

However, he can't draw anime.

meet the allies hetalia wiki

He has a weakness for anything cute, usually Hello Kitty and pandas, and usually carries a panda around. Russia usually takes this to his advantage when it comes to sneaking up on him. He's rather gullible in character and is prone to like napping in the sun. He's rather cheerful but can slip into melancholy, usually when it comes to the world and how it's changing.

Hetalia, Cold war - Meet me on the battlefield

Bear in mind that he's extremely old compared to the others and has seen almost the entire world in all its history. He can snap when annoyed, especially when it comes to the naggy Korea. He has a companion called "Shinatty-Chan", which is basically an old man in a Hello Kitty cosplay. He's known to use the suffix "aru" to end his statements a Japanese stereotype of Chinese speakingand uses "ahen" only around England to symbolize the Opium Wars.

His opposite would technically by Japan, mainly because China was victimized by Japan during the war. His human age is he is the oldest one out of all of them and his birthday is unknown.

He has seen the world, and has probably seen more than enough of human casualties. Because of that, any person doing a human OC fanfic might end up having problems getting China to warm up to them, even if they are Chinese in nature. Many China-centered fan fics talk about his past and the fact that he raised a lot of Asian nations, his favorite being Japan. In ways, you can see him as being the Asian parallel to England, suffering the same problems and wishing for things to be just the way they are.

Hetalia: Axis Powers - Wikipedia

In China x Japan fan fics, that's usually what ends up happening: Japan asks to be with China again, and he's more than willing to apply to them. On the other hand, he can be a rather excellent chef if need be, and he's skilled in martial arts.

On the off chance that there's going to be fighting involved, count on China being there, kicking ass with a wok in one hand and Jackie Chan moves in the other. He's also rather close to children, being an excellent parent to them and having instinctive parental instincts being over years old means something to him, huh? He will never harm a child; he's not a pedo like, say, France. Many people accent the point that China is a Communist country, and as such can be rather suppressive of someone's rights and can abuse a nation if need be.

He ends up being a Yandere monster, raping all his little nation children and driving them all away from him. Most of the problems stem from his Communist roots, even though China's doing perfectly fine on his own, not trying to spread Communism. Fortunately, not too many people seem to push China into "monster mode", but some people love to abuse the fact that he looks like a woman.

Please don't actually make him a woman; he already has a Nyotalia version. He's a large man who's innocent in appearance but can be rather cruel. He's rather intimidating maybe it's the height?

He is cruel and mentally insane due to his nation being torn apart so many times in history by war and tragedy, but he himself does not know that. In fact, many people think of him as a sadistic man-child. For a better picture, think of him as a ten year old kid who likes to burn ants with a magnifying glass.

Then think of those ants as people.

meet the allies hetalia wiki

Yeah, that's basically Russia. In that sense, he's similar to America. He has someone haunting him known as General Winter, giving him much snow and cold that Russia ends up hating him, even though he knows that he's a great ally. His dream is to one day live in a world filled with sunflowers, his favorite flower. He's known for ending some of his sentences with "da" to confirm something, or "kolkolkol" to intimidate other people. He dreams of having a family and the Soviet Union allowed him to have a family, his happy years.