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executive decision bomb scene meet

Meet Alexa Learn more about what you can do with Echo Alexa App For Fire OS, Android, .. This item:Executive Decision [] by Kurt Russell DVD £ .. with a team of soldiers who have to defuse a bomb and overpower the terrorists. film is full of humour, which comes as a relief in some of the more tense scenes . On the main title "EXECUTIVE DECISION," we. FLARE OUT TO .. by X-ray and a bomb analyzer, a device searching for the scent of .. scheduled to meet with the Soviet. Premiere INTO the SCENE, looking down into the tunnel. CAHILL. Executive Decision” is a gloriously goofy mess of a movie about a hijacked airliner an American intelligence expert, who, in his first scene, is taking flying lessons. But first we meet Steven Seagal as a colonel in charge of a U.S. ( The bomb disposal expert, Joe Morton, cracks a vertebrae and spends.

Scenes in which a seriously injured bomb expert Morton helps a nerdy scientist Platt disable the sensitive explosive device are especially exciting, but there are quite a few scenes - including the protracted climax - that will have audience-members gripping the arms of their theater chairs.


What bolsters this thriller, bumping it up a notch above most, is the presence of real actors like Russell, Platt, Morton and Leguizamo, as well as the surprising sure hand of first-time director Stuart Baird a veteran film editor and top-flight technical work.

Seagal fans, however, risk disappointment; his role is rather brief. Unfortunately, screenwriter brothers Jim and John Thomas the "Predator" films, "The Rescue" employ too many plot holes, silly contrivances and lapses in logic. Middle East stereotypes may also offend, especially when someone walks into a crowded restaurant and blows it up for no apparent reason; the brief scene, which occurs early in the film, is never tied into the movie's plot.

executive decision bomb scene meet

The casting directors also have something to answer for, as Marla Maples Trump makes an inauspicious appearance as a flight attendant. Her dialogue has apparently been left on the cutting-room floor; she spends most of her screen time mugging wildly.

Walsh and a smoking hot air attendant named Jean Halle Berryis hijacked by islamic terrorists commanded by Nagi Hassan David Suchet, amazing.

Their official purpose is to obtain the liberation of El Sayeed Jaffa Andreas Katsulasrecently captured leader of their organisation. However some in US intelligence community believe that Hassan has a completely different plan and wants something infinitely more lethal - it is certainly the case of the main expert on Jaffa-Hassan organization, dr Grant Kurt Russell.

executive decision bomb scene meet

On his advice a team of US Special Forces commanded by Colonel Travis Steven Seagal will be dispatched to deal with the situation - they will use a top-secret weapon for that And then the film really begins.

This is a really, really good action thriller - and there is not so many of them. The scenario, although containing some rather impossible things, is not half bad - in fact this film, made inanticipated in a way some real terrorist attacks in the future In this film David Suchet proved once again that he is an amazing actor, who can play anything and everything - if he was asked to play a broccoli, I am certain other broccolis would welcome him as a long lost cousin The soldiers use the plane's taillights via Morse code to signal escorting U.

Executive Decision

Navy F Tomcat jets that they are on board, requesting an extra ten minutes despite already crossing into US airspace. Grant enters the passenger cabin with Jean to take the suspected individual by surprise, but he turns out to be an innocent passenger with stolen diamonds.

Grant spots the real sleeper: Jean-Paul Demou, the bomb's creator. Hassan attempts to fire at Grant, but is shot by an on-board federal air marshaland the commandos storm the cabin as a firefight ensues. Stray bullets break passenger windows, causing explosive decompression which blows several passengers and Demou out of the plane.

executive decision bomb scene meet

The terrorists are killed during the exchange, and the bomb is disarmed, as the plane regains stable flight at a lower altitude. In a last act of desperation, Hassan shoots at the cockpit and surrounding area killing both pilots and damaging the controls, hoping the plane will crash before being shot and killed by Rat. Grant assumes control of the and attempts to land it at Washington Dulles International Airport despite his limited piloting experience.

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