How did caspar meet joe sugg youtube

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how did caspar meet joe sugg youtube

Joe Sugg and Caspar Lee are two guys in their 20s who share a flat . He is the younger brother of fellow YouTube star Zoe Sugg, who goes. From Caspar Lee To Joe Sugg: 8 YouTubers That Have Dated Mainstream Celebrities We guess it's easier if your other half is used to walking around They got pretty flirty pretty quickly and they decided to meet up, with that . YouTuber Joe Sugg Joins The Line Up For Strictly Come Dancing What is Strictly Come Dancing star Joe Sugg's net worth? Before starting a career as a YouTuber, Joe was a thatcher, and even met with Prince Charles to give a The pair have also starred in Joe and Caspar Hit the Road.

From Caspar Lee To Joe Sugg: 8 YouTubers That Have Dated Mainstream Celebrities | MTV UK

Then I started doing this as a hobby. Then it snowballed and snowballed. Take a peek inside Strictly Come Dancing star Joe Sugg's house Personal life Joe lived in a London apartment with his close friend Caspar untilbefore moving to an apartment with another friend, Byron Langley.

how did caspar meet joe sugg youtube

He previously shared a video showing off his new pad and captioned the post: The YouTube personality has also spoken frankly about his struggle with acne, and how he was once too ashamed to leave the house because of his condition. In the description of a video talking about his journey, he wrote: I've decided to talk a bit about my skin story and hopefully it will help some of you who may be affected by acne. He also puts his clearer skin down to less stress, sleeping more, going out less and drinking more water.

Speaking about being on the show, he said: My nan used to dance there and she's in her 90s now so I'd like to get there.

how did caspar meet joe sugg youtube

I only said yes to this last week! Sitting at his laptop, he can be heard saying, "I'm probably not going to get an opportunity like this ever again… done!

Meeting Prince Charles and Camilla Since Joe once worked as a roof thatcher, he was contacted by Clarence House and the Prince's Foundation to discuss his work back in May, since the charity aims to encourage young people to take on unusual professions.

Joe Sugg and Caspar Lee: small-town boys to YouTube stars

Explaining to his viewers, Joe said: We need to keep Britain looking old, do you know what I mean? They wanted to meet while they were going around the YouTube space on a royal visit and of course I said yes. It's not every day you meet someone like this.

We discussed my whole journey from thatching to YouTube. But such restrictions fit oddly with Sugg and Lee because they simply don't need them. On the phone from chilly, autumnal England they are chatty and relaxed. At 24, Sugg is the older of the two, urbane and insouciant. Lee, 21, is more eccentric; imagine Josh Thomas with a clipped South African accent and you're some way to understanding his charm.

Interviewed together they play off each other and are rarely evasive. Every week, Sugg and Lee upload new content to their respective YouTube channels — ThatcherJoe and Caspar — the videos filmed in their shared apartment with a rotating cast of helpers.

how did caspar meet joe sugg youtube

At first glance, the clips don't seem like much — simple, laddish pranks for the most part. But a self-effacing humour is matched by clever, precise editing to create videos that regularly accumulate a million views within a week of appearing online.

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It was not always so. It had terrible internet — "It definitely wasn't a very YouTube-y environment," he says — but a relatively quiet community left him with little else to do.

He began his professional life as a roof thatcher in the West Country outside London.

Caspar Lee - Wikipedia

His sister Zoe was a well-known vlogger posting to her Zoella YouTube channel. She would initially help him with equipment and editing. Are they surprised to have come so far?

how did caspar meet joe sugg youtube

They worked on the film with some of the production team that made British television series Top Gear a worldwide success. Is this the first step towards a wider career for Sugg and Lee? In September, Sugg unveiled his first graphic novel, Username: