Meet and greet mblaq cry

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meet and greet mblaq cry

Hello, I'm new to this thread and to MBLAQ, and I wanted to ask one question: Is . which showed out members' crying through major websites at 29th will reveal ' Cry' Now let us meet again when the album hit daebak!!. G.O + MBLAQ #cry Korean Artist, Flower Boys, Asian Boys, Singer, . MBLAQ has successfully concluded their 'THE BLAQ% TOUR' in Japan by selling out all. For it is in giving that we receive. ~ Francis of Assisi When I heard there was going to be an Mwave online meet & greet with MBLAQ following.

I saw this as an official English title for An Actor is an Actor. It will be hitting the screens and I hope many people will go see it. After working as an actor in a TV drama, the biggest difference I felt between a singer and an actor was the waiting time. In drama filming, there are always unexpected situations at the set so you will never know when and how your filming turn comes around or becomes cancelled.

When filming schedule is confirmed, there are cases that you will wait all day. But there are things to learn during waiting time if you look at the staffs and senior actors acting. Yes, if you go in to individual activity, whether a drama or a movie or a variety show, you can get inspired by interacting with other colleagues or seniors.

It is lonely to work as an individual apart from a group who you are always with. Joon says he feels lonely but there is an envious job he did! Because of our occupation we cannot openly be in a relationship with someone, but in this show, we can be officially be in a relationship even though it is virtual.

I was a bit envious too. Usually I am shy. For some reason I am not shy on stage or in front of a camera. So in front of a camera I may seem calm, but if I fall in love in real life I think I will be shy.

I really think he is a cool guy and he is likely to get married first among the members in real life. I proudly look at the other members working hard on their individual activities in their own fields. Seungho has always been considerate about the members and leaded us. With him being actually homey, I think he would be the first person to get married.

Introducing the mood maker of the group. Mir is the funniest person on Earth. There is no reason but he is so funny! I might be too cheerful sometimes… I hope I am not annoying the hyungs? All of the members are cheerful so it is really funny when we gather.

I go out with and talk to G. We released a song as a unit and the other day we went to the movies together! Recently not all of us live together but I live in the dormitory. It was not a group activity period so I went to my home in Anyang. I see many sides of the members by living together, but I cannot tell you the details.

Yes, we all are. Like this, everything is in a happy note. I feel more secure than when I work alone. Finally a Japan comeback! By changing lyrics from Korean to Japanese, I think the Japanese fans can directly feel the lyrics. I want the fans to listen to the lyrics. As I am not used to Japanese pronunciation, it was hard at the beginning, but I think my voice was recorded cuter. We did shootings on a super-cold day but none of us showed it on our expressions.

I want fans to keep that in mind when watching. I injured myself before the shooting, but I took my cast off during the shooting!

Please see carefully and see me bearing the pain. Since we are releasing a CD for the first time in a long time, it would be good if we can do activities firmly.

I want to meet many fans through many stages. I want to do a live tour throughout Japan to meet many fans. And I want to dominate the charts. Personally, I want to become friends with Japanese artists. I would like to be casted in Japanese movies and dramas if there is a chance. I want to try modeling. There are many fashion magazines in Japan so I would like to challenge if there is a chance. I want to gain chances to stand on stages in various genres and get many opportunities to get close to the Japanese fans.

We will try very hard in order to do that. Please keep supporting us! What would be your couple name? I feel secure when I am with Seungho. Hopefully Seungho thinks of me as a real brother.

meet and greet mblaq cry

To me, Seungho is truly a real brother. What did two of you do together recently? We have more chances to appear on TV together recently. Rather than appearing by just the two of us, we appear along with other people.

I felt really secure. We need to have an episodic story ready for us to answer questions like this. O and Cheondung are our stage names so I want people to know our real names! Please go with Byunghee-Sanghyun! Cheondung hears me out so I always feel grateful.

We talk about composing and music these days. He is a really nice kid listening to my endless conversation even though he is tired from his own work. What does it mean?

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Oomori is a Japanese word meaning lots of food being mounted on a plate. Seungho is famous for enjoying eating a lot. He is even called the god of eating. That would be my nickname, not ours. What was the happiest gift that you have ever received? I can think of something that made me happy rather than a thing! When I was having a hard time mentally, he gave me a phone call.

The time we talked made me happier than anything and I still remember it. How Mir brightens the atmosphere. You know right away when Mir is around because he is always in a bright atmosphere and there is laughter. Though too bright sometimes.

meet and greet mblaq cry

Sorry for being noisy. I have come up with one! Again, to let people know our real names. When do you feel glad to be in the same group? When Joon appears on TV dramas and variety shows, I feel proud! Cheondung looks good in any clothes because he has a good figure. I might look good too if I am in a same group with such a person.

Someone that other women would idealize. How should she dress: Fresh scent Favorite gesture: When she smiles when our eyes meet. Where do you look first when seeing a girl: Height First thing you do to a girl you might like: Make an appeal with an attractive greet. What do you ask for in women: A heart that loves me 2.

Someone who understands me well. Good scent Favorite gesture: When she eats food really deliciously. Expression What do you do to a girl you might like: Make a direct move.

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O when they are together and playing off each other. Sometimes I think G. O fights hard to keep a straight face. Mir is indeed lovable and you can sense the strong affection big brother hyung G. O has for him. At a certain point in the broadcast they singled out and gave special thanks to the top five buyers saying they were appreciative of the five of us for buying so much because they felt in doing so we were going to be sharing their music and sharing them to others.

Yes, this is my thought exactly and definitely my plan. Of course, when they called off each name, Mir promptly butchered mine and called me Michael. Oddly, I am used to this since my mother gave me the unconventional spelling of the name: So I cannot fault Mir for getting it wrong. But it was either Seungho or Thunder who repeatedly had to correct him. I was third top buyer out-purchased by only 34 CDs!! But wait…the best is yet to come. Back to the grid of fan pictures, as they were once again randomly selecting fans.

When I saw the grid come up with a number of my pictures on it, I got nervous. Because the guys are so cheeky, I had no idea how they would respond to a more mature fan among the sea of young things. I think they clicked on my picture — I am not sure now because I was reasonably discombobulated! Either way, my picture was there on the grid and because I made a number of purchases, I had a number of pictures on the particular page of tiles they were stopped at.

Mir once again called me Michael. And, was once again corrected!! And then the unimaginable happened.

meet and greet mblaq cry

O made the connect when he saw my picture because he leaned in close to look at the laptop screen once he figured out who I was and recognized me. I SO wish I would have caught a screen shot but I admit that part of me was in the process of dying of nervous embarrassment and fear as to what was going to happen and what they were going to say.

O is ever the gracious and amazing man who absolutely threw me another curve by not only remembering who I was, but also telling the others and all of the people streaming that broadcast live that he knew who I was and that I came to his musicals.

Let me have a moment, please. I probably should have paid more attention to that! But once I heard my name, I kind of went into a fangirl semi-coma of sorts and well…you can understand, I think!

When Your Bias Tells Everyone He Knows YOU

Anyway, this is what I eventually saw: O recognizes Michele as a fan who came to see his musical often. I thought he might remember who I was if he saw my picture and could make the connect. What I was not prepared for was him actually announcing it. O appreciates his fans. Every last one of them.