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paw patrol meet rocky

highly rated, well-priced products available to ship immediately. Amazon's Choice for "paw patrol meet everest" . Rocky. Enthusiastic recycling pup. there are many fanfictions out there, but few of PAW Patrol. It's about a girl pup She likes Rocky and Rocky likes her back. Chase met up with them. "Hi guys!. Paw Patrol Live · @PAWPatrolLive. Get ready for a ruf-ruf-rescue! Nickelodeon's hit show is on a roll with two live tours! Sign up for tail.

I occasionally get memories from before then, but none to vivid to mean anything. I guess it worked out. It gets kinda lonely out here, but I make friends with some of the animals," he said as he looked up to Squeaks on his head.

The two kept walking until they met a wall of leaves and another shrubbery. It's far enough from everything but close enough to where I can walk a reasonable distance to the main area.

It was a secluded area of the woods where a freshwater pond was present near the back of it. The area it seems was flat with grass growing on the ground. Light filtering from the overhang of the trees let in a moderate amount of sunlight and shade. Rocky stood dumbfounded as to how beautiful the small place was. It had ever necessity apart from food.

And best of all it was safe. It wasn't very visible from the outside and it was hard to see amongst the other plants. Joey waved him over near the pond. Rocky attempted to walk over there and succeeded. While this was going on and Rocky was waiting, he wanted to ask some of his unanswered questions. Rocky laughed at the statement. I tripped on a root and ended up in the pond over there," he laughed at himself.

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That's kinda how I learned to do things like this. He got up along with Rocky but was interrupted by a stomach growl. He got up and walked to the side opposite of him and Rocky. Using his paws he began to dig down into the earth until he found what he was looking for. He stuck his head down and grabbed a price of food out, which appeared to be some sort of chicken. Joey walked back over to Rocky and gave it to him. Rocky looked up and instantly teared up. Without thinking once he began to scarf down the food he was given "Aww, that's so nice of him," Skye aid in awe.

I wish I could get to meet him. He seems really nice," Chase added. Rocky then began to laugh. I was just thinking," Rocky continued to smile. I don't mean to be 'that pup' but when are we getting to the good part," Zuma started but instantly stopped himself.

But it's story night. A story isn't good if it has no context. I could just say that x,y, and z happened and I got a piece of my ear torn, but that wouldn't make for a good story. Besides, who's telling it.

paw patrol meet rocky

I kinda starved myself in order to get food for people for about a week. I racked up a fair amount of food and saved it. Every month I just ask for more and I get some," he explained. You're a great friend. You consider me a friend? I mean after your paw feels better.

I haven't had fun in a while. I get lonely quickly. They played, laughed, and just had fun. This lasted for a few hours, and in those hours they got to know each other more and more. Unfortunately for them, the sun started to set, and they were all tired out.

That was the best time of my life. I hope we can have another day like this," Joey said with back against a tree next to Rocky. Well, I have to get going. I hope you're here tomorrow. Rocky began to get up and walk. Back in town, Joey saw the alley that Rocky slept in. It had dirty blankets covering the ground in a donut-shaped formation. It's like home for me. Well see you later," Rocky said laying down.

Joey began walking away until he heard a noise come from behind him. Rocky noticed it too. Two dogs were walking up to where Rocky was and he grew wary. We've been missin' you all day. You forgot your afternoon beat up," one of the two dogs from earlier said towering over Rocky, who looked like he had already accepted his fate.

Joey, on the other hand, wasn't going to let it happen. He stood in front of his friend defending. Don't pick on someone smaller than you! Is that really you.

paw patrol meet rocky

Haven't seen you in forever. They'll hurt you," Rocky pleaded. You really have lost it haven't you," the other said. Joey knocked the dog out the way and clawed the other one. Rocky got up and hugged Joey thanking him for protecting him. When he bit at you! There's more to it. A lot more to it. Morning came and Rocky was greeted with at least 3 pieces of steak.

paw patrol meet rocky

It may not have seemed like a lot, but to Rocky, if he planned his rations outright, it could last him the rest of the month. Curious and cautious, Rocky began to sniff it for any poison, how close it was from rotting, and any familiar smells. To his suprise, he smelt a scent that he did recognize. He really is nice.

