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meet leza award 2014 winners relax-sakura.infobt. Your browser does not currently recognize any of the video formats available. Click here to visit our frequently asked questions about HTML5. What makes Leza Radio Listeners' Choice Award different from others? The Leza Artist Gash Abera Molla, this year's winner of best album.

Preference is given to students who engage in sustained, impactful, collaborative community work. Nominations for this award will be solicited from Community Partners.

“What doesn’t kill you makes you Stronger” - Addis Standard

Elena Perez Community Collaborator Award — This award is presented to a student who has engaged in meaningful relationship-building between communities on and off the campus, and in so doing best exemplifies an ethic of collaboration. Through this work, this student has modeled how to work with community rather than for community, and mobilizing stakeholders in and outside of the academy toward shared goals.

This student not only serves as an exemplar of thoughtful community engagement to other students, but shares their knowledge and skills to enable other students to follow in their footsteps. Ramah Aleryan Engaged Citizen Award — This award is presented to a student who has actively engaged in public deliberation and decision-making in Colorado Springs or the Pikes Peak Region through governmental avenues or broader community initiatives.

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In so doing, this student commits to and invigorates democratic efforts to shape shared futures. Through deep intercampus collaboration, this student demonstrates strong grassroots organizing skills, building power around intersecting interests toward solutions or innovations. Through some form of project or campaign, this student has demonstrated their ability to apply their liberal arts education to issues of public relevance.

Through such work, they have effected change through contributing their voice and influence to collective efforts to change institutions, policies, and cultures. Why did you think it was important? Berhanu Digaffe — Let me take you back by four years and tell you an interesting story.

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At one point the show was somehow stuck because we had nothing new to play on air. I finally decided to go to musicians, singers, record labels owners and a range of other artists and asked them what was wrong. Everyone I talked to gave me different reasons but most of them talked about how the absence of copy right protection and lack of sponsors were affecting the coming of new works.

So I said to myself if we start something which inspires professionals, try to show them how much the public respects them and needs them and support them at the same time we may be able to see new works coming up. There are other fragmented attempts to revive art in Ethiopia through recognition, particularly the film industry — such as the Blue Nile film festival.

meet leza award 2014 winners

The other distinctive thing is the direct participation of the audience in the voting processes for best artists in different categories. The vote counting system is transparent and professional too.

Is that an indication that the Award has received wide recognition, or is that your sole determination to make it better? It is an indication of a growing respect by the public to our artists and vice versa.

meet leza award 2014 winners

The public, too, showed them its respect by the increasing turn up of voters on the internet. When you first launched it you made it clear that you have taken a different role, other than your radio shows, in promoting art in Ethiopian, mostly Ethiopian art.

But some critics say there is no art to promote in the first place. Four years later, do you think you have proven these skeptics wrong? In any given society there is art that defines that society.

Jossy In Z House Meet Leza Award 2014 Winners

When you ask how they made it there, they all tell you promotion was the major reason. As to your question on whether or not I think I have proven these skeptics wrong?

meet leza award 2014 winners

Well let me ask these skeptics to go back and compare the number of new works released in the last four years with that of before four years. Let me also ask them if they have ever had a chance to interact with our artists, listen to their emotions and see their reactions.

The sheer volume of the number of people who sign into the voting website proves these skeptics wrong, too. Growing numbers of film critics in Ethiopia complain about most Ethiopian films being comedy-monotonous. But your Award has a wide variety in its category and we have seen artists crowned in different categories.