Meet the counselor guidance lesson

Beginning of the Year - Elementary School Counseling

meet the counselor guidance lesson

To start this lesson, I play a game with my students that I have played many times before in the past with my own class during my teaching days. A new school year brings another round of School Counselor Intro lessons. Last year, I attempted to combine my meet the counselor lesson with a bullying. This elementary school counseling classroom guidance lesson is an introductory lesson for your Kindergarten or primary school counseling program!.

I am a bilingual school counselor in a Central Texas public school system.

Guidance Counselor Introduction

Therefore, we do a quick intro at the first faculty meeting and leave the formal introduction for later. We send them with a FAQ sheet and student referral forms.

What is the School Counselor's Role? The answer to this question can vary quite a bit depending on your school, your district, or state. It's important to be sure that administrators and teachers know your specific role as defined by the American School Counseling Association from the very beginning, so that you do not find yourself becoming the disciplinarian, substitute teacher, or hallway monitor.

Because our role with students is to be their advocate and to develop an authentic, trusting relationship with them, we don't want to jeopardize that by being seen as the disciplinarian.

meet the counselor guidance lesson

The teachers and admin are supposed to be the first line of defense in discipline. Counselors are more like the grandparents of the school. We are there to nurture, protect, help modify behavior, and give treats when needed. We try very hard at the beginning of the year to make it clear that students are never "in trouble" if they get called to the counselors' office.

meet the counselor guidance lesson

We are there to solve problems and help students become the best version of themselves. We want all visitors to our office to feel unconditional acceptance.

This becomes critical when students need an adult in the school that they know they can trust if they are self harming or having negative thought processes.

Referrals We give out referral forms to all staff with a list of reasons that are appropriate for sending a student to the counseling office. Not that they always remember to use it, but we try. This form acts as a guide and a reminder of the reasons why a student may need to see us. It also has a reminder that we are not the first course of action for discipline.

Ways to Introduce the School Counselor’s Role to Students and Staff - Confident Counselors

You can come up with any process for your school, but we prefer a form that teachers fill out ahead of time. If they forget and come charging into the office with a student, we will usually talk to the student if we are able and put the form in the teacher's box later as a reminder. The form is then filed away in the student's counseling file. We also remind teachers that in our state, we are allowed to see students only one time without parent permission, so it is critical that we follow procedure.

In my last school, we sent home a parent permission form to every student at the beginning of the school year. At my current school, we only send the form home after an initial referral from a teacher, peer, or the student.

Check with your state for specific laws. Research Based Program Getting support for your program can be just as easy as 1, The numbers will tell the story.

Older students are asked to work together to guess what the symbols mean, while the younger students are guided through the process. You want your students to be excited about what's to come. You can reuse your toolbox throughout the year by, for example, carrying your classroom-based counseling supplies from room to room. Objects "I care about every student. I was inspired by this poster I found on Pinterest. Harry Potter is one of my favorite book series. If you haven't read the books, Harry is a wonderfully complicated character who tries to manage extremely difficult circumstances.

For this lesson, I would dress up like Harry Potter. Then, I could have all of my students think of their own fictional character they relate to. Potato Head Here is another opportunity to dress up!

The Handy School Counselor: Introduction Lesson

I have always loved Mr. Potato Head and with Pinterestyou can find countless ways to use the classic toy characters in your school counseling practice. For this lesson, start by finding your costume. It can be as simple as a backpack, brown shirt, and blue sneakers. You can make or purchase additional accessories if you want more options.