Emblem3 meet and greet photos 2014

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emblem3 meet and greet photos 2014

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At exactly 2 p.

Every band should be exactly like Emblem3

After check-in, we had to sit outside for another hour and a half. We were about to be treated to a three-song acoustic show preview, and we were standing in the center front row.

emblem3 meet and greet photos 2014

Even though it was a small acoustic show, the reaction from the audience was incredible. After a short question-and-answer session, my friends and I got in line for a meet-and-greet. Because there was music playing, I, embarrassingly, started dancing and quietly singing to myself.

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I looked up and Wes was smiling at me. He started singing and dancing along with me. At past meet-and-greets, security rushed us to take the photo and leave, but this time we were able to talk to the boys and hug all three of them. Wesley was so sweet to stop for a moment when he was walking, despite being told to keep going.

He gave me a hug and also took a photo.

Meeting Emblem3 6-30-14

The boys went on their bus and Drew and Wesley soon came back outside again to talk to us. We took more photos and just hung out with them.

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They then went to get food across the street. Drew and Wesley came back before Keaton came out. By that time, there was only a small group of us girls left and when we saw him through the bus windows he waved, all smiley and adorable as ever. He finally came outside when there was a group of only like seven of us.

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It was so sweet and he was so nice. He just stood in a circle with us for like 15 minutes, but it felt like forever.

And just like that, he was gone. My adorable Keaton, hugging it out with this cutie was my favorite part of the night To this point, the last person I hugged was Keaton Stromberg. The last person I took a selfie with was Wesley Stromberg. And the last person I had my photo taken with was Drew Chadwick. That was just a few days ago, so unreal.

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This slideshow requires JavaScript. I hope to see them again soon…like maybe next week in Chicago??

emblem3 meet and greet photos 2014

Keaton loves cats and he has a pet one called Zuni. Owl City and Blink are two of his biggest musical influences. His favourite movie is Juno which also stars his favourite actor Michael Cera.

emblem3 meet and greet photos 2014

A strange fact about Keaton is that he can put his feet behind his neck. Los Angeles, New York and Toronto are his three favourite cities to perform in.

emblem3 meet and greet photos 2014

Keaton has two older sisters Brooke and Brianna who are his number one fans. At the age of 14, Keaton was invited to perform at Carnegie Hall as part of a choir.

emblem3 meet and greet photos 2014

His favourite mobile phone apps are: Instagram, Twitter and Vine. Honesty and trustworthiness are the biggest things Keaton looks for in a girlfriend. He has a passion for the gym and enjoys to keep himself fit.