What not to do when you meet the parents

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what not to do when you meet the parents

Are you meeting your boyfriend or girlfriend's parents for the first time? Where do the parents usually sit, so you can make sure to avoid those seats? Stare at the parents thoughtfully, as it makes them feel important, not just their child. Next time you consider popping a Xanax before meeting the parents, take a deep not trying too hard and putting in enough effort to ensure they take you But do wear pieces that reflect your personality or are conversation. See, typically, when I'm going to meet someone's parents, I do a little first meeting, or maybe you met on an app and their parents would not.

Running in looking flushed from the sprint you just did to arrive on time might not make a good impression either. Give yourself enough time to get ready. Coming early is better than coming late.


Arriving late, sweaty and out of breath can also increase any self-consciousness or nerves you may have. Giving yourself a good fifteen minute cushion can be enough to calm those pre-meeting nerves. DO some research beforehand He's probably told them a little about you, so it's good to be familiar with some general facts about them.

Don't be afraid to ask your boyfriend for some information on his parents; he obviously wants you to make a good impression, too.

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Ask him about their quirks or pet peeves so you can avoid doing anything to annoy them. Not only should you ask about their expectations, you should also know little things about them that you could bring up, should there be a lull in conversation.

Use these little facts to your advantage: What did you think of the finale?

what not to do when you meet the parents

For example, in many Asian cultures it's rude to tell a host or hostess that you don't like the food or do any kind of complaining. Even if your boyfriend's parents are not of a different ethnic background, the same advice could apply for religion. Get to know what their spiritual beliefs are if they have any. Even if you know they follow a certain religion like Christianity or Islamreligions can have different denominations where traditions and beliefs can vary.

what not to do when you meet the parents

Hiding it will make it worse. For example, if you have allergies and his parents have seven dogs, then you should probably say something.

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Flattery may win some people over, but some can see straight through false praise. The last thing you want to do is come off as fake. They will be missing out on getting to know the real you.

what not to do when you meet the parents

Or if he picked you up at the local pub and begged you to come to the family event so people would stop asking him when he was finally going to go get a girlfriend.

Call it culture shock or generation gap, but in their day, things like manners, showing up with flowers or being on time were expected of new partners in new relationships.

It will immediately make you look disorganized and unreliable. The last thing they want is their son to be involved with someone disorganized and unreliable.

What NOT to say when you MEET THE PARENTS

Anything that can — and will — go wrong will be blamed entirely on you because their perfect angel son could do no wrong. How about that date you went on with the magician where he pulled a bouquet of really nice flowers out of his sleeve, along with a fluffy, white bunny?

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That was pretty magical, right? Ok, you can stop rolling your eyes now. The answer is probably quite a bit and his parents are no different. Having the chance to finally meet the girl their son is seeing is an event in and of itself.

No one is telling you to suck up but small gifts like a bottle of wine to go with dinner or homemade cookies really do wonders with maximizing your first impression on them.

It makes you look fantastic and does a great job of making them feel appreciated by a stranger, who could one day be their daughter-in-law. A little hand-holding is okay, or a quick gentlemanly hand kiss, but any actual facial contact is not gunna fly.

Save it for your wedding day — that one, they will tolerate. They may even ask you for yours, as a test, or because they genuinely want to know what you think. As strange as their family stories or fights may sound, just remember, blood is thicker than water and they will always back each other before they back you.