Nike high school national track meet 2010

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nike high school national track meet 2010

The National Scholastic Athletics Foundation is an organization dedicated to the support of junior age (sub) and high school track and field. Aside from. 5 - Fastest ever all HS indoor mile!! - Nike Indoor Nationals Nike Indoor Championships, March 15, at Prince George's Sportsplex, Landover MD Results. . Check Out Nike Track Nationals! High School State Champs. HY-TEK's Meet Manager 3/20/ AM Nike Indoor Nationals - 3/12/ to 3/14/ Reggie Lewis 1 Greene, Fuqauwn 10 Track Easter Q 7 () 38 Whitlock, Bryan 10 School of th 5 () Event 45 Indoor Pentathlon: #4 Boys High Jump Indoor Pentathlon.

Haile showed his strength at the mile, jumping to the lead and slowly lowering the pace.

nike high school national track meet 2010

His tractics worked perfectly and he took home another Nike Nationals title. Such great results signify great things ahead this weekend in Greensboro.

See what else is in store this weekend out in sunny and warm North Carolina. Washington - Girls High Jump It had already been a huge year for the quartet with a strong showing at the Penn Relays in April as well as AAA state championship in the relay three weeks ago, but their season just got a whole lot sweeter with their race at Nike Outdoor Nationals.

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They had plenty of company with worth teams ready to roll out swift times as at the bell, Albemarle anchor leg Anthony Kostelac found himself in a group of roughly a half dozen. Kostelac was able to break out of the pack on the backstretch, but Hudson High School of Ohio appeared to be pulling away with the victory.

nike high school national track meet 2010

Kostelac was not ready to give in though as he had a monster finish for his last 50 meters to run down anchor leg with a 1: However, Mumford of Michigan had other plans as they dominated the fast section with the fastest time of the meet at 7: Albemarle's final time of 7: South Lakes ran a state record time of 7: Photo by Maroon News With no seniors among them in Garrett Bradley, Luke Noble, Garrett Bradley, and Zachary Zvhorvac, there is plenty of excitement towards next year among the Albemarle group to make a serious run at the state record held by the South Lakes squad.

There were eight regions across the country: In addition, four at-large teams were selected, which could be from any region.

Starting with the fourth NTN meet, however, the entry procedures changed; New York became its own region due to the girls' teams over the years dominating the meet see belowraising the number of selected teams to Also, regional meets held in each of the regions except for California; will use end-of-season performances now guarantee the top two finishing teams invites, most likely due to complaints about how a team should have gone, but didn't.

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New York was originally going to use the top 2 teams in the Federation Meet, but it was changed to also have a regional meet. This upset some fans, and cause some teams to skip the Federations meet to prepare for the NTN regional. There will still be four at-large teams chosen by the NTN committee, in addition to the top two teams from each region. The event is held in the second weekend of December in Portland, Oregonat the Portland Meadows thoroughbred racing track.

Nike Indoor Nationals

The race features a man-made five-kilometer course that is completed with three loops, following European cross country tradition. The venue has an enclosed 3,seat grandstand, allowing spectators to see the whole race, unlike normal cross country meets. The infield of the track, where the course is set up, is also open to spectators who wish to get a more close-up view of the race.

Nike High School National Track and Field Championships

Inthe course location was changed from the Portland Meadows track to the Glendoveer Golf Course. The course goes across eight greens at Glendoveer and has a much faster feel that the Portland Meadows horse track. The course is far less muddy and has a different route than the original course and has been well received. NXN has a reputation for being extremely muddy.