Meet cougars in charlotte nc

8 Great Locations and Bars To Meet Single Cougars In Charlotte for

meet cougars in charlotte nc

"It's not hard to pick up a Cougar in Ballantyne Village," he says. "You come here on a Saturday, and you go to Villa Antonio, and you will see it. N Davidson St (btwn 35th St. & 36th St.), Charlotte, NC. Sports Bar I'm a cider fan and was happy to find that they have Magners on tap!. So where would a 30 yr old guy in Charlotte on business go to find some fun older women to flirt with in the Charlotte or Charlotte suburb area?.

This is important because tonight we are on the hunt. On the phone a day earlier, he had told me to "wear tight everything.

He finds them superficial and "too idealistic. Not having to compete with the hordes to buy them drinks or get in a couple words. We won't buy drinks for anyone but ourselves.

meet cougars in charlotte nc

We'll just look good and get hit on. We can't pretend to have money. No trying to impress with fancy watches or expensive shirts. Cougars can see right through that kind of thing. They're not interested in money, anyway.

10 Places to Meet Single Cougars in North Carolina To Try in 2019

You can't just be a banker, because there are too many bankers, and they probably divorced a banker. We find Cosmos, even during happy hour, too expensive. It's a nice place, dark and trendy inside. Well-dressed people flow in as workdays come to an end. We chose Cosmos because it's kind of classy.

Best cougar bar in Ballantyne/Charlotte? : Charlotte

That's the tricky thing about Cougars. They're not about to go somewhere where they'll feel out of place.

meet cougars in charlotte nc

You have to know where to look. We notice some beautiful women talking with guys wearing things like blazers and turtlenecks. Two girls our age wearing short skirts and lots of makeup appear to be on an expedition of their own.


First, locate the pack. Cougars go out in packs. Try to make contact with the whole group. You gotta infiltrate the group. A tall boy gets the right message across. You gotta show them you want to have a good time. Point your finger in the air, disco style, then at the group, one member at a time. Sing along to the music. Better yet, use your beer as a microphone.

Cougars dance in circles. Try to get in the middle. Make sure you shake your ass. Go around the circle; let 'em all grab it. But you can't grab back. No groping on your part. That's against the rules.

You gotta keep the ball in their court. This usually takes about half a song. Feel for who's really rubbing your ass. Let her know you're interested.

meet cougars in charlotte nc

But remember to keep the others involved with moves like the double-grind. It makes them feel young and 'in. Feel free to say something like, "Hey ladies, don't be trying to take advantage of me tonight. I'm a young boy. If she asks, say, "How old do you think I am? She'll ask if it's higher or lower. That's a good question. You'll tell her later if she's lucky. If you do get lucky, it might be best to head to your place, just to be safe. Most of the time. You need to hang out with this Cougar outside of getting blasted.

Because, they have a lot to teach. Coffee, drinks—hear her story. Cougars have been through some real-life experiences.

They'll give you the good, bad, and ugly when it comes to relationships. One wears a party-store crown with white lace trailing behind it. She scowls with disgust and tells me she has kids my age. None of these women are Cougars. Maturity, ambition, and being established are the traits they require. What about a one-night stand? Right, even if he wasn't," says Trisha, thirty-seven, of Concord.

Then, he'd have to be charming. But, like she said, it would have to be magical.

meet cougars in charlotte nc

We would have to have a long conversation, because I don't drink. We would have to use a male condom, a female condom…" And then, there she is. Vanessa has arrived late after a bottle of wine. She is curvy, blonde, and confident and, she says, thirty-three. She asks me to check the tag, and her panties are pink and ruffled. The Thomas Street Tavern for a hearty pub feel and relaxing atmosphere The Thomas Street Tavern is perfect for those who prefer a more relaxed, cozy, neighborhood feel rather than a noisy club or jam-packed bar.

This warm and intimate venue is perfect for those who are simply looking to enjoy a hearty drink or two, and meet older ladies without having to don a suit jacket and make sure they are on top of their game.

Cougars enjoy the friendly ambiance of this hearty pub which serves tradition pub-grub, and regular live music acts.

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So why not keep it casual and head toThe Thomas Street Tavern for good beer, ping pong, great live bands and fun conversation with more mature ladies looking for some laughs? Cougars in Charlotte have a lot on their plate with careers and other obligations. It is definitely the first place your should try if you are looking to meet Cougars in Charlotte, or indeed any city at all especially since it has been consistently rated as 1 in our annual cougar dating websites review.

meet cougars in charlotte nc

Cougar Life is great as it immediately gives you a good idea of the Cougar dating scene in your area, and is a fun, hassle free, no strings attached way of beginning your search for a Cougar. You can try it for free with this offer and see what we are talking about.

If you value your time you need to try them out! The Capital Grille for good food and a classy Cougar This upmarket restaurant is a venue that attracts Cougars in Charlotte from all parts of the city. A classy chain restaurant, here you can expect to find the classiest of Cougars enjoying succulent dry-aged steak and top class seafood, while unwinding with the best wines and enjoying the refined service that you can expect from The Capital Grille.

Come here for a refined evening where you can enjoy great food and excellent conversation. Prohibition Bar for a fun and lively night out The charming prohibition bar is all about fun and the good times. The bar itself being actually constructed from reclaimed wood and tin from local North Carolina barns.

With Prohibition-themed memorabilia adorning every inch of the walls, you will really feel as though you have stepped back in time. Here you can expect to find Cougars in their hordes, sipping on Moonshine and really getting into the swing of things.

The prohibition bar boasts entertainment from live bands to funky Djs so make sure you bring your dancing shoes and get out on the dance floor to impress the Cougars in Charlotte with your awesome moves! Cougars in Charlotte can be found lounging at the bar unwinding after a hard day at the office or in the sociable, classy outdoor area where it is easy to strike up a friendly conversation. The decor is contemporary with bright, colorful lights and plenty of seating.

Here you can enjoy a game of late-night billiards, sing your heart out at karaoke, or simply enjoy some fantastic bar drinks in the heart of the city. The Yellow Rose Cafe has a fun and lively atmosphere -everyone is here for a good time! Villa Antonio for perfectly organized fun! At Villa Antonio you can enjoy a range of activities that are designed to help customers destress after a busy week in the office.

The unique concept sees Cougars in charlotte flock from all over the city to relax with friends, enjoy some drinks, and keep their eyes peeled for good-looking young men to talk to of course.