The confidant helene gremillion ending a relationship

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the confidant helene gremillion ending a relationship

I just finished reading The Confidant and loved it; however, I am confused about the ending. Was Annie still alive? Was she the concierge? Thanks! Rob. The Confidant by Hélène Grémillon – review urges you to show your support for independent journalism with a year-end gift to The Guardian. The Confidant by Helene Gremillion and Alison Anderson (translator) Madame has an odd relationship with her husband so perhaps it can be the wind out of you and the biggest tear jerker of a twist is left to the very end. the author and, indeed, for those of us eager for Helene Gremillon's next book.

A story that could only be told once certain of the protagonists were dead. I found myself liking Camille. She was bereaved, she was pregnant, and she was none to sure what she was going to do.

The letters told the story of a boy and a girl who had grown up in the same village. First they were friends and then they were sweethearts. They might have lived happily ever after.

But then Monsieur and Madame M settled in the village. Annie was a talented artist and Madame M noticed her, encouraged her, took her under her wing. It was an extraordinary offer. And it was accepted. The relationship between Annie and Monsieur M, that was supposed to be dispassionate turned into a passionate love affair. Madame M saw that.

the confidant helene gremillion ending a relationship

She was jealous, she was angry, and she wanted revenge. Monsieur M was caught up in the war and the two women were left with the child.

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Both of them wanted to be her mother but only one of them could. The story was melodramatic and not entirely believable. And yet it worked, because the emotions were so strong and because they rang so very true. Was it a badly misjudged joke? She worked in publishing — could it be an extraordinary pitch for a novel?

We lived in the same village—N. Without explanation, the letters dive into a reminiscence of a lost childhood love and soon twist into a tale of jealousy, passion, and betrayal.

The Confidant

Why is he compelled to write to her of his beloved Annie, a quiet, artistic teenager, and her bizarre friendship with the wealthy Madame M? Yet Louis never stops loving Annie, and his letters detail her life in all its passion and its pain. Camille begins to live within the letters, escaping from her own life and into the world of Nazioccupied Paris and N. Readers follow Camille as she untangles the knots of this complex, absorbing story and the painful psychological truths of its characters caught at the crossroad of desire and obligation, love and cruelty.

Born in France, she currently lives in Paris with her family. This is her first novel. You preface the novel with a few words by Federico Garcia Lorca: First of all, I love epigraphs.

the confidant helene gremillion ending a relationship

I love that moment. How did I choose this particular one? While I was writing, I put aside some sentences that I encountered along the way in newspapers, in books, in theater, in life. And when I finished The Confidant, I reread all of them and immediately this one stuck out. The Confidant has been translated into many languages.

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Do you feel that each culture will respond to the novel differently? For example, would the section of the novel that takes place in Nazi—occupied Paris resonate in a different way to a French reader than to an American?

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Of course the book will be taken in different ways in different countries. But as far as the setting goes, The Confidant is not a historical novel. The story itself is what is important; the rest is only context, not the main focus. My goal is for readers to be carried away by the characters and what happens to them. At the beginning, I wanted to work on the relationship between the different points of view in the love story.

So I wrote the perspective of each character on separate sheets of paper and in different color pens. And after that, I put them together, like a puzzle. Did your own experiences as a mother play into these parts of the story? How difficult was it to inhabit those moments?

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I invented it, from start to finish. But obviously, because I am a mother, it helped me to understand my characters more and put myself in their shoes. One of the strengths of The Confidant is its attention to detail, in both its language and its historical elements. I read a lot. I was looking for something picturesque, not something that anyone who knows a little bit about the period would know. I tried to find an original angle.