Meet the chef groupies fish

Me and my health: Chef John Whyte on his lifestyle -

meet the chef groupies fish

special is fish.`` He wants meat. Chefs and maitre d`s know their names, listen to their views, and design their food and service with them in mind. ''It seems as if every time I go out to a restaurant, the daily special is fish.''. Ever since London's food scene exploded, we've been hailing chefs as the new rock stars. This comes with attendant legions of groupies. The exceptional sushi chefs at Be Ju specially prepare each fish to bring out it's unique Tom met Chef Yamamoto when chef Yama was working at Nagashima, With visions of groupies, applause and artistic concoctions, he opted for.

Still, an enduring fascination with restaurants and with the men in white led me back to the question: Women who've lived the fantasy report that having an affair with a chef offers the same risks and rewards as scoring a table at a buzz-inflated restaurant--it's thrilling, when it isn't maddening. The food and sex connection, of course, is right up front. I thought it was so sexy. Unless, of course, the chef is too exhausted to move. He told me later that he collapsed and was in bed for 48 hours.

meet the chef groupies fish

I just thought, 'I guess I didn't make a great impression. They get a lot of groupies, and they plunder those. Women think that men who can cook are sexy--add a little power, and it's irresistible. Kris Kruid, the live-in girlfriend and business partner of Jacques Torres, the pastry chef at Manhattan's Le Cirquefields e-mailed come-ons for him every day: Not at home "My boyfriend doesn't get cooked for a lot," reports Susan Spicer, the chef at New Orleans' Bayonabut at serious restaurants.

I got sick, and I was dying to skip a meal, but I didn't. No, not at all.

Me and my health: Chef John Whyte on his lifestyle

But as for what I'm being enabled to do, I couldn't be happier. I'm going around visiting extraordinary suppliers, talking to lots of interesting people who really know their subject in beautiful places and then getting to cook, so that's a real luxury.

The young Valentine inherited a passion for cooking from his parents - 'both my parents were exceptionally good cooks and would put endless wonderful meals on the table' - a tendency he puts down to his late father's diplomatic career and an interest in food developed on his travels.

Sir Frederick Warner was the former British Ambassador to Laos and then to Japan, where Valentine spent his first three years, before the family settled back in Dorset on the farm where he spent most of his childhood his father then became Conservative MEP for Somerset.

My dad was very much of the belief that everything that lived outside had a life, he'd tell my brother and sister and me stories about animals that would go off on adventures and sail off the edge of the world, and nature was always animated.

They let us get within 50 yards before they scattered - as if they were annoyed to have been interrupted. But eating was always a huge part of my life.

meet the chef groupies fish

Then there was art college, followed by a brief stint trying to get work as a portrait painter. But he stayed less than a year and hopped around a number of restaurants, 'snatching bits that I wanted to know and then leaving', before setting up his own business cooking private dinners.

When demand became more than he could handle, he created a catering company that largely served the fashion industry - 'sit-down dinners for people'. Though he says it was great fun, the pace of this kind of work, like the pace of a busy restaurant kitchen, was not compatible with the kind of cooking he wanted to develop.

It's a Good Time to Be a Horny Chef

I've done that moving at speed and as a naturally hyper person I thought it would suit me, but actually going at mph like that, I found myself becoming mad and erratic and thought I would burn out.

The idea of seasonal food used to be essential to British people because we didn't travel much, so people knew what grew around them in their region and learnt to use it because if you didn't, you went without.

Now we don't need to inherit that knowledge from our parents and there's this supermarket-mentality that sells the idea of quickness - "Eat this instead, it will make your life easier". We've become completely divorced from nature and a little scared of it.

Stephanie Merritt meets Valentine Warner, TV's new pin-up chef | Food | The Guardian

The line drifts across the surface of the water for a while with no success; he reels it in and casts again. But when we get on to the subject of farmers' markets and organic boxes and I mention the dread words 'middle class', he becomes quite agitated. I think the problem is that it's more about not wanting to spend time.

It's too easy to say "I'm busy", but it's also a lack of interest in eating, we don't prioritise cooking in these busy lives we have. I do want to show people that you don't have to have a huge amount of time to make something delicious, but choose something you can make in the time you have and then make it as well as you possibly can, and cook it with love.

There are few things more attractive than watching someone who loves what they do, and this he has in bucketfuls. Is he ready for the idea of fans and groupies?

meet the chef groupies fish

I'm having very strange dreams,' he says. Viagra was approved as a treatment for male impotence, Disney World's Animal Kingdom opened, and the Naked Chef appeared on our small screens, lisping and fabulous and covered in pesto.

Has he appeared naked? Oliver is a twice-baked tease. In there was a little glimmer of fleshy hope, when the cover of his calendar made it look like he was nude in the downstairs area. Gordon Ramsay When did we first lust for him on screen? There were a couple of stirrings in our collective loins when Ramsay first appeared on telly in Boiling Point and Faking It, but one needs a certain amount of repetition in order for a crush to rise, so it was the onset of Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares in which earned a loveheart scrawled on the desk of our hearts.

Naked but for a bunch of grapes. Naked but for a conger eel. We dribbled into our compotes.

meet the chef groupies fish

James Martin When did we first lust for him on screen? Telly, in the rounded shape of Ready Steady Cook, first welcomed him in We were quick to sign up to his roguish smile, his deep beige tan and his nifty way with a spatula. He removed his pants for Cosmopolitan magazine.

meet the chef groupies fish

We remember it well.