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myspace hide who liek to meet

In little more than a couple of years has gone from zero MySpace friendships are more akin to "audience reach like .. because not everyone who uses the internet for networking is hiding their real identity. THESE NEW PURITANS (thesenewpuritans)'s profile on Myspace, the place where people come to connect, discover, and share. Hide the comments on your MySpace profile with this MySpace hide following code into the "Who I'd Like to Meet" section when editing your MySpace profile.

My plan was to build one house, move in, and build the next.

Who I'd Like To Meet - For Myspace

If the next was better, I'd move in and sell the previous one - so on and so forth. Since then, he's been traveling all over the world, moving between his three homes in Las Vegas, Los Angeles, and Hawaii to photograph landscapes and nature. He posts the best shots to his Instagram account, aptly named myspacetomwhich hasfollowers. Business Insider recently caught up with Anderson to learn more about his travels, how he defines retirement, and his advice for aspiring travelers.

myspace hide who liek to meet

When Anderson left MySpace, he was serious about retirement. A post shared by Tom Anderson myspacetom on May 2, at 9: When he picked up photography in after an inspired trip to Burning Man, Anderson decided to maintain it as a hobby. A post shared by Tom Anderson myspacetom on Apr 11, at 9: Instead, he travels for pleasure and to visit friends, choosing destinations mainly by thumbing through photos online.

A post shared by Tom Anderson myspacetom on Jan 25, at Tourism has skyrocketed in photogenic places because of Instagram," Anderson said.

myspace hide who liek to meet

A post shared by Tom Anderson myspacetom on Apr 19, at 9: Anderson says Iceland is a great example of Instagram's influence over the travel industry.

The most amazing things are just right there on the side of the main highway.

myspace hide who liek to meet

It's no coincidence that Iceland has gone from K visitors a year to millions of visitors in just a few 'internet' years! It's a central meeting point to stay in contact with friends all the time MySpace user Briana Dougherty Asking for someone's e-mail address can be "creepy", says Briana, who is from California and works in London, because it's "personal, one-to-one contact".

She has "friends" on MySpace.

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Some are good friends from back home in the US, some are just people "you occasionally see around parties" and some are not actually individuals, but bands she likes. Music, always a lively topic of conversation among the young, is a great common denominator on MySpace, and fertile ground for emerging bands - the Arctic Monkeys' owe much of their success to the site.

These days the time-honoured teenage conversational gambit "What music are you into? It's by far the biggest, claiming about 57 million registered users, and is currently ranked the fifth most popular English language site on the net by the Alexa ratings service.

The new man behind MySpace - media mogul Rupert Murdoch All work in a similar way, offering users a host of conventional internet functions - blogging, user forums, instant messaging, personal profiles, online photo albums, visitor comment spaces - in one place. See someone who's into the same music as you, similar films, is a compatible star sign, or you just fancy?

Send them a message and if they're interested, bingo, you've made a friend.

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Although MySpace wouldn't confirm its UK audience, it has been cited at between two and four million. The launch of a UK-specific site is thought to be imminent. The success of MySpace has not gone unnoticed by commercial operators who have seized on it as a handy way of targeting potential customers. For example, anyone who proclaims their interest in kite-surfing, should steel themselves for a torrent of e-mails from companies trying to sell them the latest kit.

And with millions of users, social networking sites, which make money out of advertising, are potential goldmines.

How to Avoid Unwanted Text when You Add HTML Encoding in MySpace

But while Mr Murdoch, 75 this week, is clearly hip to the appeal of MySpace, many people even half his age will never have heard of it. The ideas behind these sites are not new, says Dr Twist, but what is characterising the trend now is the "ease with which people can upload and share their own 'digital assets' - motifs that say something about who they are.

But, says Dr Twist, it can be hard for them to understand because "many of us have our social networks in place".

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