Diabolik lovers episode 12 ending a relationship

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diabolik lovers episode 12 ending a relationship

Diabolik Lovers is a Japanese visual novel franchise by Rejet. Its first entry was released on The franchise has brought forth two episode anime television adaptations by Zexcs which aired from . The overall shock and the situation ended up with Laito becoming perverted and not having a clear understanding of love. See more ideas about Vampires, Diabolik lovers and Manga anime. Diabolik Lovers Episode 12 End Card Anime Diabolik Lovers, Anime Guys, Manga Anime . Diabolik Lovers knows this and wants the audience to regret ever having connections to delve into the psychology of an abusive relationship. The above ending happens about halfway through the episode then the credits roll. fairly short run time(fifteen minutes per episode for twelve episodes).

Just as he was dying, he met the Sakamaki's father, Karlheinz, who offered him another chance to live, but as vampires. Ruki immediately accepted the offer; seeing this as a chance to get revenge on those who abused him and deprived him of humanity. As the leader of the Mukami's, Ruki is a cruel manipulator with a cool attitude who is able to keep things under his control and a bit of kuudere which Yui notices.

He is often seen carrying a book around with him, which is said to be a memento of his father. He is the first from the Mukami's to drink Yui's blood in the second season of the anime. He is also rivals with Ayato and seems to enjoy taunting and provoking him when it comes to Yui. When he was still a human, Kou was an orphan who was abandoned in a manhole, thus having no knowledge of his birth parents. His only desire that time was to see the vast blue sky out of his manhole.

He eventually ended up in the orphanage where he became a playtoy for the aristocrats due to his beauty. He was abused everyday and he forced himself to accept being a playtoy since he was able to have a lot of 'nice' things from the orphanage.

This resulted him losing his right eye and since his wounds weren't given time to heal, he ended up having scars all over his body. As a result, Kou grew up believing that the world is about 'give-and-take'. He met his brothers, Ruki, Yuma and Azusa and attempted to escape the orphanage with them, but got shot by the orphanage staff.

He met Karlheinz as he was dying and was offered another chance to live, but as vampires. Kou accepted the offer in order to see the blue sky again and after he was turned into a vampire, he was given a magical prosthesis eye that enables him to see into people's hearts. Due to his childhood trauma, Kou developed a two-faced personality which only surfaces when something doesn't go his way or he isn't given anything back.

On top of that, he is an idol in the present human world which gives him the advantage of using his beautiful and pristine features to deceive his fans and others. He is also rivals with Subaru and seems to enjoy provoking him when it comes to Yui.

He is actually Edgar, Shu's only human childhood friend whom Shu thought had perished in a fire.

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Yuma, then Edgar had actually survived the fire due to unknown circumstances but had lost all his memories of his past and who he was, resulting him suffering from amnesia. He later joined a street gang and went under the name 'Bear'.

In order to survive on the streets, he had to abandon his timidness and innocent traits; becoming, rough, violent, aggressive, rebellious and dominating over time. The rest of his gang got killed during a coup d'etat and by unfortunate luck, he was the only survivor. He ended up in the orphanage where he met his brothers, Ruki, Kou and Azusa and attempted to escape with them, but got shot by the orphanage staff.

He accepted the offer, seeing this as another chance to fulfill his gang boss's dream; to get rid of the aristocrats and have a world where there are no social classes. Karlheinz renamed him "Yuma" after he was turned into a vampire. Whenever Yuma gets angry, he normally goes on rampages. He is a delinquent type with a passion for vegetable gardening and a bit of a tsundere which Yui notices.

Shu recognizes Yuma as Edgar, but refuses to believe it at first, thinking it's only his imagination.

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Reiji however, realizes that Yuma is actually Edgar some time after Shu. When he was still a human, Azusa was an orphan who had no knowledge of his birth parents.

diabolik lovers episode 12 ending a relationship

He also doubted his existence and believed that his life had no meaning until he was picked up by three thieving children named; Justin, Melissa and Christina, who would constantly beat him up for any ridiculous reason. However, the more Azusa was beaten up, he began to enjoy it and started seeing pain as his meaning of existence, believing that being able to feel pain would confirm that you're alive.

diabolik lovers episode 12 ending a relationship

This continued until Justin, Melissa and Christina were killed when they attempted to rob an aristocrat. Azusa started constantly cutting himself after their deaths and named three prominent cuts on his arm to immortalize them. He soon ended up in the orphanage where he became a punching bag for the other orphans until he met his brothers, Ruki, Kou and Yuma.

When Ruki devised a plan to escape from the orphanage, Azusa was hesitant until Ruki punched him. He agreed to go along with the escape plan and was shot by the orphanage staff. Karlheinz appeared before him as he was dying and offered him another chance to live, but as vampires. Azusa accepted the offer in order to feel pain again and was considered a pitiful human before being turned into a vampire. He is the only one out of the Mukami's who seems to be 'decent' towards Yui.

The way he speaks is quite timid and he is a bit of a yandere. He is also rivals with Kanato and seems to enjoy provoking him. Tsukinami household The Tsukinami brothers were new characters who were introduced in the fourth game of the franchise.

They are the original Founders of the vampires who attempt to kidnap Yui for unknown reasons. They made their first anime appearances in the OVA of Diabolik Lovers and they made brief appearances in the second season of the anime. He is also the elder brother of the founding vampires, possesses both intelligence and reason. However, he hides a secret sadistic violence underneath that.

Within his long lifespan, he has a lazy and calm character. Alongside his younger brother Shin, Carla is one of the last two remaining members of the founders' bloodline. As a founder, he has the ability to transform into a wolf, snake, bat and an eagle. He, however, never uses those forms, because he possesses the highest level of magic which makes him extremely powerful. And if he was not sick from the Endzeit, he probably would have been more powerful than Karlheinz.

