Four lions bomb scene from meet

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four lions bomb scene from meet

It also rings some elements of truth as well, recently a group of Islamic lads went to go try bomb an EDL rally in Manchester, only to find the. Four Lions () on IMDb: Movies, TV, Celebs, and more. One scene in particular when the group are forced to carry their bombing equipment on . transforms from all talk to all action, going on trips to Pakistan to meet up with mujahedins. Nov 15, Drafthouse Films. Chris Morris' FOUR LIONS is a funny, thrilling comedy that illuminates modern jihadism through the prism of farce. Drafthouse Films 81, views.

Four Lions

His brother Waj Kayvan Novak is an unspeakable klutz. A white zealot-convert called Barry Nigel Lindsay is a blowhard and egomaniac. Dim-bulb Faisal Adeel Akhtar is training crows to fly around with bombs strapped to them and Hassan Arsher Ali is a rapper-terrorist wannabe who disrupts a public meeting by pretending to be a suicide bomber, only with party poppers instead of explosives: These are people who incessantly screw up their martyrdom videos, to which they of course attach enormous importance, and Omar — glumly reviewing the results on his laptop — describes them as the "blooper" outtakes, as if compiling a DVD deleted-scenes feature.

After a catastrophic visit to a training camp in Pakistan, where they succeed in disgracing themselves utterly, Omar and Waj return gloomily to find that loose-cannon Barry has presumed to make recruitments without clearing it with anyone else. So to reassert his authority, Omar initiates his own plan: The most uncomfortable aspect of Four Lions is the excruciatingly happy, healthy, fulfilled home life of Omar.

Just as we have become accustomed to the idea that only idiots or creeps want to kill people by blowing themselves up, Morris coolly presents us with a self-evidently nice, commonsensical guy who loves his family, and whose irritation with religious pedantry is supremely sympathetic.

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And yet Omar — the cool one, the smart one — wants what all the idiots want. He is essentially no different from them and his wife never questions it, or tries to talk him out of it; there is no serious discussion of justification, of the west's mendacious war in Iraq, and there is no earnest debate of the elaborately written kind that would take up a good 10 minutes of a more serious type of film — the kind, in fact, that dominated a central section of Steve McQueen's Hunger, about the Irish republican suicide hunger-strikers.

Part of the deliberate black-comic effect of Four Lions is the withholding of this kind of debate. Four Lions is of course fundamentally different from suicide-bombing films such as Paul Greengrass's United 93Hany Abu-Assad's Paradise Now or Santosh Sivan's The Terrorist — although there are in fact cautious jokes in Paradise Now about martyrdom videos.

They all assume, on some level, that respect has to be paid to suicide bombing, and that the appropriate genre cannot conceivably be comedy.

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Morris does not make that assumption. Underterred, they continue in their efforts, and after returning from a catastrophic trip to a training camp in Pakistan, Omar takes command of the group and charges them with bombing the London marathon.

Iannucci is best known for his current show VEEP on HBO and the astonishingly good film In the Loop, which offers a hilarious look at the behind-the-scenes politics of an Iraq-type war.

Brooker has garnered massive praise for his dystopic critique of our growing dependence on technology with the incredible and hard hitting Black Mirror. His prior TV work, with contributions from both Iannucci and Brooker, has been pushing the boundaries of comedy and social commentary for decades.

four lions bomb scene from meet

His latter work in the 90s was Brass Eye, a lightning rod for praise and complaint alike that spoofed the current affairs type of programming so prevalent then.

With this pedigree, Morris, notorious for tackling controversial issues head on, was the perfect person -along with co-writers Sam Bain and Jesse Armstrong who co-wrote In the Loop and Peep Show — to put a spin on terrorism.

Four Lions was not intended as a deliberate provocation, but is actually the result of Morris immersing himself in the reasons for the current spate of terrorism as well as the history of Islam.

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I was wondering what this new game was all about. MI5 has evidence, recordings showing off the mundane reality of these terrorist training camps, where members will talk over matters of pop culture or groups descend into something resembling a frat house.

four lions bomb scene from meet

With the realization that those involved are for the most part just like us, Four Lions began to take shape. A topic still sensitive today, let alone back inFour Lions bravely put a satirical spin on the terrorist threat instilling fear around the globe.

These are just people for the most part, each with their own flaws, offering up on some level something we can each connect with. Four Lions is adept at showing how each of the four main characters fall into line as part of the cell, be it though ill conceived duty, persecution, utter stupidity, or sibling loyalty. Each have their own laughable ideas about how terrorism and counter-terrorism actually work, which is the source of much of the dark comedy in the film.

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The belief that shaking the face quickly blurs the image so security cameras cannot capture you and the predictable but effective mishandling of a rocket launcher are the more obvious moments, but the script delivers some other great moments as well as characters.

Barry and his belief that there is a Jewish conspiracy to control traffic around the world by their invention of spark-plugs is one example. As with all good satires, no one is exempt from mockery.