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Here the crowds are always very receptive; it is refreshing for me and makes a change from my usual sunny spot in US where I live. It is a nice feeling wearing comfortable clothes, sitting in front of a warm fire and enjoy the season change.

It has been really nice, considering that this has been a hard transitional time for me but I really feel very fresh and renewed now.

Gio - Looking back at your last couple of albums, let's talk a little about how much of an impact both records made on the way you normally approach your songwriting.

joe bonamassa sandi thom relationship memes

Flesh And Blood, in the particular, on which Rich Robinson was on the production side, must have been quite a change for you in the way you generally work on your songs. Sandi - His influence on that record has been really big; on some of the tracks, you can feel that kind of soulful mood, the gospel and so on.

The Tale Of Two Sandis: Interviews with Sandi Thom - Bluebird Reviews

It works in that way for me because I like harmony and it was really an interesting collaboration all the way through. We made the record in a very traditional sense, having everybody in the same room, playing at the same time.

And a place like Nashville was the most natural place in which we could work that way. Certainly, Flesh And Blood was very different in the way I worked on my first two albums, in which there was much more pre-planned thoughts, while in this record, everything was much more raw and captured on the spot.

It was a cool record to make and Rich was the best fit I could possibly dream of; he is such a nice person and brought his own visions on the table, working on my ideas and making some adjustments in the right directions. He was also excellent in helping me to open up as a singer and trust I would have the ability to do certain things on the record.

We had really a great time making that record and I am very proud of it.

Sandi Thom reveals her torment at splitting up with fiance and losing record deal

I think the next one is gonna take all of that experience and influences on Flesh And Blood and at the same time, it will be a return to the pre-planned production style I am more familiar with, such as the way I worked on my first couple of records.

There will be an interesting mix of rawness and rootsy sound and create some interesting vibes. Have you found the time and the opportunity, whilst on tour, to write new material or, at the moment, you are solely concentrating on promoting your forthcoming live DVD? Sandi - I have written often, when I felt it was right to do so. I have never taken purposely some time off, say a week or so, shut everybody out to take time to write new material. I have just come out with new songs just off-the-cuff out on the road, I think they are cool songs.

Joe Bonamassa and Sandi Thom: Bird on a Wire, Hammersmith Apollo Oct 22, 2011 in 1080p HD and Dolby

Playing live of course, brings always some sort of inspiration when you write new stuff and in the last six months or so I have really written a lot of new songs. I cannot wait to work on record number six.

There are few finishing touches to be done on some tracks, that kind of half-written sketches that just need to be completed and I did certainly manage to do so during the Christmas festivities and give the final push to those tracks. Which point of your career you reckon this DVD has managed to capture?

On this DVD, I wanted to assemble together a great group of musicians and create something very interesting, sonically speaking. Despite the fact we don't have in this band a bass player, the outcome of the recording, in my opinion, was utterly brilliant.

With this DVD, I also wanted to go through a sort of time capsule of all my albums and bring all together on stage. By the way we brought all the songs together, for a new fan of my music it might have sounded like the songs were all part of the same album.

For me, it has been really a way of joining the dots of my discography and realizing the music journey I have been in so far in my life as an artist. To top the whole performance on the DVD and to pay the right tribute to my roots and the venue, I have decided to bring in bagpipes on stage as well. The fans reaction was unbelievable because totally unexpected! It was really great fun to record the DVD and I hope the fans will agree with me. Gio - I personally fell in love with your Flesh And Blood album because it showed a new "you", vocally and lyrically on most tracks, far away from your folk music roots.

Can you see your music style taking on different genres in the future on your next albums to come? On that album, I had the chance to throw punches to different styles.

joe bonamassa sandi thom relationship memes

The Stormy Weather track on that album and my take, stylistically, came from the strong Stevie Wonder's influence I always had since the beginning of my career. I guess on that record I just felt my voice explored different edges and I just let it loose. I am pleased you loved Flesh.

As an artist, I guess my forte is my vocals and most of the time I let my voice fly unconsciously in space and free from any limits, either when I am recording new tracks or reinterpretate other artists' covers.

Sandi Thom reveals her torment at splitting up with fiance and losing record deal - Daily Record

Sometimes things just fall into places in music, without a logic, it just happens, I don't try and pre-conceive an idea too much. I guess I just thread the line between genres pretty carefully and it's hard to pigeonhole music in that respect. I don't feel afraid of exploring different music styles at all and I think that is an healthy attitude for me and hopefully cool enough for the fans and any listener.

Did you record all the tracks in different times or the covers just flew naturally into your mind all of a sudden, when the time to record the album came? Sandi - They were mostly done off-the-cuffs. Certainly Black Velvet was the first one that I did, I remember some other tracks just took shape whilst I was playing the piano, some other just came to me whilst in the studio in L. It was certainly a collection that came together over a period of time, I guess I just accumulated these songs.

The tracks were well received by the audiences before got recorded. That feeling gave me the impulse of going ahead and record them. You make the records so you can play gigs. You go to a Joe B gig, you wanna hear how Dust Bowl was written? Might the lack of interaction alienate some people? What an arrogant prick. The suit and sunglasses create a completely different persona.

I watched gigs by Eric Clapton as a kid and he said almost nothing. Would you be where you are without Kevin Shirley? My father put a guitar in my hands, but Kevin was the paradigm shift in the music. His production and his vision of the records… we immediately became a different genre, not just the blues-rock badge. It changed my trajectory from a guy who plays twenty-minute guitar solos to a guy who sings songs.

My intent was to play guitar and make music for a living, and do it on my own terms. In fact, I have the gene to run away from that.

Is there a part of you that would like to hide from the world, emerging only to play those small shows? No, because I love both.

I like the challenge of the big shows. What will you do instead? At sixty-two you can go out and start something new. Are you happy right now? Ten years ago I was very competitive. I had that chip on my shoulder, which made me kind of a grumpy asshole.

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