The warriors meet lizzies gang

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the warriors meet lizzies gang

Mar 10, from the movie The Warriors, this is The Lizzies gang. dangerous subways and city streets of the Every gang in the city meets. The Lizzies - The Warriors Gang Warrior Movie, Movie Sites, Skrillex, Girl Gang .. dangerous subways and city streets of the Every gang in the city meets. The Lizzies are a fictional New York City gang in Following the meeting in Van Cortlandt Park, the Bronx, which saw the death of Cyrus, the leader of the .

The Warriors, having reached home and had their name cleared, play on the beach while the sun rises during the credits. Cleon's equivalent in the novel, Papa Arnold, gets separated from the others in the gang meeting and is not heard from again.

At the end, it turns out he survived and made it back to Coney Island on his own. While not killed, Ajax is arrested when he gets rough with a woman he's trying to pick up. Three of the Warriors are seduced and then ambushed by the Lizzies, but they all manage to escape. Originally Vermin was supposed to get killed by the Lizzies, but this was changed when the filmmakers were forced to kill Fox instead due to his actor's departure.

The DJ qualifies throughout, but especially at the end: I guess the only thing we can do is play you a song. Cyrus' grand alliance of gangs falls apart the second he gets shot, as the cops close in and the gang members scatter to save themselves. Cleon, the gang's leader, is the first to go. The focus then shifts on Swan, the former second-in-command. In the book, the main protagonist is Hinton, the gang's graffiti artist. His equivalent in the movie, Rembrndt, is a secondary character.

Luther, the leader of the Rogues, in spades. He violates the truce and snipes from ambush In the Back to kill Cyrus, then frames the Warriors. He is the only male gang member to use a gun in a fight.

And his meltdown when the Riffs show up and reveal they know what he did is classic see below. The Orphans are an entire gang of them who immediately scatter and flee as soon as something looks too hard. Distracted by the Sexy: This also seems to be the Lizzies' tactic of choice.

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The movie is anything but. However, in the book, Hinton, the Dominator's artist, goes home, finds his baby sister neglected because his mother is having sex with some stranger. After feeding her, he goes to the fire escape and sobs, falling asleep on the escape while thumbsucking. Dropped a Bridge on Him: The character was originally written as the love interest for Mercy, but the actors did not get along. Swan was rewritten as the Love Interest and Fox gets hit by a subway train halfway through the film.

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The actor had already quit by the time his death scene was filmed, hence the Fake Shemp. Ajax is only interested in the two Fs. The Baseball Furies paint their faces similar to mimes and never speak. There's also the Hi-Hats, who wear more traditional mime attire and are seen in the background of the gang conference.

All we see of the DJ is her mouth next to the microphone. Waites had already walked off of the production by the time his character Fox is thrown in front of a subway train. Since this film is very close to Urban Fantasy as others have noted, it's as realistic a portrayal of NYC street gangs as West Side Storyit's played with in an odd way. On the way to the conclave, while the truce is on, it makes sense that none of the gangs would pack heat.

Afterwards, though, especially with the bounty the Riffs put on the Warriors, it seems odd that no gang uses guns at all, except the Lizzies and Luther. The best explanation seems to be it goes against a code of honor for all the male gang members, but women are given a pass. The Warriors fight every gang they come across because they've been framed for murder and refuse to take off their colors when entering rival gangs' territory. Ajax sports a pair, almost certainly to cushion his knuckles.

Luther kills Cyrus and blames it on the Warriors. When asked why, he responds, "No reason. I just like doing things like that. New York's streets are apparently ruled by these. Each gang has a theme, which carries into their dress and behavior. The Orphans dress shabbily and are total wimps. The Turnbull ACs are a large gang of skinheads.

The Lizzies

The Baseball Furies never speak, wear facepaint and baseball uniforms, and wield baseball bats. The Lizzies are all female. The Hi-Hats seen briefly in the opening and given a bigger part in the game dress like street mimes.

The Warriors themselves wear red leather vests and Native American accessories. Needless to say, the New York underworld comes across as very surreal. In any case, this movie is definitely one of the Trope Codifiers. Nearly every character that isn't a cop is a gangbanger. One of The Punks is notably taller than anyone else in the film. The book that ultimately inspired The Movie was published inand in various ways The Warriors is a s film made about a decade too late.

The youthful impulse of the various gangs to seize control of their collective destiny, as well as their naive belief that they can affect sweeping social change through their sheer numbers alone, reflects many of the famous factions of The '60sfrom the Berkeley Free Speech Movement to the various antiwar movements to Black Power.

