What episode does sarah jane smith meet the 11th doctor

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what episode does sarah jane smith meet the 11th doctor

As Sarah Jane Smith, Elisabeth was the best-loved of all the companions on Having conned her way into UNIT, she meets the Third Doctor, a man with secrets Your browser does not currently recognize any of the video formats available. . Elisabeth Sladen lived, she'd still be appearing in Doctor Who episodes from. Sarah Jane (Elisabeth Sladen) and the Doctor (Matt Smith) in The Sarah of The Doctor, bringing with him Matt Smith's Eleventh Doctor and, for the first faked and before long the gang all get to meet Doctor Eleven for the first time. Matt Smith in the role as much as any of his episodes in the main show. With Elisabeth Sladen, Matt Smith, Tommy Knight, Daniel Anthony. Sarah Jane is told by Colonel Tia Karim of UNIT that The Doctor is dead and grandson Santiago and, like Sarah Jane, does not believe that The Doctor is dead. Episode cast overview, first billed only: u.n.i.t. | eleventh doctor | doctor who | See All (3)».

The Shansheeth catch up to the group and fire a beam of energy at the Doctor—assuring that they will have the death of the Doctor, after all.

Part 2[ edit ] As he is struck by the energy, the Doctor's body is replaced with Clyde's, temporarily confusing the aliens and allowing the group to find safety. The Doctor swaps places with Clyde again, then holds onto Sarah Jane and Jo before performing another swap, taking all three back to the alien world. With their help, the Doctor is able to repair the device that he has been using to perform these exchanges, allowing them to return to Earth without displacing Clyde's body.

Meanwhile, the children and lead Groske determine that for the Shansheeth plan to have worked, they needed help from someone in UNIT. Using the air vents, they learn that Karim is working with the Shansheeth.

Their plan is to recreate the TARDIS key from Sarah Jane's and Jo's memories, such that the Shansheeth can use the time machine to stop death across the universe by interfering with timelines and Karim can leave Earth as there is nothing left for her here.

Karim discovers the group's presence in the air vents and heats them up. The Doctor safely rescues the children and the Groske. They find the room where Karim and Shansheeth are preparing to use the Memory Weave on the Doctor's former companions, but are unable to open the sealed door with the Doctor's sonic screwdriver.

what episode does sarah jane smith meet the 11th doctor

He shouts through the door for Sarah Jane and Jo to recall all their memories of their time with him, and encourages the children to do the same. Back in the olden days The Deadly Assassin in to be precise it was established that a Timelord had an upper limit of 13 lives. Eleven Doctors in and the clock is ticking — nobody wants to be a slave to continuity, but something needed to be done about it. And here it is. Crawling through the ventilation shaft, Clyde asks the Doctor how many times he can regenerate.

Judging by an average stint of 3. No immediate danger — and surely this is better for the jeopardy of the show than previous reports that the Doctor was now immortal? But does nobody else feel a teensy bit cheated? Could they not have given some kind of explanation?

Death of the Doctor: Part 1

My theory is that he doesn't the Doctor doesn't actually know how many times he can regenerate. Maybe something happened in the Time War that jumbled things up, and for all he knows, anybody could be his last one. While we're on the subject: This I'm not buying. It's long been established that Timelords came in both sexes, and that this one is male.

But should a future producer be brave enough, that door is still ajar. Jo chatters while she and her grandson Santiago pick up the flowers. When they recognise each other, Jo sits next to Sarah.

Santiago sits behind Rani and Clyde. Sarah and Jo talk and make friends, as do Santiago, Clyde, and Rani. After the remembrance, the gang is in a bedroom where Jo agrees with Sarah's belief that the Doctor is still alive.

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As Clyde, Rani, and Santiago leave the room, they again meet the Groske who told Clyde that he "smells like time". Clyde gives chase, but the Groske jumps into a ventilation shaft.

what episode does sarah jane smith meet the 11th doctor

Meanwhile, Azure of the Claw Shansheeth is "filleting the Cradle" - using the harp from the remembrance to view the memories of the Doctor that were collected at the gathering. The Shansheeth wearing red and yellow agree Sarah and Jo have the strongest memories. They play more music through the vents, putting Sarah and Jo into a trance. Clyde, Rani, and Santiago follow the Groske into the vent, where they lose him, but overhear the Shansheeth discussing their plot to use a memory weave to steal Jo and Sarah's memories — which will kill them.

The artron energy on Clyde's hand returns with a bright, blue light, alerting the Shansheeth to their presence. The youngsters shuffle their way backwards out of the vent. Sarah and Jo hear the clatter, which breaks their trance.

what episode does sarah jane smith meet the 11th doctor

They run into the corridors and bump into the others. Clyde tells Sarah and Jo that this is a trap and they are the prize. The Doctor after swapping places with Clyde. Clyde freezes and starts talking in a different voice, a voice that knows Clyde, Rani, Jo, and Sarah. Clyde regains control of his voice and realises he has someone else's hand.

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Clyde disappears and the Doctor takes his place. Rani demands to know who he is. The Doctor explains that he used Clyde's residual artron energy to switch places with him, which is trouble for Clyde, who is now in a red, wasteland-like planet full of debris. Although she had mentioned that she expected it, Sarah marvels that the Doctor has "done it again" regenerated — though, as before, he smiles and says, "Hello, Sarah Jane.

She does but is shocked that the Doctor is much younger than the other Doctors she has met and has a baby's face compared to theirs. The Doctor responds to Jo, "Oy, imagine it from my point of view! Last time I saw you, Jo Grant, you were what, 21, 22? It's like someone baked you.

what episode does sarah jane smith meet the 11th doctor