Abbott and costello meet frankenstein trailer 1931

abbott and costello meet frankenstein trailer 1931

Frankenstein is a American pre-Code horror monster film from Universal Pictures is about Frankenstein film trailer .. in its final Universal film appearance in the deliberately farcical Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein ( ). Namely, is 's Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein an official entry into the Frankenstein and Dracula were both released in Bud Abbott & Lou Costello Meet Frankenstein - the film's poster title - or Bud Abbott . time Béla Lugosi reprised the famous role he had created in Dracula ( ). Bud Abbott and Lou Costello Meet Frankenstein Official Trailer 1 - ( ) HD.

We had two women — one was a heroine and one was a villain. And nobody could figure out why these two beautiful girls were after Costello.

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Producer Robert Arthur later recalled: Principal photography began on February 5 and ran through March 20, All I have to do is frighten the boys, a perfectly appropriate activity. As director Barton would later say: You have to understand that working with two zanies like Abbott and Costello was not the normal Hollywood set.

They never went by the script and at least once a day there would be a pie fight. Bela of course would have nothing to do with any of this.

abbott and costello meet frankenstein trailer 1931

He would just glare at those involved with his famous deadly stare and the only emotion he would show physically was one of utter disgust. An infamous story from filming also involved Strange who, during the scene in the laboratory where the Monster comes after Chick and Wilbur after throwing Sandra through the window, stepped on a camera cable, causing the camera to fall and break some bones in his foot. So in fact Chaney wound up playing two different monsters in this movie. Another humorous story from the set involved actress Lenore Aubert, who wrapped in a mink, put a leash on Strange and, accompanied by Abbott, Costello, and Chaney in full make-up, took the Monster out for a stroll on the lot just in time for the studio tour tram.

abbott and costello meet frankenstein trailer 1931

The rubber head appliance worn by Glenn Strange to play the Frankenstein monster fitted him so tightly that, after a few hours under the hot lights, he could shake his head and hear the sweat rattling around inside it. During the final chase scene, when Wilbur and Chick are standing in front of a door and the Frankenstein monster punches through it, Costello deliberately went off his mark and got hit on the jaw.

Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein (11/11) Movie CLIP - Death of the Monster (1948) HD

The next sequel, Son of Frankensteinwas made, like all those that followed, without Whale or Clive who had died in This film featured Karloff's last full film performance as the Monster. The Ghost of Frankenstein was released in The movie features Lon Chaney Jr. Karloff returned to the series, but not the role, in the follow-up, House of Frankensteinwhich also featured Chaney, and adds Dracula, played by John Carradineand a hunchback for good measure.

abbott and costello meet frankenstein trailer 1931

House of Dracula continued the theme of combining Universal's three most popular monsters. Many of the subsequent films which featured Frankenstein's monster demote the creature to a robotic henchman in someone else's plots, such as in its final Universal film appearance in the deliberately farcical Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein Though it is unrelated to the Universal series, the later Frankenstein has the scientist Frankenstein, here played by Karloff, animate the Monster using a nuclear reactor.

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Other adaptations[ edit ] Karloff would return to the wearing of the makeup and to the role of the monster one last time in a episode of the television sitcom Route The popular s television sitcom, The Munstersdepicts the family's father Herman as Frankenstein's monster, who married Count Dracula 's daughter.

The make-up for Herman is based on the make-up of Boris Karloff. Frankenstein appears in Mad Monster Party?

abbott and costello meet frankenstein trailer 1931

Boris von Frankenstein voiced by Karloff invites various classic monsters to a reunion at his castle with intentions to announce his retirement and to name his successor.

Mel Brooks 's comedy Young Frankenstein parodied elements of the first three Universal Frankenstein movies. Brooks also recreated the movie into a musical of the same name.

Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein | STORIES BEHIND THE SCREEN

A live-action parody film, Frankenweeniedepicting Victor Frankenstein as a modern American boy and his deceased pet dog as the monster, was made by Tim Burton in Burton remade it as a full-length animated film in Frankenstein's assistant[ edit ] Although Frankenstein's hunchbacked assistant is often referred to as " Igor " in descriptions of the films, he is not so called in the earliest films.

In both Frankenstein and Bride of Frankenstein, Frankenstein has an assistant who is played both times by Dwight Frye who is crippled. In the original film the character is named "Fritz" who is hunchbacked and walks with the aid of a small cane.

abbott and costello meet frankenstein trailer 1931

Fritz did not originate from the Frankenstein novel, and instead originated from the earliest recorded play adaptation, Presumption; or, the Fate of Frankensteinwhere he was played by Robert Keeley. Both characters would be killed by Karloff's monster in their respective films.

It was not until Son of Frankenstein that a character called "Ygor" first appears here played by Bela Lugosi and revived by Lugosi in The Ghost of Frankenstein after his apparent murder in the earlier film. This character — a deranged blacksmith whose neck was broken and twisted due to a botched hanging — befriends the monster and later helps Dr.

Wolf Frankenstein, leading to the "hunchbacked assistant" called "Igor" commonly associated with Frankenstein in popular culture. Frye also appears in later films in the series, such as in Frankenstein Meets the Wolf Man Cancelled remake[ edit ] Guillermo del Toro had expressed interest in directing the reboot film for Universal.

The best moments in my mind of Frankenstein, of the novel, are yet to be filmed [