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I should go see him later. Hearing it made him instantly freeze. Slowly he turned around. And face the dogs that always seemed to torture him at the right moment. Both Dave and Mitch snapped at Rocky making him flinch. Out of fear he spoke.

If you go through it there is an entire field with buried food. Rocky gulped and rapidly nodded his head. Rocky repeated his actions and waited for the two to be out of sight. Rocky knew what he did was wrong, but he couldn't bear the fact that one of these days, Dave and Mitch might actually kill him.

But on the other hand, he could have just put Joey in danger. Someone so nice to him, he threw him under the bus.

paw patrol meet rocky

Rocky wanted to help, but at the same time, he didn't want any trouble. Overcome by fear he took all he could and found a new place to set up. It took an hour for him to find a new place and finish, but he was done. With that out of the way, he went straight to where Joey was to check up on him, hoping that he was okay. He looked up at the sky noting it's a darker color than usual.

Rocky knew it was going to rain. So he wanted to get this done as fast as possible seeing as he didn't like water. When he got there he didn't like what he was greeted to.

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He saw his friend beat up and bruised with holes dig out all over the field. Guilt washed over the mix's face. Trying to play it off, he went over to him. I woke up and they beat me up. They started to take all the food I had buried. T-they were going to beat me up. Or even worse kill me! I didn't think this would happen.

He stood directly towards his face. All Rocky could do was slowly nod his head. Why the heck is wrong with you! I helped you, saved you, and fed you, where no one else would! You would have done the same thing! A lightning bolt crashed across the sky with a thunderclap soon after.

Rocky was now getting angry. He felt like even though he knew what he did was wrong, Joey couldn't even see it his way. Rocky, on an impulsive decision, pushed Joey to the ground. Now angry Joey pushed Rocky down and followed up with a claw to the face. He didn't let up. Joey went for the bite, but Rocky was able to move out the way only get part of his ear bit.

Rocky rolled over to his feet and got up. Using his back legs he kicked Joey to the ground. Already injured from before Joey barely had the strength to get back up. If I'm such a bad friend, I'll just leave you here to rot. As Rocky left the park rain began to fall, but he didn't care.

He was to mad to even notice the water soaking his fur. He didn't even go back 'home'. He just wandered the streets still mad. As the time passed he began to calm slightly. He thought about the actions that occurred in a short amount of time. He hurt a friend in more ways than one.

Still guilty he headed back to than the park when a lightning bolt struck very close in his vicinity. It was only one few feet away from the sound of it. And it was loud. After that, it started to rain harder. Rocky, startled, and the unpleasantness of the water in his fur, he ran. He found shelter between two building. One of the back doorways and an overhead protector which was perfect for him. But as a parent, some questions just can't be ignored about this saccharine show.

And we're determined to get to the bottom of them. Where are Ryder's parents? Look, it's bad enough he appears to own these six dogs without anyone questioning that, but why does this year-old not have any parental guidance of his own? Is he some kind of orphaned Doogie Howser? Also, where is Ryder getting all this money? Those Pup Pad bills aren't paying themselves.

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It's possible there's some funding from the town, but unless his parents are dead and he's living off their insurance policy, there's definitely some Robin Hood-ing going on here, at the very least. Why are Adventure Bay's emergency services run by puppies? Because dogs will, at some point, be dogs.

The entire premise is terrifying. What did local government ever do to the writers of this show? Between clueless Mayor Goodway and evil Mayor Humdinger, it's obvious someone in the writer's room has a problem with authority. Actually, what did adults ever do to the writers of this show? More often than not, Mr. Porter ends up with food on his head.

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How about Captain Turbot and his cousin Francois?