Joe satriani meet and greet reviews


joe satriani meet and greet reviews

Joe Satriani - home > show review. My husband and I treated ourselves to the Meet and Greet VIP Package for the Joe Satriani show at the NAC in Ottawa on. Two of my all time favorite guitarist in concert on the same night, Satriani and John Petrucci w/ Dream Theater. Actually had meet and greet passes for DT and . On Friday, January 12, , the same date as the release of his new album, What Happens Next, Joe Satriani played the second date on his.

There was no support act at 8: With amazing sound from Ibanez signature designed electric guitars, Marshall Amps, Korg keyboards at the iconic heritage listed Forumit was certainly a rocking night. What a fabulous choice for a venue!! With the Melbourne show not sold out, the queue of people presenting were a sign of serious musicians attending the guitarists show!

joe satriani meet and greet reviews

T-shirts went past such as Rolling Stones. Musicians travelled through the Mezzanine area for a V.

P meet and greet with Joe Satriani carrying a range of guitars in heavy cases in order for them to be signed. Many were seen wearing the official merchandise such as the signature beanie and black t-shirts with photography of Joe wearing his aviator glasses. Most of the crowd were mature and low key. The general admission crowd standing in front of a traditional stage, went wild on the opening song as expected which was assisted with a giant video screen for effect of moving cars.

A rock anthem followed with lots of guitar distortion and slides with purple lighting for additional mood. The stage was a blaze with three guitars, keys and drums.

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Another rocking song followed that was delivered by Joe Satriani from the cool silver metallic Ibanez guitar which was held up to the lights which was quite blinding for the audience!! Black and white screen reflections added to the theme of cold rock.

joe satriani meet and greet reviews

Loved the strong bass lines from Bryan Beller. Japanese imagery was on the giant video screen which assisted to create the atmosphere. The crowd were happy with a small amount of die hard fans evident. Joe continued to change guitars effortlessly throughout the first set. The next guitar change to the Red Hot Ibanez, was a rock song with space ship video imagery travelling at lightning speed through space.

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Lighting was focused on Joe with all the other musicians in the dark. There were guitar licks and ripper slides inspiring me to take up electric guitar! The next song, the 6thsong in the first set saw Joe performing the string technique whilst using his teeth, inspired by Jimi Hendrix. There were cosmic keyboard sounds and headless guitar techniques from the talented Mike Keneally.

The crowd were clapping to this heavy rock song that was initiated by the bass player so a great atmosphere! On the giant video screen, there were thunderbolts, sunset, earthern imagery to create a dramatic effect.

Joe then got down on bended knee for the crowd which was great to see him getting more up close and personal with his fans. His main inspiration as a boy wanting to play guitar was hearing Jimi Hendrix and the music his four older siblings listened to. He also usually plays with his eyes closed which explain the dark glasses and his recommendation for people who want to become famous solo guitarists is they need to get a real job!

Joe then posed for pictures with ticket holders and autographed many different items and a number of guitars including several Ibanez models similar to his own.

joe satriani meet and greet reviews

I had a few items signed, including my copy of Black Swans and Wormhole Wizards. After the autograph signing was over we went outside before heading back in to the venue for Ned Evett and Triple-Double.

joe satriani meet and greet reviews

The venue could have been better - the stage was very high compared to the standing area and we were not allowed to sit in the reserved balcony area, despite VIP status.

I am not very tall so all I could see was backs and heads if I stood at floor level. And note to self: Ned Evett is a big guy with a head full of shaggy, curly dark hair. He was joined on stage by his very talented band comprised of Malcolm Bruce on bass and Todd Chavez on drums. Evett is an incredible guitar player, great showman and has a strong bluesy voice.

He put his heart and soul into his bluesy-rock renditions, including some from his latest album his fourth Afraid4You downloadable off Amazon.