When do the strawhats meet franky

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when do the strawhats meet franky

If you are talking about the whole mugiwara crew then franky is accepted by them in episode But all the crew Straw Hat Pirates One Piece Wiki · Janemba. Franky is the shipwright of the Straw Hat Pirates and a self-made cyborg. He would later appear in the Water Seven Arc that began in Volume 33 as a pirate led into the Florian Triangle where the crew met a talking skeleton named Brook, . "Iron Man" Franky is the shipwright of the Straw Hat Pirates. sleeves, and wear pants or footwear unless the situation calls for it, or someone makes him do so.

He shrieks and starts thrashing about in terrible pain. All the townspeople and those on the new ship cringe as Robin tortures him. Mozu and Kiwi squeal that they would be plucked off like ripe fruit.

when do the strawhats meet franky

Franky is brought to the ground in agony. Luffy protests that he still wants Franky to be a man when he joins the crew. Robin responds that pirates should not let go of treasure they find without good reason. Franky continues to protest that he could not leave the island, and that he no longer wishes to be a shipwright; the Straw Hats' ship would be his last.

when do the strawhats meet franky

At this point, Iceburg steps up and says he remembers Franky's dream when growing up was to build the ultimate ship, and sail on it as its shipwright. He then suggests that Franky's real intention for not leaving was atonement for Tom being taken away for execution at Enies Lobby. Iceburg tells Franky that even if he and Tom forgave him, Franky also needs to finally forgive himself. As Franky comes to tears, Iceburg says it's time for him to start living his dreams again.

Franky's hair is now controllable, and can change different styles instantly by pushing his nose for more than three seconds.

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While he used to wear it up in a pompadour style and can still do such, he now tends to keep his hair retracted and sport a buzz cut, or otherwise experiment with different hairstyles, sometimes changing his hairstyle to a theme which fits the circumstances he finds himself in. He also has two stitch-mark scars on his torso running down from the back of his neck indicating that he had sewn his skin back on.

He appears to have made modifications to his eyes as well. What appears to be his eyes are actually lenses that resemble human eyes over a pair of robotic eyes underneath. He now appears to be wearing metal rigged suspenders. He has replaced his elbows with large, light blue hinges, his shoulders with a large red ball and socket joint with "BF" written on them, and his forearms with large, light blue cubes, with his trademark star tattoo being split by an edge.

Surprisingly, Franky's forearms also have hair on them even though they are clearly robotic, and his large robot hands can even wear gloves. These new features house upgrades he gave himself during the timeskip. He now wears a red coconut tree-motived Hawaiian shirt and red swim briefs.

In one piece when does franky actually join the straw hat pirates?

While on Punk Hazardhe was given a large double-breasted black coat by Kin'emon for the cold. During the Dressrosa Arc Franky wore a white dress shirt and black suit jacket, a bowler hat, as well as his typical speedos. These events prompted Brook to head to the island before Franky and the rest of the Straw Hats' eyes. With Luffy's resolve to go to the island, Franky decided to join him also.

At that moment, Franky then decided to explain the soldier dock system more thoroughly to the rest of the crew.

Episode 322

This pleased the rest of the crew and Nami, Usopp, and Chopper, decided to try it out. When the three did not return for some time, Franky and the rest decided to go ashore and look for them. However, before they could venture to the island, Franky and the rest were apparently attacked by an apparently invisible thing. The thing later left Franky and the rest baffled. Luffy and Franky catch some zombies. After the Thousand Sunny got caught in what was apparently a spider web, Franky and the rest descended to the island.

There they met the Cerberus which Franky was somewhat eager to fight against.

when do the strawhats meet franky

Franky caught the unicorn while Luffy caught the "Geezer Tree". Franky and the rest then came across some ghosts which he tried to defeat one with Fresh Fire.