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let meet now running man guest

Running Man is a popular South Korean Variety show focused on a main cast of seven celebrities A Day in the Limelight: Every now and then, there will be an episode focusing on a specific member. . Gary managed to down it all without letting the spiciness get to him and pass the challenge. .. We Will Meet Again. World Meet Running Man Yong Hwa first appears on this episode (currently the most recurring guest in RM Let's Go Shopping- But Watch What You Eat. Also, right now they are doing a thing called Member's Week. Let me just say that Kim Kwang Gyu is one of my favorite guests on the show. houses, dorms, or workplaces when the members go meet their partners. Thoughts- Sadly, this is the episode that Song Joong Ki departs from Running Man.

The members who lost had to fly to Taiwan the distance from Seoul Inchon Int'l to Taipei Taoyuan Int'l is km immediately to ride the Screaming Condor roller coaster the very next day and keep riding it until everyone could see two numbers on posts as they whizzed by. Usually when they're grouped into couples.

Crouching Moron, Hidden Badass: Gary may act kind of slow and innocent, but he's the Ensemble Dark Horse when the chips are down.

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He's won the first two individual all-out battles between the members. He later gained the "Sudden Commander" nickname for his seemingly-out-of-nowhere demonstrations of great skill. When he bothers to make the effort, even Kim Jong Kook might not be his match. Ji Suk Jin and his leg cramp during the 'Once Chance' aquarium mission. Ridiculed by the other members because he literally wasn't doing anything but standing around.

Dare to Be Badass: Yoo Jae Suk in Episode A Day in the Limelight: Every now and then, there will be an episode focusing on a specific member. Hugging someone just allows them easier access to tear off your nametag.

It's not deliberately set up that way but because some of the members Wouldn't Hit a Girlit falls to Jihyo to eliminate the female guests. Several episodes set up a detectives-have-to-catch-the-thieves scenario with the latter trying to evade elimination.

Of course, the producers don't say that they had to be different people. Such as in Episode The Ultimate Ddakji, which in tries the producers couldn't flip once. Jong Kook flips it on his first try. Dog Pile of Doom: In order to subdue the Commander in episode And it was hilarious. Do Not Taunt Cthulhu: Ji Suk Jin tries to bluff about his power in front of the Commander.

let meet now running man guest

Thanks to Ji Hyo's tip-off, he sees right though it. And the inevitable happens. Do Well, but Not Perfect: When playing the Multiplication Game, members have to answer a multiplication question such that exactly one of the two digits is correct.

For example, for "6 x 4" "22" or "44" would work, but "24" or "30" would not. Gets tricky when the player has to do it without hesitation. Choi Min-Soo for the entire crew. But especially for the Grasshopper. Kim Jong Kook may not be the smartest cast member, but he's definitely better than most of them.

Ji Hyo is actually not one of the original cast member.

let meet now running man guest

Her appearances in episode 2 to 5 is considered to be guest appearance. She joined them full time in episode 6, yet doesn't make her official debut until episode 7.

Song Joong Ki, who dropped out from the show at the end of episode 41 due to schedule issues, is one of the original ones. Before episode 48, all the missions are done in one single landmark.

Lampshaded himself in a recent episode, where he teaches another guest how to properly betray other people. Gwangsoo mentions that it's even fine to hit or kick Jong-Kook, as long as he makes sure to apologise later. Usually happens right when someone is about to betray someone else. The PDs take special care to avert this trope when they have to inform one of the members of their secret mission or spy status by bringing them somewhere isolated.

However on a few occasions they deliberately re-avert this trope again by having the other members watch the secret mission being given from another room through a CCTV.

Yoo Jae Suk has done this on a few occasions. Problem is that the sticker booth has all the members showing and if they select the member that they are not in, they have to give them an 'Out of Stock'.

Bored of waiting, some of the members draw doodles of their fellow members in their own booth. Luckily they decide to cut it to just 5 autographs since the area isn't quite popular with the sticker booth area.

After Jae Suk finishes his mission, he notice Suk Jin's booth and pranks him by giving back his autograph to him when he selects his picture. Of course that autograph didn't count. After completing the mission above, each Running Man members are lead to a furniture factory and shop awaiting for their next mission. What they didn't know is that the place happens to be the working place of Kwang Soo's dad.

