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mlp meet rarity

My Little Pony Best Gift Ever/Gallery. Main category: My Little Pony Best Gift Ever images'Twas a single day left before Hearth's. My Little Pony: Cutie Quiz: Meet Rarity. Pinkie Pie July Start Quiz. Let's see how good you can finish the quiz. Meet Mystic Topaz, daughter of Rarity and Spike. Topaz was my first Sparity vs the future:D by craftedfun3 Kilala97, Rarity, Mlp, My Little. More information.

T - Spanish - Adventure - Chapters: Road Rage by IsmaelandLuigi21 reviews To save their city, the citizens of Canterlot will have to earn a million dollars in order to buy the buses back. This story is inspired by The Simpsons: Rated T due to mild language, suggestive themes and violence.

My Little Pony Rarity

No flame reviews allowed. But when Changelings and Sirens cause trouble for Equestria, how will The Elements, The Crusaders and their friends handle all the trouble? She lives a fairly peaceful life despite being a vampire. She and the gang are excited to welcome a new transfer student.

Sunset finds out that the student is coming from the city, from Crystal prep.

mlp meet rarity

She and the gang befriend the new student. But as Sunset gets closer to the new student, she realizes she has feelings for the new student. Loosely based off "The Phantom of the Opera".

Fluttershy comes to live at Celestia's opera house after the death of her father. The same opera house Discord is now living at. They meet and become friends.

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Then murders start happening around the opera and the clues all point to Discord. Is it him or someone new? Being from a different universe, you have no understanding of their language or laws, but you're happy to have found yourself in the friendliest town there is. So build a new life as their new favourite But as things went on, they start to get out of hand and crazy.

Judging by the characters used, Toucan seems to be a fan of superheroes and Disney. Princess Flurry Heart manages to to hold her own in the fight with Tirec better than Discord and Sailor Moon did, combined.


The ponies in general, considering they manage to fend off all kinds of villains on a semi-regular basis, despite being The Bad Guy Wins: In Cuphead Meets The Devil successfully drags Rainbow Dash to hell and makes some rather disturbing implication on what he's going to do with her.

Though luckily, this will not likely last much longer Joker and the Diamond Dogs learned this the hard way. Do not ask Celestia why she isn't a Queen. It is mutually ill-advised to mention queens at all in her presence.

mlp meet rarity

Sonic and Tails Doll get into one with each gaining the upper hand for a while until it starts up again. Rainbow Dash, Iron Manand Luna pull these in??? Freddy screams this when Luna reveals she has no intention of letting him getting away and throws him into Hell. Breaking the Fourth Wall: In some episodes, especially if Pinkie is involved. Special mention goes to Wreck it Ralph Meets Lincoln Loud also breaks the fourth wall in his episode, when he and his sisters notice Ponyville nearby or so they think.

Freddy mouths off to Princess Luna But Now I Must Go: Happens a lot to the special guest the episode is focused on.

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Every time Batman appears, there's a call back to Batman meets Applebloom throwing apples at Freddy Krueger along with a loathed installment in the latter's franchise similar to what her and Batman did to The Joker, before. Freddy even lampshades this. After getting back to Metropolis, Batman informs Supes he already knows about the ponies. Elsa remembers the ponies from her cousin Rapunzel's story. Played for Laughs at the end of Frozen meets Complete with ominous shot and music of her spying on the ponies, after Elsa reveals that not all Queens are evil.

Duh Day in the Limelight: Dinky appears as a supporting character in Sonic Meets, despite normally only being a background character.

Deal with the Devil: In Wreck-It Ralph meets

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