Awds and ends meet

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awds and ends meet

We hang out in with the AWD Squad PH for their first major meet-up. This white GDB Peanut Eye at the end of the lot seemed rather familiar. To earn just enough money to pay one's bills. To make ends meet, Phil picked up a second job delivering pizzas. After the large income tax hike, many people. 4WD or AWD of Santa Fe Click to see the disclaimers at bottom of Offer ends 1/ 2/, cannot be combined and is subject to availability.

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At their inaugural meet, STIs and Evos of various generations came together to share in all that is different and similar with their AWD drivetrains and setups. Plenty of clean and tastefully built machines from both camps have made a showing, each having their own takes and twists to the rally-bred legends. Take this impeccably clean Lancer Evolution 4 RS for example. With very few choice aftermarket modifications like a 4-point Cusco roll cage, the car has remained mostly stock; airbox, factory wheels, roll-down windows and all.

awds and ends meet

It definitely takes so much restraint and proper sourcing of the right factory parts to maintain a build such as this. Not bad, not bad at all. Speaking of World Rally Blue, another Hawkeye showed up and drew attention for its pristine condition and low mileage.

Running all stock and with only kms on the odometer, I assume this car would be on its way to becoming a time capsule given its treatment as the years go by!

awds and ends meet

Next to it was the only bagged AWD in attendance. Wait a minute, I may have gotten too much on the roll with Subarus there! That notch above the grille on the right side is supposed to meet the funnel for the airbox, which for the most part is retained even if the intake is changed to a short ram since the funnel can still feed air into the intake area.

Perhaps this Evo 9 would make a good case for that.

awds and ends meet

The first of three new Hobart-class air warfare destroyers AWDsHMAS Hobart, was officially commissioned on September 23, a proud occasion when the white ensign flew from the ship for the first time and she officially became Navy property. A bit like the long-awaited touchdown of the first Lockheed Martin F Joint Strike Fighter in Australia in March, the new AWDs were a long time coming but are here, the abundant trials and tribulations of the program now well in the past.

We will of course conduct a significant amount of team training well before that period. That is the milestone which means Hobart is ready for operations.

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The Navy no longer refers to them as AWDs, a term more associated with the program. They are now officially DDGs for guided-missile destroyers. The AWD program was launched in the mids, though as far back as the early s the need for modern air defence warships was recognised. At one time it was even considered building an extra six Anzacs configured for air warfare but that never happened as they were simply too small.

It said the FFGs would be replaced by at least three larger and more capable air defence ships, preferably built in Australia.

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As planning proceeded, the Navy concluded there was only one possible combat system for the new vessels, the US Aegis system. In mid, the government announced the winner was Spanish shipbuilder Navantia with its Alvaro de Bazan-class F frigate, deemed substantially cheaper and likely to arrive years sooner than the new and larger US design the Navy preferred. This was the era when governments were enamoured of various public-private partnership arrangements for doing big infrastructure projects.

FMI put the global benchmark for warship production at 60 manhours per compensated ship tonne. It was always expected Australia would pay more for domestic construction of a complex Aegis class warship and DMO set a target of 80 manhours per tonne for AWD.

awds and ends meet

FMI found productivity at a jawdropping manhours per tonne on ship number one. It has since much improved. Frustration with the program bubbled over in November when then Defence Minister Sentaor David Johnston stood in the Senate and, in response to Labor goading, imprudently declared: In an interview with the ABC in mid-September, Johnston said ASC Shipbuilding was now doing world-class work and he found it curious that the company was not yet being considered to participate in construction of the Future Frigates.

Their report has never been released but it led to the AWD Reform Strategy ininjection of some additional shipbuilding management expertise from Spanish shipbuilder Navantia into the alliance and re-baselining of the delivery schedule — ship one to arrive in Juneship two in July and ship three in December AWD program manager Commodore Craig Bourke said part of the problem was that at the end of the Anzac project, the skilled workforce scattered with the resources boom.

Bourke said it had been a long time coming but they were now building and delivering ships, with productivity trending towards good.

awds and ends meet

CDRE Bourke said talk of low productivity suggested this was a blue collar problem, which it never was.