When Kwang Soo arrives, he's confused and relaxed even asking Jae Suk and Ji Hyo if they knew the place; Kwang Soo even ask the PD crew if this is a hidden camera show when he hears their laughter. After Kwang Soo reveals to them, the first thing Ji Hyo did is slap his head, telling him to be serious. Without a moment to lose, Kwang Soo manages to call his dad, telling him to lock the door but unfortunately Jae Suk manages to find him first just before his dad was about to lock it.

Kwang Soo arrives a minute late while Jae Suk pretends to close the door at him. As some of the cast enters in, Jae Suk and Suk Jin comment that Kwang Soo's dad is handsome, even jokes that he look like his brother than his father. Not only his dad shows him a baby photo of Kwang Soo, Jae Suk jokes to him that Kwang Soo recently moves out from his house for a reason, which cue to his embarrassed, telling them that he's not an actor.

Lets not forget the time when they receive the actual mission. Jae Suk tells everyone that Kwang Soo is not going to win despite being in his hometown by coincidence until HaHa reminds Jae Suk that Kwang Soo's dad, who happens to come and see, is here. This prompt Jae Suk gives a degrees turn that Kwang Soo's the star of the show. The library mission where Jae-suk and Suk Jin had to read a storybook that's been marked and have to study it with a limited time. The funny part is where they ask questions that's related not just the story but the pictures itself.

Once again the funny moment happen when both of them comes up the wrong answer. Both even commented at the end of the show to Hye-mi that they even have to answer those 'ridiculous' questions as if they're trying to screw around with them. What does she do when she realizes it is empty? She use Jong Kook's while he complains that she shouldn't use his thus disqualifying Kwang Soo even though he and HaHa finish at the same time. Not only that, it is hinted that Kwang Soo did win the next round but Jong Kook doesn't want him to leave and tries to stop him.

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During the climbing challenge, Kwang Soo tries to spit onto Jong Kook but fails. Unfortunately his balloon drops and once the balloon lands, Jong Kook quickly snatches it and ditch him. Fortunately he arrives during the final mission.

Another moment in the climbing challenge is Suk Jin decides to climb down instead of holding the rope; afraid of heights he is. Of course Jong Kook wasn't too happy about it. Soon it flies around some of the members and all the sudden it lands onto Kwang Soo's nose. Jong Kook returns the favor by hitting his face; everyone jokingly agrees that the God of Entertainment is helping him since he always get to make them laugh.

Episode had quite a few of these come from guest Ryu Hyun Jin. Would've been a Heartwarming Moment After Ha Ha suggests a redo of the hand off due to this blunder, they decide to redo it again in a dramatized fashion: During Hyun Jin's secret mission to eliminate the members with a water gun without getting caught, he successfully eliminates Ji Suk Jin. However, he over sprays, and some of the colored water droplets end up trickling down onto Suk Jin's jacket.

How does he cover it up? By wrapping his arm around Suk Jin and using his own body to wipe off the water and effectively conceal it by skipping around like he's happy. The Escape episode Once again the Running Man members and two guests are jailed with a different kind of crimes except for one person: Jae Suk - Crime of excessive dancing Crime of dancing whenever the music plays. Needing to coach everyone on everything Gary - Nine degrees of love crime Wanting to love despite his looks.

Park Hee Soon - Crime of being too charismatic. Gong Yoo - Crime of arson For setting the hearts of women ages 10 to 50 on fire Kwang Soo - Crime of excessive overreaction to any and all situation and under false disguise of being Prince of Asia. This also adds in his previous crimes from the Prison Break episode Episode Jae Suk and Suk Jin rap like cicadas while hugging the legs of a table.

let meet now running man guest

Jihyo falls asleep on top of the Jenga tower while the other members and the production team are bickering about the rewards of the bonus mission.

The Production team win in the end It's my dream to grow up to be a good wife and a mother. And I'm a great cook.

let meet now running man guest

Guys, you think I can only cook chicken well, right? I can cook you guys as well. Before that "Kwang Ja" enters in. Cue the boys beating her up. The entire Pool Prank in the Australia episode. Before the episode ends, all the Running Man members minus Ji Hyo who's currently on her way to Australia and two guests, Woo Bin and Rain are relaxing in a luxurious house while barbecuing some Australian steak in the house they are staying.