By the time the movie was actually made, American street gangs had generally moved away from political activism and were more concerned with exploiting the then-burgeoning market in illegal drugs.

the warriors meet lizzies gang

Despite what the film seems to imply, they had started openly using guns by this point. The clause could have been avoided by making the film a period piece, but then Walter Hill would probably not have been able to introduce the various fantastical elements that ultimately define the film. The DJ, in Deadpan Snarker mode.

A Handful for an Eye: During the fight with the Punks, Rembrandt sprays paint into the eyes of one his attackers. The Orphans weren't even invited to the meeting in the park and lamely try to intimidate the Warriors with newspaper clippings detailing their misdeeds, all while holding weapons like belts and straight razors. Swan's showdown with Luther is a shot-for-shot reference to a scene from Yojimbo. In all fairness, the 's-vintage Cadillac hearse driven by the Rogues is pretty cool, but how they obtained it — never mind how they learned to drive it — is a mystery.

Characters are occasionally seen whacking each other with objects they grab in the middle of a fight. Just before the final showdown, several Warriors rip off a piece of metal or wood from the alley they're standing in.

Few guns and blades are actually seen in the movie. In the video game, random items such as beer bottles and bricks come in handy during street fights. Imperial Stormtrooper Marksmanship Academy: The Lizzies, who only manage to graze a single Warrior after ambushing them at close range. In the original script, Vermin was supposed to die. The actor who played Fox left during filming, so a stand-in was used when they recorded Fox's death scene.

Jerk with a Heart of Gold: Ajax is a real Jerkass who doesn't seem to get along with anyone. Still, Cowboy has to admit, "He saved my ass back there.

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The film features a small lexicon of slang terms with somewhat dubious authenticity. To "bop" is to fight, and gang-bangers are called "boppers. The words "waste" and "wasted" are almost always used instead of "kill" or "dead. Can you dig it? Luther's sneering, unhinged delivery in almost every line. Luther gets ratted out by his own man, and his murder of Cyrus gets avenged by Cyrus's own gang. Also, Ajax stops in the park in order to sexually harass a woman and is promptly arrested by her.

Ajax is the most hotheaded member of the gang and his strategy is always to go on the attack, regardless of the odds. Originally, the character of Fox was supposed to end up with Mercy, while Swan was captured by a rival, homosexual gang known as the Dingos, only to escape later: Kelly was influenced by a man he knew in downtown New York who would make fun of him.

Hill wanted Orson Welles to do a narrated introduction about Greek themes but the studio did not like this idea and refused to pay for it. But we did not get along very well with our parent company. After the movie came out and it did well, everybody was sort of friends. But up until then there was a lot of misunderstanding. They thought it was going to be Saturday Night Fever or something. Due to safety concerns, theater owners were relieved of their contractual obligations if they did not want to show the film, and Paramount offered to pay costs for additional security and damages due to vandalism.

The movie was very popular with the street gangs, especially young men, a lot of whom had very strong feelings about each other. And suddenly they all went to the movies together! They looked across the aisle and there were the guys they didn't like, so there were a lot of incidents. And also, the movie itself is rambunctious — I would certainly say that.

She wrote, "The Warriors is a real moviemaker's movie: The Warriors is like visual rock". What made it a success with young people Presented them as a neutral or positive aspect of their lives. As soon as you said in the old days gang movies it was how do we cure the pestilence and how do we fix the social waste. We want to take these kids, make sure they go to college This was just a movie that conceptually was different. Accepted the idea of the gang, didn't question it, that was their lives, they functioned within that context.

Swan is a good leader who makes plans and contingencies for when things go wrong. He fights well against The Baseball Furies but gets a good beating by The Punks before retaliating and throwing one of them through one of the stall doors.

the warriors meet lizzies gang

On their return to Coney Island, Swan leads The Warriors out to face The Punks and despite bringing a knife to a gunfight he still ends up victorious. Actor Biography Michael was raised on a farm along the banks of the Mississippi River.

Finding England a rewarding training ground for his craft, he remained there, performing in various repertory companies and in several BBC productions.

He has also narrated several John Grisham audiobooks. Vermin takes a lead when he gets separated from the rest of the gang with Rembrandt and Cochise before running into The Lizzies.

Vermin is not only comic relief but a decent brawler though he does get thrown into a restroom mirror by one of The Punks. Born in Poughkeepsie, he spent his youth playing football and then turned to acting.

Where Are They Now? Terry has also made appearances at several Warriors reunions and autograph signing events and has also posed for photos with fans of the movie.