Apple samsung relationship

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apple samsung relationship

In the wake of Apple's highly publicized $1 billion plus victory over Samsung in their recent patent infringement lawsuit encounter, the open question for. Although the jury trial is over, the feud between Apple and Samsung wages on. Apple continues to rely on rival and business partner Samsung. I. Abstract: Nowadays Customer Relationship Marketing (CRM) has become an interesting term for companies in competitive markets. In this study, we consider.

Presiding Judge Tamotsu Shoji said: After Samsung's allegations of evidence tampering were heard, the court rescinded the EU-wide injunction and granted Apple a lesser injunction that only applied to the German market.

Samsung would appeal the decision. On the 24th of October,a court in the Hague ruled only a photo gallery app in Android 2. This made the import and sale of the banned phone models with updated software still legal. This ruling was widely interpreted as a favourable one for Samsung, and an appeal by Apple may still be forthcoming. Samsung agreed to an expedited appeal of the Australian decision in the hope that if it won its appeal before Christmas, it might salvage holiday sales that it would otherwise lose.

In July an Australian judge started hearing the companies' evidence for a trial anticipated to take three months. Apple counterclaimed, but Samsung prevailed after a British judge ruled Samsung's Galaxy tablets were not similar enough to be confused with Apple's iPad.

D, D, D, and D, It found that Samsung had willfully infringed on Apple's design and utility patents and had also diluted Apple's trade dresses related to the iPhone.

Apple and Samsung's Complicated Relationship -

On October 23,U. Judge Koh ruled that Apple's claims of irreparable harm had little merit because although Apple established a likelihood of success at trial on the merits of its claim that Samsung infringed one of its tablet patents, Apple had not shown that it could overcome Samsung's challenges to the patent's validity.

Patent discussed by Hogan during the interview, specifically that the ' patent has only one claim. The specifics of this patent have not been discussed in the Groklaw review or the McKeown review because most[ who?

On Friday, September 21,Samsung requested a new trial from the judge in San Jose arguing that the verdict was not supported by evidence or testimony, that the judge imposed limits on testimony time and the number of witnesses prevented Samsung from receiving a fair trial, and that the jury verdict was unreasonable.

apple samsung relationship

A hearing has been scheduled in U. District Court on December 6, to discuss these and other issues. Samsung also claimed that the foreman had not revealed a past personal bankruptcy.

apple samsung relationship

The foreman responded that he had been asked during jury selection whether he had been involved in any lawsuits during the past 10 years, so that the events claimed by Samsung occurred before that time frame, [80] although his claim is not consistent with the actual question he was asked by the Judge. According to Bateson relationship marketing is the union of customer services, quality and marketing. It emphasizes the importance of customer retention, establishing long-term relationships with customers, customer services, deliver commitment to the customers, increase levels of customer contact, and a concern for quality that transcends departmental boundaries and is the responsibility of everyone throughout the organization.

In short, CRM is about retaining customers by creating, maintaining and enhancing relationships with customers or the core of this strategy is customer-orientation.

The main objective of CRM is to get to know the customer as well as possible so as to help a company delivery better, more appropriate and higher added value to the customer.

apple samsung relationship

Moreover, CRM strategy is an integrated marketing approach with a very clear objective is customer loyalty so it helps in gaining competitive advantage business. CRM and Transactional Marketing Transactional marketing and relationship marketing are two approaches of marketing strategy and the main difference between is: Transaction is mainly focuses on the single sale formula, pushing the sales through mass marketing and promotions of the product. Orientation on product features, rather planning for the longer run of the product in the market; it is based on the short time scale, with little emphasis on customer satisfaction.

Product — Creating a product that meets consumer needs. Pricing — Establishing a product price that will be profitable while still attractive to consumers. Placement — Establishing an efficient distribution chain for the product. Promotion — Creating a visible profile for the product that makes it appealing to customers.

Therefore, CRM can ideally be described as: Strengths of CRM CRM is rooted in the idea that it is efficiency to retain an existing customer than to recruit a new one. The cost incurred attracting new customer is much more than building long term relationships in term of marketing cost.

apple samsung relationship

Moreover, effect of word of mouth WOM is much stronger than any other form of advertisement or promotion, so it is also possible that satisfied and loyal customers could be influencers for the brand.

The biggest threat any businesses have is that customers could switch to its competitors but if an organization follows a relationship strategy their customers are less likely to switch to the competitors that will also create barriers for the competitors to enter into the market.