Once they succeed, Jong Kook came along to see the commotion and laughs about it until Kwang Soo pushes him into the pool. This pisses him off as he has no spare pajamas and with the help of Suk Jin, they dunk Kwang Soo and HaHa into the pool. Woo Bin was next as he runs off causing them to dunk Jae Suk in who has nothing to do with it. Rain happens to notice this and go into hiding as all men decide to dunk everyone.

Gary was next even though he has just finish taking a shower. The men soon realize that Rain is hiding and finds him easily as he gets caught and dunks him after he takes off his favorite pajamas shirt.

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Episode Idol Athletic Competition: As part of the relay race, members of each team must pass on a video cassette the baton to their next team member at each station.

Gary is so eager to run off as soon as his teammates successfully answer MC Yoo's question that he dashes off at the speed of light in diving flippers looking absolutely ridiculous without grabbing the cassette first. They all have to head back to the station for a re-do. Episode - Episode In everyone's mad dash to find the computers, they left behind all except one of their cameramen when they got onto the elevator. He rips Jong Kook a new one for calling him such, much to the hilarity of everyone else present.

Jong Kook meant it as a term of endearment, but Hee Joon didn't want to be called such, especially since he said his mother was going to watch the episode later. For his part, Kim Jong Kook modifies his cap to look like a Feudal-era hat. Cue Song Ji Hyo off to the side literally cracking up moments after he puts the hat on. The Running Superheroes In one mission, in order to test their courage, they have to walk along the long plank on top of the rooftop to cross to another building with a safety net and mat below if they were to fall.

All of the heroes are scared or pissed that they have to do that. But the funny part is that the moment they pass ring the bell on the other side or fail the mission by giving upit reveals that the crew has no intention of letting them walk the long plank but instead they have to walk on a small plank on the building; hidden from plain sight just to fool them.

This causes most of them to be ashamed of themselves since this was really a pure 'courage' test. Another funny part is those who have already done the mission tries to trick their friends about giving up. The various exchanges of encouragement between the men and "women". Mister, you better do it right! You're just a little different! Help Suk Jin win part 2. The water bomb question game. Two moments in particular stands out: When Ha Neul of Suk Jin's team has to answer the question: Universities are called "this" tower.

Even Jae Suk admit that it was hilarious. Kwang Soo needs to answer his next question wrongly for Suk Jin's team to get another shot at winning. So before his question is finished, he immediately pick the first choice of his multiple choice question. He got it right by accident. At the end, with the help of his teammates, Suk Jin won the episode and is given a choice: Of course he runs like hell with his gold. The "What time is it, Mr.

The second round where Jae Suk and Gary are so near towards Jong Kook but fails to ripped his tag while Suk Jin who got eliminated in the last round tries to shut Kwang Soo up.

More funnier where Jae Suk acts as a documentary commentator. The Third gameThe Zombie Game.

let meet now running man guest

The entire scenes where Il Woo couldn't get a single person but luckily gets four and even 'bite' Kwang Soo despite him helping Woo out. The Water Gun All Kill. The objective is each member has to run to get a water gun and a shield. If they didn't shield them, they score a point but if they manage to shield in time, the defender score a point.

Jong Kook pulling some of the teammates off cam when they're not happy with the result after Jong Kook team score 3: Suk Jin and some of the fellow teammates tampered with their starting line to get a head start while Jong Kook's team were distracted. Even despite them winning 2 points by cheat Jong Kook didn't notice it until Kwang Soo catches it. The last game is 3 vs 7 bell hide and seek. While Team 7 is too not happy about it, Team 3 on the other hand is very happy especially for Il Woo who feels relieve that he can't be eliminated.

You truly are blessed. Not having such pressure on you will get you an extra year of life! You get two years if you're on the same team as Jong Kook. You came to the right team! He even gets scared by his own teammate. There's two What an Idiot! When Kwang Soo keeps questioning the guest, Seo Joon, trying to see if he's a fake detective, Jae Suk decides to prank him by moving his car to another location Of course after Jae Suk's 'mission' is complete and Kwang Soo tells the viewers of his detective message, he turns around to find his car is missing while most of them leaves even without knowing where to go.

