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star lite swap meet website

PDF | On, JENNIFER RENTERIA and others published THE EPHEMERAL ANATOMY OF THE STARLITE SWAP MEET. Starlight Drive-in Swapmeet: Flea market - See 4 traveler reviews, candid photos, and great deals for Atlanta, GA, at TripAdvisor. Phone, Suggest a phone number · Address. S Tacoma Way; Tacoma, Washington Si no sabe que regalar, vicitenos en el swapmeet de Tacoma.

Not only does the space become occupied, but it also comes to house what can be considered a true shopping center, whose "retailer" variation and livelihood are perhaps nearly comparable to that of the brick and mortar shopping establishments of the Americana in nearby Glendale and The Grove in Los Angeles -- of course, in a class of its own.

Like the latter entities, though, the swap meet is also privately owned; vendors pay to occupy parts of the space and customers are charged a 75 cent fee each to enter it. Despite only being occupied two days out of the week, the space has managed to sustain a strong following, attracting many to its temporary "streets" and lively "public" sphere. It has continually retained such a large following that any opposition, of which there has been much, particularly from health and safety officials with legitimate and justifiable concerns, has been relatively easily squalled by the space's ownership and the many vendors and customers linked to its existence.

The following account is primarily based on a lifetime of observations -- my own family has sold at the swap meet for the last twenty-some years. My family's bicycle business, purchased from another dedicated bicycle vendor, began as a hobby and eventually became the base of my family's income as my parents' work situations changed.

The entire family, as well as the day laborers, teens, and occasional uncle we have employed over the years, have worked the stand, engaging in the swap meet's demands alongside the other approximately vendors.

The Swap Meet Opened in the s, the Startlite Swap Meet once operated as a drive-in theatre that housed up to vehicles. The otherwise empty theatre lot simultaneously began operating as a daytime outdoor swap meet shortly after its opening. Over time, the swap meet proved to be more successful than the space's cinematic use; despite the eventual demise of the theatre in the mids, the swap meet continues to thrive in the shadow of the Art Moderne-like marquee that once marked the theatre's main entrance, and now welcomes swap meet visitors.

Star Lite Swap Meet

Aside from the marquee, its only notable infrastructure is the fence that denotes its boundaries in relation to its light manufacturing and residential neighbors, and two relatively modest buildings located at the center of the swap meet, where a cafeteria, administrative office, and restrooms are located.

Sold at the swap meet are toiletries, herbal medicines, pet clothing, and seemingly everything in between. The swap meet's demographic and cultural components are largely defined by its majority Hispanic, immigrant, and low-income community.

As such, the swap meet's landscape is altered by the region's varied cultural influences and can be seen as one walks through the swap meet and learns of the interactions among vendors, and between vendors and customers.

Starlite Marketplace

It would be negligent, though, to say that the influences are obvious, beside the language barriers that exist between the groups, broken English often being the only language that ties the communities. The entrepreneurial spirit certainly thrives throughout the entire swap meet; however, unlike their Hispanic counterparts, Asian vendors appear to actually prescribe to the idea of remaining inside the spaces for which they have paid. Hispanic participants subscribe to a more anarchistic approach, more fluidly taking on the varied roles defined in the 'Primary Swap Meet Entities' diagram.

star lite swap meet website

On any given weekend day -- rain or shine -- vendors begin arriving at the break of dawn, driving their packed vehicles through the swap meet's west entrance. As urban theorist James Rojas might say, vendors enact, or begin enacting, the environment with their presence, their arrival marking the birth of a new swap meet day 2. By mid-morning, vehicles are unloaded and stands set-up in time to welcome early customers. Vehicles, particularly those containing the components of a larger stand, are often modified and outfitted with shelves, metal crossbars, and netting to better store merchandise.

star lite swap meet website

The stands are themselves props, or "movable items, easily manipulated by the user who provides instant modification" Rojas. Electronics In the mix is a good number of electronics vendors, from colorful cell phone case hawkers to a wall-to-wall DVD shop. Outside, one tent houses nothing but speakers of all sizes, which boom out a medley of tunes to the passersby. Perhaps getting the most visits are those who entice with old school games and consoles.

star lite swap meet website

The game booths have aficionados rummaging through bins, seeking out the classics. Sure, prices for popular titles like Super Mario may run a bit higher than what one could find for sale online, but there are the rare treasures, and that possibility makes it all the more fun.

Religious paintings and heavily gilded Jesus and Virgin Mary figurines are also given quite a bit of space, bringing a dose of spirituality to that which is being offered.

Van Buren Swap Meet

Fresh cut flowers dot a few of the booths outside, inviting the browser to take in, and, perhaps, even buy up a bit of nature for oneself. The bouquets appear to be a bit on the pricier side, but arrangements are what one would expect of any florist.

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Specialty Services Perhaps most surprising in the rows of merchants selling goods is the two purely service-oriented shops — a beauty salon and an underground tattoo parlor. Miscellaneous Now we get to the really fun and funky. Yup, one outside vendor was featuring just that, which was a definite favorite of the younger swap meeters. Oh, and a heaping pile of naked Barbie dolls could apparently be yours, though what purpose they could serve is beyond me.

star lite swap meet website

Come shop or take in the many sights, sounds and smells, open In warmer months, vendors spill onto the lawn, with outdoor space open to the general public from 8: