Meet the danes berlinale deadline

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meet the danes berlinale deadline

The online registration deadline for EFM is January 6th, Meet the Docs is an EFM market service for documentary professionals or professionals . Sigrid Dyekjær, Danish Documentary The European Film Market (EFM), the film trade fair integrated into the Berlinale Film Festival, has developed into one of the most . Hot Berlin Titles: What Buyers Are Buzzing About At The EFM. Berlinale . Remake of Susanne Bier's Danish film about Isabel, who runs a Calcutta, and travels to NY to meet the millionaire who has provided funding. “Sales agents were not sitting idle at their stands if one takes the example of one company in the Martin Gropius Bau: the CEO met with

Grow a beard, if you can. Berlin is COLD at this time of year. Where to go If you are a film maker: Go to the Coffee bar area in the Martin Gropius house, and to the lobby in the Hyatt and set up your meetings there Acquaint yourself with the MGB, the Hyatt, The Ritz Carlton and The Marriott as these are the principal meeting points for industry professionals.

Use shuttle, runs really well.

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There is more to do than just wander around lost, also the locations are spaced apart and the festival is really, really big. The Scandinavian events are always high in demand. Berlinale Talents has great speakers, although not all events are open to other festival attendees.

The TrustNordisk party is the best social event, although be prepared to stay up late. But you will need invitations. Gemeinschaft has an amazing jazz brunch and the networking and atmosphere there is just great.

Tips for attending the Berlinale and European Film Market

The Germans have had plenty of time to plan their events and they are the home team…. There is always a good party mood. Network, network, network Both the festival and the film market are a great place to expand your network and meet new people.

Alicia Vikander Talks 'Anna Karenina' and 'A Royal Affair'

Check the Berlin app for films and go to as many parties as possible! Just hanging around the Martin Gropius Bau is a great way to bump into people.

meet the danes berlinale deadline

Many filmmakers meet their future co-workers, financiers, etc at festivals. Mix film screenings, industry talks and mingles into a nice cocktail as too much of only one ingredient will wear your senses down!

Do not hesitate to present yourself to festival programmers and financiers you meet and find out what they think of things films screened, seminar topics, etc rather than pitch your own project first thing. When they are selling your film in the future you will not want them being hassled by new producers.

Say hello by all means but ask if you can meet them in London if they are London-basedor towards the end of the market when they are less busy.

meet the danes berlinale deadline

And research who they are — take an interest in what they are selling and have sold. For Industry meetings go to the Martin Gropius Bau — it is the best place for networking. Walk around the MGB and the Marriott. You will be able to see all the sales agents and see what they are offering.

In Berlin, everyone is approachable. Follow up after the Berlinale! Buddy up Many people mentioned the power of finding someone who has been before and asking them for help, certainly in the first few days. Otherwise, by the time you start to get the hang of it everyone will already be on their way home.

Learn how to get tickets to screenings The amount of movies screened is overwhelming.

Tips for attending the Berlinale and European Film Market

Learn what you are really interested in and make sure to get up early to get the tickets you want. All tickets are issued to your unique ID, so you will not get another ticket for the same film.

Over a period of nine days, around 10, representatives of the international film and media industries — primarily producers, buyers and sales agents, distributors and financiers — come together to network, exchange, inform themselves and do business.

As the first international market event of the year, the EFM is in a strong position and serves as a compass. With steadily growing success, the film market offers platforms targeted at different participant groups and, for the past number of years, has also connected new players from other industries — such as start-up entrepreneurs and representatives of the tech industry — to the market, always focusing on their interface with the film industry. Here, international producers come together and develop their projects under market conditions.

Financiers and buyers are the chief business partners of producers. The "EFM Producers Hub" offers an exclusive space for meetings, advice from experts on financing and distribution strategies as well as series of talks.

Documentary films have won attention and visibility at the Berlinale and this is also reflected in the EFM: This platform sees itself as an important contact point for the documentary industry.

Following the documentary film festivals in the autumn, "DocSalon" offers the opportunity for people to learn about the newest developments and projects at the beginning of the year.

A series of talks, matchmaking and advice are targeted at specifically promoting exchanges. The progressive programme format is aimed at all Market participants who want to establish a sustainable business and connect with new players from the tech and other creative industries. The ideal atmosphere for this innovation platform at the EFM is provided by Berliner Freiheit, just across the road from the Marriott Hotel.