How does Kwang Soo escape? Steal Suk Jin's car. He can't be a detective. He can't even protect his own car. HaHa recently gained the info that the clue is hidden in the shoes of the secret spy. However if he checks a non-spy shoes regardless which shoe is checkedthey will get eliminated. Even though he was told he was eliminated by such actions, he disagrees and complains about it. The Desirable Lee Kwang Soo a.

Knowing from Kwang Soo's fame in the show, you'll be laughing silly on this: Kwang Soo is the main story of the episode but not the way as he wanted. The real mission is to deceive Kwang Soo that he wins solo. If they do the rest of the six cast will get 1 million Won each after the show ends but if they don't Kwang Soo will get the hint of the hidden camera and wins 6 million Won for himself.

In the preliminary mission, the cast are suppose to find certain items in Kwang Soo's room. This items comes with finding a strain of long hair that is 20 cm long and a food item that has already expired. The funny moment is Suk Jin trying to find a type of bird name in Kwang Soo's laptop only to find his private files despite finding it. After the mission is completed, he tells Kwang Soo to delete the files in the recycle bin as he found some 'files'. Of course Kwang Soo's reaction of the Running Man cast searching the house while he's still brushing his teeth is hilarious.

Even the time he explodes, raging about the matter.

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The second game 'As Kwang Soo says'. Kwang Soo is the caller while the rest of the Running Man cast sits on the chair. Between the chairs are ropes with a number each.

Kwang Soo has to let at least one member survives as one of the number will make them drop into the pool. Although the cast knew which number makes them drop. When it was Suk Jin's turn, Kwang Soo didn't let him choose a number due to him checking his laptop and revealing to everyone of his 'stuffs'.

Even when Suk Jin choose a number that doesn't make him drop, Kwang Soo choose the other number; hinting he might already know about the hidden camera. Of course even after the show ends and all the cast leaves, cue to Kwang Soo's house with Kwang Soo, Suk Jin and Jae Suk interviewing him on his reactions after watching the episode, live. It was meant for his teammate, Kangnam who is Japanese.

Both Jae Suk and Suk Jin answer with "economy-yaki". It's takoyaki and Gary ends up getting it right. At the same episode, once the first mission ends, those who lost decided to have a mock lottery to see who got the punishment bungee jump without ropes in case if it just the three of them.

Guess who ends up chosen by the mock lottery? I repeat, Kwang Soo stripped Jong Kook to the point where he's completely naked. As a more insult to the injury, Jong Kook's underwear is then hanged on the mic boom! On that same game, Taeyang is also stripped off his clothing. Fortunately for him, he only have his pants stripped. Even Jae Suk complains regarding this matter; worrying that people would think he has no other underwear to wear.

The Second Stage where teams have to grab a set of Tetris blocks to for a perfect square. But the best moment is the second round where the Green Team turns it into a dancing challenge since they have to toss them the set of blocks. Although Min Soo has an amazing performance for eliminating most of the cast with his athletic speedwhenever someone gets caught by Hong Man, Hilarity Ensues.

Poor Kwang Soo has to go between those two gatekeepers and despite Min Soo already eliminated him, Hong Man keeps smacking him in the back even trying to rip off his shirt. Even after Min Soo tells him he has already eliminated him, Hong Man pulls Kwang Soo's shirt and smack a few more times out of frustration while Min Soo tries to blow Kwang Soo's 'wounds' after he left.

This is the strongest back smash in my entire life! Min Soo decides to call Hong Man to eliminate him as he comes and tears his name tag even intending to rip his shirt off. He even gives a self-appraise of his achievement with the thumbs up to the camera after eliminating Jong Kook. What does Kwang Soo get? He pairs up with the fat Lee Gook Joo. Cue Kwang Soo cheering happilyrunning out to the crew and showing his happiness by beating the PD up. Episode - The Battle of Heroes Race. Namely the Elimination Tag Race.

The entire moment where the Running Man members and their heroes battle against an expert to unlock their hero's powers. Jae Suk went on a Lampshade Hanging about this situation.

I never thought that we have to battle against a Go Master in a game of Jack stones. Let's not forget the Go Master's scream when he fails. Unfortunately, Jong Kook sings in his own version and fails at the first round. Cue to Joo Yup upon reading what the mission is: To HaHa You must have a bad relationship with the producers. Sure enough he was quite pissed after struggling to find the correct voice.