Pics of baby orangutans meet

Mom and baby Orangutan in the jungle - Picture of Sumatra Jungle Tours, Bukit Lawang - TripAdvisor

pics of baby orangutans meet

Thank you all for your support:) This #photo of little rescued orangutan Asoka sums up ” Baby . Cute moment two baby orangutans meet for the first time. Sumatra Jungle Tours, Bukit Lawang Picture: Mom and baby Orangutan in the jungle Thank you very much Abiela and hope we will meet again next time. Find baby orangutan Stock Images in HD and millions of other royalty-free stock photos, illustrations, and vectors in the Shutterstock collection. Thousands of.

Orangutans are unique in the ape world. There are two separate species of orangutan — the Sumatran orangutan Pongo abelii and the Bornean orangutan Pongo pygmaeus. A third orangutan species was discovered this month in Sumatra and is the biggest news in the orangutan world in years.

However, Pongo tapanuliensis, as the new species is identified, is immediately one of the most endangered of all orangutans as their numbers are only in the hundreds. The other great apes do climb, travel and build sleeping nests in trees, but they are considered semi-terrestrial, spending a considerable portion of their lives on the ground. Orangutans have remarkable abilities for traveling through the forest canopy. They make their homes in these trees, find their food there, and build tree nests each night out of leaves and branches.

This is where they live and sleep — sometimes as much as feet above the ground. Orangutans usually have little need to come down from the trees, as they are uniquely and very well adapted for their arboreal lifestyle.

Orangutans have unique adaptations to their life in the treetops: When water is difficult to get, they chew leaves to make a sponge to soak up water in tree cavities. When it rains very hard the orangutan makes an umbrella for himself out of big leaves. Many people are familiar with the studies that have shown chimpanzees using tools, such as termite-fishing sticks.

Recent studies show that some populations of orangutans also fashion tools to aid in the difficult task of foraging for food.

Some might say orangutans have four hands instead of two hands and two feet. This makes them graceful and agile while climbing through the trees but it makes walking on the ground somewhat slow and awkward.

That is why the orangutan is at a great disadvantage on the ground, and why the orangutan rarely comes down from the treetops. Their food is there, their home is there and they are safer there. Putri and her baby. Photo courtesy of the Orangutan Kutai Project. The orangutan has the longest childhood dependence on the mother of any animal in the world, because there is so much for a young orangutan to learn in order to survive.

pics of baby orangutans meet

The babies nurse until they are about six years of age. Batang Ai National Park A wonderful example of community led conservation, the Iban tribes are the custodians of this lush national park and its rare wildlife, including orangutans.

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Batang Ai is a remote spot on the Indonesian border; transport is via boat along the rivers and accommodation is in traditional Iban longhouses. Danum Valley This virgin tropical forest shelters endangered orangutans, proboscis monkeys and pygmy elephants, as well as newly discovered species and rare birds. There are numerous waking trails and a suspended walkway; night time safaris reveal the nocturnal creatures that call this forest home.

Baby orangutan stock photos

Although orangutan sightings are not guaranteed, the sheer wildness and isolation of Danum make any encounter seem extra special.

With mountain peaks soaring to 3,m above the dense jungles and rivers, this is a magnificent backdrop for your orangutan tour. Ketapang Orangutan Rehabilitation Centre One of the newest centres, Ketapang is run by International Animal Rescue in response to the growing number of orangutans, macaques and slow lorises displaced or orphaned by ongoing deforestation in this neglected region.

Ketapang is still growing, and volunteers will be kept busy building holding cages and enclosures, roads and fences. Crocodiles and proboscis monkeys are two of the most commonly seen species, but this is a great place to look for wild orangutans, as well as pygmy elephants.

pics of baby orangutans meet

Lamandau River Wildlife Reserve This is one of the key spots for orangutans in Kalimantanwith around estimated to live here. While not open to general visitors, long- and short-term volunteers can sometimes come here to work on construction projects and get exclusive glimpses into orangutan rehabilitation and protection.

Adorable baby orangutan - Picture of Wild Orangutan Tours - Day Tours, Pangkalan Bun - TripAdvisor

Wild cats, pygmy elephants, the banteng ox, noisy gibbons and sun bears are found here, and if you get lucky, this is one of the wildest, wonderfulest places for an orangutan encounter. Day visitors can observe feeding sessions, while longer volunteer placements include working on the infrastructure and learning animal husbandry techniques.

pics of baby orangutans meet

You can also meet the local Iban communities. Tours are led by an orangutan expert, who will share information about how the orangutans are rehabilitated and released, the threats they face and the palm oil industry, which has all but destroyed their habitat.