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meet the seven dwarfs

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs is a American animated musical fantasy film produced .. A partially animated sequence involved the dwarfs holding a " lodge meeting" in which they try to think of a gift for Snow White; this was to be. If you are looking for a bona fide meet & greet experience with The Seven Dwarves, then head to Mickey's Not-So-Scary Halloween Party. You will never find the seven dwarfs at a scheduled meet and greet save for a couple special events that take place inside the Magic Kingdom.

Lost and frightened, the princess is befriended by woodland creatures who lead her to a cottage deep in the woods. Finding seven small chairs in the cottage's dining room, Snow White assumes the cottage is the untidy home of seven orphaned children.

In reality, the cottage belongs to seven adult dwarfs —named Doc, Grumpy, Happy, Sleepy, Bashful, Sneezy, and Dopey—who work in a nearby mine. Returning home, they are alarmed to find their cottage clean and suspect that an intruder has invaded their home.

The dwarfs find Snow White upstairs, asleep across three of their beds.

meet the seven dwarfs

Snow White awakes to find the dwarfs at her bedside and introduces herself, and all of the dwarfs eventually welcome her into their home after she offers to clean and cook for them. Snow White keeps house for the dwarfs while they mine for jewels during the day, and at night they all sing, play music and dance. Meanwhile, the Queen discovers that Snow White is still alive when the mirror again answers that Snow White is the fairest in the land and reveals that the heart in the jeweled box is actually that of a pig.

Using a potion to disguise herself as an old hagthe Queen creates a poisoned apple that will put whoever eats it into the "Sleeping Death", a curse she learns can only be broken by "love's first kiss", but is certain Snow White will be buried alive. While the Queen goes to the cottage while the dwarfs are away, the animals are wary of her and rush off to find the dwarfs. Faking a potential heart attack, the Queen tricks Snow White into bringing her into the cottage to rest.

The Queen fools Snow White into biting into the poisoned apple under the pretense that it is a magic apple that grants wishes. As Snow White falls asleep, the Queen proclaims that she is now the fairest of the land. The dwarfs return with the animals as the Queen leaves the cottage and give chase, trapping her on a cliff.

meet the seven dwarfs

She tries to roll a boulder over them, but before she can do so, lightning strikes the cliff, causing her to fall to her death. The dwarfs return to their cottage and find Snow White seemingly dead, being kept in a deathlike slumber by the poison.

Unwilling to bury her out of sight in the ground, they instead place her in a glass coffin trimmed with gold in a clearing in the forest. Together with the woodland creatures, they keep watch over her. A year later, a prince who had previously met and fallen in love with Snow White learns of her eternal sleep and visits her coffin.

Saddened by her apparent death, he kisses her, which breaks the spell and awakens her. The dwarfs and animals all rejoice as the Prince takes Snow White to his castle. Adriana Caselotti as Snow White: Snow White is a young princess.

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Her stepmother has forced her to work as a scullery maid in the castle. The Queen is the stepmother of Snow White. Once her magic mirror says that Snow White is the "fairest" instead of her, she immediately enlists Humbert the huntsman to kill her in the woods.

After she discovers that Snow White did not die, she disguises herself as an old hag and uses a poisoned apple to remove Snow White from her path without killing her. Harry Stockwell as The Prince. He first sees Snow White singing at her wishing well. The prince immediately falls in love with her and her voice. He later reappears to revive her. Roy Atwell as Doc: The leader of the seven dwarfs, Doc wears glasses and often mixes up his words.

meet the seven dwarfs

Pinto Colvig as Grumpy and Sleepy in a dual role: Grumpy initially disapproves of Snow White's presence in the dwarfs' home, but later warns her of the threat posed by the Queen and rushes to her aid upon realizing that she is in danger, leading the charge himself.

He has the biggest nose of the dwarfs and is frequently seen with one eye shut. Sleepy is always tired and appears laconic in most situations.

Sterling Hollowaywho would later voice many other characters for future Disney films was originally considered to voice Sleepy by Walt Disney. Otis Harlan as Happy: Happy is the joyous dwarf and is usually portrayed laughing. Scotty Mattraw as Bashful: Bashful is the shyest of the dwarfs, and is often embarrassed by the presence of any attention directed at him.

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Billy Gilbert as Sneezy: Eddie Collins as Dopey vocal effects and live-action reference only: He is mute, with Happy explaining that he has simply "never tried" to speak. In the movie's trailer, Walt Disney describes Dopey as "nice, but sort of silly". Mel Blanc was considered to voice Dopey by Walt Disney. The Slave of the Magic Mirror appears as a green mask in clouds of smoke. The Queen regularly asks him who is "the fairest" in the land. Stuart Buchanan as The Huntsman: Despite his status as the Queen's assassin, the Huntsman cannot bear to kill Snow White, even when the Queen orders him to take the princess's heart.

Production Play media Film trailer, featuring reviews, cels from the production, and introducing the characters by their personality. Both his brother and business partner Roy Disney and his wife Lillian attempted to talk him out of it, [8] and the Hollywood movie industry referred to the film derisively as "Disney's Folly" while it was in production.

As Disney had stated at the very beginning of the project, the main attraction of the story for him was the Seven Dwarfs, and their possibilities for "screwiness" and "gags"; the three story meetings held in October and attended by Disney, Creedon, Larry Morey, Albert Hurter, Ted Sears and Pinto Colvig were dominated by such subjects.

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At this point, Disney felt that the story should begin with Snow White's discovery of the Cottage of the Seven Dwarfs. Prince Naveen is probably spotted most often, meeting with Tiana at her gazebo in Liberty Square in the evenings only.

Only during these select events will you find these royal duos together in one place. Yes, you will see the princes with their princesses during stage shows, parades, etc. Brer Rabbit Have you ever seen the flash mob-like street dance party at Magic Kingdom called the Frontierland Hoedown? It takes places just outside of the Country Bear Jamboree and even showcases some of those beloved bears as they gather up friends and kids to line-dance with them. Another thing the Dinoland Dance Party and this Frontierland Hoedown have in common is that the characters are constantly moving i.

Though villainous in every sense of the word, Captain Hook is one of those characters that people kids especially! You can personally meet him along with his bumbling companion Mr. As a special ticketed admission, only guests who have made the reservation to be a part of this voyage are allowed to meet and greet the infamous baddie. Pinocchio As a character straight out of one of the most beloved Disney classics, one would think there would be plenty of opportunities to meet the wooden-puppet-turned-real-boy at the Disney Parks.

Pinocchio and Gepetto are hard characters to strike a pose with because there is simply no way of knowing when and if they are going to make an appearance on any given day. What is a Character Training Spot at Epcot?

These locations have been scattered throughout this Park, most notably at the World Showplace gates between Canada and the United Kingdom pavilions and the American Adventure gates to the immediate left of the attraction.

Pinocchio and Gepetto have been spotted here as well as some other elusive favorites like Queen Grimhilde, Rafiki, Tarzan and Jane! Have you ever snapped a rare photo with an elusive Disney character? Share that pic with us below! I love to eat dessert first and have dance parties in my living room with my two kiddies.

meet the seven dwarfs

I have an affinity for strong coffee, Disney and dreaming up fantastical bedtime stories. I love pointing to the night sky and telling my daughter the crescent moon is the Cheshire Cat smiling at us.