Cemetery man ending relationship

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cemetery man ending relationship

I'm surprised by this movie. I didn't know what to think about it the first time I watched it but after reading some theories and interpretations. Cemetery Man aka Dellamorte Dellamore is the last great Italian horror film. this ends up just as well as Dellamorte's relationships. cemeterymandeath The poem at the end of the film expresses Dellamorte's view on life as. In Cemetery Man, you have these two encounters with Death and the Zombified She, for example. . At the end of the movie it finally hit me that there was a bunch of I did pick up on some kind of strange connection between.

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I think that this man is Franco. Not the Franco we see in the movie - as he too is merely a fabrication of Francesco's own reality - but the Franco that killed his wife and daughter. Because he is the only character that shares a direct link with Francesco in this fantasy.

cemetery man ending relationship

He is "unstuck" and he wants to go to "sleep" - he is the only character trapped in an "island" as the imagery suggests in the movie much like Francesco is stuck on Buffalora. There are numerous passages through out the movie that suggest that none of it is real. When Francesco goes to the ossuary with the lady in black, he claims that this is "his dream".

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I think this passage has a double meaning: The morbid obsession with death - the defining element of Francesco's character - and the lady in black's desire for that darkness.

Then there's also the previously mentioned passage of Franco where he is seemingly frustrated for not being able to "get unstuck" and "feeling like a fly on a fly paper". And then there's the even more explicit statement of Francesco saying that he is "hovering between life and death".

I think the first half is what the "main character" has conceived as being his ideal form of love and death.

The Horror Digest: Cemetery Man: By Keeping Things the Same, We Can Change More Effectively.

None of that was ever real. There were no dead people rising from their graves. There was no beautiful woman instantly falling in love and claiming that the sexual act with him satisfied her more than her previous lover who was "wonderful", "incredible" and "tireless.

cemetery man ending relationship

The second half is more revealing of what I think are the "main character's" past experiences. There are two women in his life - his wife and his daughter. The wife is represented by the secretary - a women who lusts for a man who subjugates her to his own desires. Something which Francesco is incapable of doing due to his sexual insecurities and his status.

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The sexual insecurities are projected by the townspeople's knowledge of his libido and his lack of status by the contrast between his lack of studies and the figure of a mayor, someone who wields real power and influence. His emasculation led to her betrayal in real life - and that is the primal conflict of Francesco's character which I also believe is somewhat reflected on girl who had to knew if her biker boyfriend loved him or the mayor's daughter.

The daughter is represented by the college girl - someone who only looks up to him as resort for her financial needs. Don't blame me, blame Netflix and their fuzzy pictures of DVD covers. No I don't read details, details are for chumps! I found the film to be surprisingly surreal and an almost classier and smarter version of the brand of humor found so commonly in films like Evil Dead II and Dead Alive.

cemetery man ending relationship

These feelings of indecision lasted all the way up until the very last frame. Somewhere between meh and yeah! When I first read the synopsis of Cemetery Man I immediately, as I so often do, began creating a version of what I thought the film would be like.

Here is what I thought: I thought one day Rupert Everett was just a normal caretaker of a graveyard. I figured that one day for whatever reason, people started rising from their graves.

Then of course I figured that Rupert Everett would just spend the rest of the film killing zombies. Oh how both wrong and right I was.

You see, Cemetery Man is largely about returning. The word zombies is replaced with the word "returners" and Francesco Dellamorte comes to stand for a returner as well. He is plagued with the idea of returning. Call it a Sisyphean cycle if you will--but Francesco seems to exist for the sole purpose of defending the cemetery from zombies.

“Cemetery Man”: A philosophical film, with zombies!

The returns don't stop there however, because Francesco's own personal hell involves the constant return of his one true love. She returns to him in different forms and there is always something funny about sex going on.

And whimsy little blue lights too. Yes, there is a surprising amount of layering going on in Cemetery Man that I find to be quite tantalizing.

Cemetery Man is also one of those films that people tend to get all uppity about regarding theories.

cemetery man ending relationship

Some believe that the line between reality and dreams is blurred once Francesco shoots his returning love for the very first time. An honorable theory as one can easily see how strangely surreal everything gets after that. Is it after that event, that Francesco's grip on reality really starts to crumble? But what can we deduce about the route that the strange dream world goes? The good thing is--the possiblities are endless. You could probably sit and think up about 10 different theories here that would all somehow end up working and making sense.

I dig those kinds of movies. I also dig the fact that Cemetery Man creeps up on you and suddenly blinds you with intelligence at its end.

This reminds me of the way I felt after watching Blood Simple. Some image, some final parting shot made me slap my head and exclaim, "Ooooh". A sudden burst of understanding and an immense appreciation for what I just saw. Cemetery Man is NOT your typical zombie comedy but it contains subtle traces of class.