Meet the colonials 2014 gmc

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meet the colonials 2014 gmc

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The Colonials won the game and were off to the state playoffs. Another memorable game in his scholastic career was played in his junior season against cross-town rival Freehold Township High School on Thanksgiving Day, Henderson single-handedly dismantled the Patriots by scoring five touchdowns, on everything from kickoff returns to long runs from scrimmage. He is glad the gridiron rivalry between the Colonials and the Patriots was renewed this year and he was at Freehold Township on Nov.

As a junior, Henderson captured the eye of high school football fans in New Jersey by leading the state in scoring while rushing for more than 1, yards. Freehold was in and with most of the starters returning inthe Colonials were ready to do something special.

meet the colonials 2014 gmc

For them it would be the state playoffs or bust. The Colonials marched through the regular season undefeated and won the Shore Conference C Division title. It was a bigger feat than they realized.

The Colonials were the No.

  • Henderson’s Colonials owned Freehold Borough

The Colonials met Somerville in the sectional championship game, which was played on their Robertsville Road field in Freehold Borough, and saw a lead slip away in the fourth quarter. It is a loss that haunts Henderson and his teammates to this day.

meet the colonials 2014 gmc

A lot of things go through your mind. He still follows his alma mater and will be at Rutgers Stadium in Piscataway on Dec.

No one is prouder of these Colonials than Henderson. One regret Henderson said he had was that Freehold High School did not have many Division I players in its recent past who could have come back and helped to prepare him and his teammates for the college football experience.

Henderson remains a big high school football fan, taking in games on Friday nights and watching his beloved Colonials on Saturday afternoons. There are 11 guys out there. She said she had not yet been approached about being bought out.

Henderson’s Colonials owned Freehold Borough – NMG – Manalapan Archives

She said she likes living there, and prefers not to move because the location is very good. SLU has purchased and is demolishing four houses on this side of the street though, so it is likely only a matter of time until they take the whole block. Two houses in the middle of the north side of Hickory that are being demolished and a Google Streetview of what they looked like as of a few months ago. At the end of the north side of Hickory near Grand is a lodging facility for families of people in the hospital.

Ironically the architect chose to take cues from the context that is now being destroyed around it.

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Over on Rutger there were two houses that had been remodeled in the bungalow style, with one expanded with a second floor, probably sometime in the 's. Only the front wall and porch were left of the one story bungalow.

meet the colonials 2014 gmc

Just west of the bungalows only a stone porch of the home in the Streetview shot above remains. The brick work on many of these small houses was beautiful. At the east end of Rutger there was a row of several two story Dutch Colonials.

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They were the largest homes in the area and like the smaller ones, all in great shape. Looking like the scene from some natural disaster, most of the homes had large X's spray painted on them.

meet the colonials 2014 gmc

I am guessing the colors represent that each utility has been cut off from the house. The small neighborhood has always been isolated. Many of the houses had been there since before almost anything that exists in the area today, including St.

meet the colonials 2014 gmc