Customer Loyalty Because customer satisfaction will lead to customer loyalty and this is the most important objective of CRM, therefore this term should be focused and tried to evaluate. Research on customer loyalty has been receiving a lot of opinions. However, for this study, we propose 3 criterions to be considered: Customer retention refers to actions that a selling organization undertakes in order to reduce customer defections.

Successful customer retention starts with the first contact an organization has with a customer and continues throughout the entire lifetime of a relationship. Brand Index Brand Equity — Brand value — Brand Reputation Some past studies tend to identify brand equity as a multidimensional construct consisting of brand loyalty, brand awareness, brand knowledge, customer satisfaction, perceived equity, brand associations, and other proprietary assets [Aaker, ],[Blackston, ],[Cobb-Walgren et al.

Besides, we also consider about Brand Value and Brand Reputation which show how strong the brand is and how it influent to customer. Those indexes are both measures that estimate what a brand is worth with customers.

Word of mouth WOM: Word-of-mouth WOM has been understood in two ways, as an input into consumer decision-making and outcome of the purchase process. Positive WOM communication is a direct outcome of customer loyalty Srinivasan et al. Other studies have also concluded in their respective studies that customers are more likely to engage in positive word of mouth Hagel and Armstrong and Dick and Basu About Apple Apple Inc.

The company designs, manufactures and markets personal computers and related personal computing, and mobile communication devices. It sells its products worldwide through its retail stores, online stores, and direct sales force and third-party cellular network carriers, wholesalers, retailers, and value-added resellers to the consumer, small and mid-sized business, education, enterprise, government and creative markets.

Founded inSamsung Electronics has grown into a global in- formation technology leader, managing more than subsidiaries around the world.

Samsung aims to create a new future that positively impacts the entire global community. Marketing performance Launched on June 29the first IPhone with biggest screen, hidden keyboard and especially touching screen, Apple has been a pioneer in providing customers a very unique product that customers want at the initial time when customers did not have much concept of the smartphone.

As reported by The NewYork Time, an Iphone is extending steadily beyond the computer into the broader realm of consumer electronics and digitally connected lifestyles and in the longer-term, the device probably will instigate a process of innovation and diversification. In this paper I would like to suggest 2 main reasons lead to the success of Apple to increase the customer loyalty are: Google strategy is focus on the quantity, which mean the more device run android the better.

Google cooperates with other mobile phone manufactures such as Samsung, HTC and Sony in order to install the Android platform on those devices.

The love-hate relationship between Samsung and Apple will benefit both

The main reason comes from the application approval process of Apple and Android. Android strategy is to get users installed as much as device possible so this process is much easier. According to John Mitchell there is no need to get approval by the Marketplace, once the developer clicks submit button the application will be uploaded on the store.

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On the other hand, to publish an application on Appstore, developers must follow guideline of Apple. In addition the application must be tested and approved individually by Apple.

Samsung vs Apple! (Samsung Mocking Apple Commercials)

By ensuring the consistency and quality check of all applications upload to Appstore, Apple is able to provide to customer the quality product with stability, be free of malware Sophos. Other manufactures usually develop the product base on the market research to know what customer want, then providing a product can satisfy it.

Apple and Samsung's Complicated Relationship

In contrast Apple not only relies on focus group but also the internal team. Steve Jobs asks his engineer who creates the product have to want it themselves — Tim Bajarin And the end of the day, they bring the satisfaction to their customers. Before Ipad was released, people wrote an email, browse Internet to enjoy photographs, video and books on their computer.

They need a device that can perform those entire tasks well but Steve provided a device also perform those task perfectly with ultra-portable. This is the reason why Apple store is built as a place that customer can come and experience the products.

Apple employees need to advise customers how the apple product can bring more benefit and enrich their live. During the time at Apple store, the customers will be encouraged to touch and experience products by themselves. The objective is to unleash their inner genius, because Steve Jobs believes that every Apple consumer has creative spirit, and Apple responsibility is to provide tools for them to change out the world.

apple samsung relationship

When the customer join One to one program, they will be trained by Creatives personally in order to edit and use Apple devices and actually do the task with in the control experience.

Apple likes to say that people come to shop but they return to learn. People come to the store not only for the product, but also for what they love, Michael a famous dancer at Apple store, said. Michael thinks that Apple store is a cool place that he can come to enjoy products and dance while customers in store look at him.