How to meet someone you dont have classes with russ

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how to meet someone you dont have classes with russ

Feb 12, When Russ is discussing the impact Econtalk and the professors who . I don't think that I have ever heard a more cynical view of education than .. Caplan also says that he receives an upper middle class income for his efforts. . I want to start with the empirical finding which is at the heart of your book. When I stifled or tempered her interactions, she would withdraw, finding no my responsibilities to individual students and the class as a whole; and my need to It seems that this is a challenge with both Jill, and perhaps even more, with Russ. I don't know how you read the tone in the transcript, but I remember at the. I have super curly hair, so it's hard not to twirl them when I'm just sitting and talking to someone. My advice for prospective students: Think about who you want to.

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Something I will always do: I constantly twirl my hair!

how to meet someone you dont have classes with russ

My advice for prospective students: Think about who you want to become as a person, and then think about whether USC fits the person you want to be.

USC is an amazing place to find yourself, so just go out and do it! My advice for current students: My favorite thing about the Honors College: You will meet people with all sorts of interests and strengths that are completely opposite of your own, and it will help you grow as a person. The Honors College fit what I thought of as my ideal academic experience, and I have not been disappointed. But they very intentionally have not gone to upmarket. So you get to a certain size, you just graduate off Gusto.

They can go to upmarket later if they choose to. But making a business for the part of the market which is just very underserved, is a very smart way to go about building out Gusto. The lower part of the market and the higher part of the markets have very, very different expectations. So we decide to focus on the small companies and make it very practical for them.

Yeah, we get that occasionally as well. Content management has been historically super fragmented, and also just super slow to change. It has always been attachment based. Sharepoint does a lot of things really, really well. I think DocSend is basically kind of a thought exercise.

how to meet someone you dont have classes with russ

So we actually can solve a lot of those problems for companies in a pretty unique way. There are some larger, old companies, like Salvo that are still mostly attachment based. So talking about space, where do you see your ambitions? Which space are you trying to carve out?

Well, there are all these historic examples of companies that are able to define a new category. So for DocuSign, carving out like digital transaction management. And today, we had to create the space!

And doing so in a way that makes sense and is very sticky. I just love seeing people use our software. If you do that well, you actually do get a lot of inbound and word of mouth, and that makes for great business. Talking about managing and building a product, is that what keeps you up at night lately, or are you more busy with other aspects of the business?

No, we have an awesome director of product management, Justine. So I leave that completely in her camp. I try to make it a little bit more data-oriented, and then present that to the engineering and product teams.

This way, they can make the best decision based on that information. How many times have you heard that? Just like a product process, because whenever someone says blah blah blah, maybe blah blah blah is really important. I spend more time stressing about people, process and growing DocSend.

But in order to do that, you have to build the ranks. You have to define them. What is this new role, how does this new role work, who are you going after? Do you have a quota? Yeah, it sure does. We have an in-house recruiter, who helps a lot. But after a while, you start wondering, what am I going to do in the end? For instance, I started pretty much on the product, marketing and sales side.

Then I did customer service, and while doing all of these things, I started to delegate them step by step to someone who can do it better than me.

Then again your role evolves. I find that the areas that I know the most about are the ones that are easiest to hire for, or even promote people into the role, because I know how that role works. Like, we hired a VP of sales a few months ago, and I had never worked in sales. So with DocSend, we had inbound, but there were slightly larger deals that we were required to sell to. So I would go and do that part. So I hired salespeople, and then managed them for some period of time.

Then I felt very incompetent doing that.

Bryan Caplan on the Case Against Education - Econlib

I did it for a while and really gained some empathy for what the role is. So when we were finally ready to hire a VP of sales because I felt I had reached my level of incompetence trying to manage a bunch of sales people, I actually had a pretty good idea of what I was looking for.

That really helped in the search for the role. Hiring, especially leadership, is incredibly time-consuming, because the cost of getting it wrong is huge. So people are incredibly important! In terms of hiring the right ones? While you should be building the business, the team grows and contracts again, and then you need to start all over. What are the main skills you, as a founder, bring to DocSend?

Meet the Guy who Gets Paid to Smoke Weed

What do you think is really the thing you excel at within the company that makes it grow? Without me, the company would fail. I would much rather have someone else be doing that.

But having a relatively wide skill set in itself, can be something of a rare thing. So for right now, probably the most important things I do are really just helping the team work together, make sure things are working cross-functionally as they should.

Certainly, representing the company through partnerships or going to conferences or meeting other people is a part of the role. Well, we did the last two research reports with the Harvard Business School. That was from my connections there. It was going in and talking to my old professors and getting them on board, and getting that piece together. But that was actually very successful for us in identifying that, and spending a bunch of my time on it to make it happen.

This time with an agency called The Starr Conspiracy, out of Texas. But it still ends up being a smattering of time across a variety of areas. Is there a particular focus for you at this point with Salesflare?

Russ Markert at Century College -

I would always jump right in. In soccer, you would call it the liberal, or something.

how to meet someone you dont have classes with russ

So if you go on vacation right now for a few weeks, do you feel like you can leave everything, or are you still really needed anywhere? I think things would run a lot better than I think they would. So, yeah, I could definitely go on vacation for a few weeks, and I think everything would be running just fine.

Replacing Fear with Love, Losing 200 Pounds, and Finding Purpose with Russ L’Hommedieu: PYP 229

As I was describing before, the people matter. What does the promotion ladder look like for junior salespeople at DocSend? I have been proactively spending a lot of my time on understanding the role and the processes, because a lot has to change. So just making sure that goes well, because if that went poorly, then that would actually be a pretty big problem.

In this case, it has been fun to jump in and spend more time making sure things work.

Russ Heddleston of DocSend

I can contribute in this way, which is good. Is it similar for you guys at Salesflare? Would you actually be able to take three weeks off? I did so over the festive season.

So that was a really good feeling! Let me tell you a funny story that I just got reminded of. As it turns out, my sister had applied me to the Bachelorette. But at the time, I was single, and it was really random. Or is it just too long?