He possesses a high pride due to being a founder, he looks down upon vampires of other bloodlines. Beautiful blood is his preference and often utters narcissistic remarks. Ordinarily his words are polite, but when he loses his temper his speech will become violent and often contain hurtful or insensitive words. Alongside his older brother Carla, Shin is one of the last two remaining members of the founders' bloodline.

He has the ability to transform into a wolf, snake, bat and an eagle. However, he prefers using his wolf form.

diabolik lovers episode 12 ending a relationship

He has high strength, speed, and regenerative abilities. He is able to wield a sword as well. He is also the husband to Cordelia, Beatrix and Christa. In the human world, he shapeshifts into Tougo Sakamaki, a famous politician anime only.

Cordelia started having an affair with him and it is said that both he and Karlheinz fought over her once, but Karlheinz ended up winning her heart. In the anime, when Cordelia lay dying after Laito pushed her off the balcony and before Kanato found hershe requested Richter to take out her heart and have it transplanted into another vessel. Richter had the heart implanted into Yui when she was still an infant and he handed her over to Seiji Komori, who raised Yui as his daughter since then.

He later returns to the Sakamaki mansion and he starts watching over Yui from the shadows in order to observe the 'awakening'. It is later revealed that Richter never loved Cordelia from the very beginning and was only using her as a tool in order to become the next head of the Sakamaki family. As the 'awakening' is happening, he tries to resurrect Cordelia in Yui's body, but fails when he is fatally stabbed by Ayato and is finally killed by Laito at the end of the anime.

Prior to the start of the series, she was killed by her sons, but Richter removed her heart and had it transplanted into Yui so she would be able to resurrect in a different body. Cordelia also despises Karlheinz's second wife, Beatrix, since she was the first to conceive children instead of her. She tried to make her sons look better than Beatrix's by pushing her oldest triplet Ayato to always be the best in an unloving way.

In the anime, when the 'awakening' occurs, she possesses Yui and attempts to annilihate the Sakamaki brothers with Richter's help which backfires when Richter reveals that he never loved her from the very beginning. In the final episode of the anime, Cordelia is finally destroyed and permanently removed from Yui's body. Not much is said about her marriage to Karlheinz, but even though she was the second wife, she conceived before Cordelia making Shu and Reiji the oldest sons.

Cordelia despised her because of that and constantly tormented her. This caused Beatrix to end up focusing all her attention on her first-born, Shu, in order to groom him into Karlheinz's heir, while unintentionally neglecting her second-born, Reiji. In reality, Beatrix truly loved both her sons and cared for them sincerely, but she found it difficult to express those feelings due to her serious and awkward personality.

Diabolik Lovers : The Ending {English Dub}

She was later killed by a vampire hunter whom Reiji hired, but Beatrix died at peace; happy to be freed from Cordelia's harassments and her regrets of how she had raised her sons.

Before she met Karlheinz, she was known as the "White Rose" by all vampires because of her beauty and kindness. Karlheinz married her leading to Subaru's birth. Christa became mentally unstable when she discovered Karlheinz saw her merely as another experiment.

Subaru began to believe that it was his fault for being conceived and he was constantly pressured by his mother to kill her with a silver knife that can annihilate vampires.

Not much is said about him, but prior to the start of the series, he suddenly had to go overseas for work and left Yui in the care of the Sakamaki's. In the anime, Yui finds out that he is not her real father after discovering his diary. He is later revealed to be a vampire hunter whom Reiji once hired to assassinate his mother, Beatrix. Ayato, Shu and Subaru hear Yui move as if she is in pain.

Kanato says that must be very painful. Ayato walks over to Yui and tells her to wake up but her face just shows pain. Subaru asks what going on with her. Kanato asks if there is no precedent for an ordinary mortal woman to awaken with the powers of a vampire.

diabolik lovers episode 12 ending a relationship

Shu agrees saying that no vessel has ever endured the process. Laito says that this explains why Richter kept showing up at their house and adds that the dress is a very dangerous object. Laito continues by say that Richter must have been so pleased with himself to use Cordelia for his own means so successfully. Then he asks if he was planning a revold against Karl Heinz once he had his hands on the power of the sacrificial bride.

diabolik lovers episode 12 ending a relationship

He asks what he hoped to achieve as the new head of the family. Richter gets angry and asks if Laito seriously believes that he tell the truth to a dreg like him and says the truth is not as simple as he thinks. Vile of Cordelia's ashes. Kanato asks if Yui is really going to die and Ayato asks if there is any way.

Reiji says there is but it is incomplete. Ayato asks what Reiji has and Reiji tells him that this remedy will kill Cordelia once and for all. Ayato asks what would make it complete and Reiji says he needs a piece of Cordelia but Subaru says there is nothing left of her. Kanato says that he does have something. Reiji adds it to the remedy which turns blue and Ayato asks if it did the trick. Laito just says he guess this is it and holds up a latern with a green flame and throws it on the floor where it surrounds Richter and the dress.

Ayato drinks the remedy and kisses Yui in order to give it to her. But nothing immediately happens. After the credits, each of the brothers say something to her individually: That adorable look, contorted with pain, fraught with terror, aching with anxiety, looking so desperate to get away. I love it when you make that face. So please make it again for me right now. How shall we enjoy ourselves today?

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The thought alone fills me with glee. Are you prepared to give up everything that makes you, you for vampires like us? Are you prepared to alter everything about you?

I doubt it, but that suits you. All you need to do is give your blood to me.