Lorik qui in break relationship

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lorik qui in break relationship

Turian Councilor: I believe you humans have a saying: "Even a broken clock is right . This can occur right after a relationship is begun between Shepard and Liara. And then there's the conversation with Lorik Qui'in, hilarious no matter who. She advises you to speak with Lorik Qui'in, who can be found at the nearby hotel. Head to the northwest side of the port and take the elevator up to the hotel. Gianna suggested speaking with Lorik Qui'in. Alternative journal entry: Lorik wants you to break into his office and recover files from his computer.

The first time you try to warn the Council about the Reapers: I tried to warn you about Saren, and you ignored me. Look how that turned out. I believe you humans have a saying: The Renegade answer is: Do not cut me off again, Commander. I fail to find it amusing. Also if you keep cutting off the Council, this happens.

I'd have given them fiddles, but I doubt they read history. Shepard's reaction to getting this mission is basically, "You want me, of all people, to negotiate?

Later, reporting to Hackett, Shepard says, "You wanted me to kill him, didn't you? Renegade Shepard and the Rhetorical Question Blunder: Elevators The elevator music.

Makes the otherwise-boring elevator sequences pretty damn funny. Speaking of the elevators, nearly everyone's elevator conversations on the Citadel.

lorik qui in break relationship

Bonus points for the mention of Francis Kitt's production of Hamlet with elcor actors. The much-maligned elevator rides are, at least, good for comedy: Your people created the geth, ever talk about it? Do the krogan talk about starting a stupid war that got your species sterilized? Our travels now are somewhat different from my normal excavations. I would prefer lengthier studies, and fewer explosions. Most of the technology that I hoped to send back to the Flotilla has subsequently attempted to kill us.

It's good for you. A nice explosion now and then keeps the mind sharp. I think you speak for scientists everywhere, Liara.

Eh, let's just say ANY elevator conversation with Wrex is worthy for the lulz. I haven't spent much time with krogan before, Wrex. I have to say, you're not what I expected. Because you humans have a wide range of cultures and attitudes, but krogan all think and act exactly alike.

Look, just forget I said anything. Ashley takes the elevator ride on Therum in stride. Dare you to spit over the side. One of the best elevator conversations ever, between Wrex and Tali: Who would win in a fight between you and Shepard? Do krogan size up everyone they meet for a fight, including friends and allies?

Wrex's tone makes him sound surprised that she even asked the question, in the "you don't? If you have Wrex and Kaidan, the conversation ends up going something like this. Commander Shepard is my superior officer. I can't see us ever having to fight. That's why Shepard is your superior officer.

If one thinks about this, this also means that Wrex, one of the most badass individuals in the universe, believes Shepard could kick his butt most days since Wrex is willing to let Shepard order him around most of the time. The standoff in ME3 proves that. In a more lighthearted take on the above conversation, the Citadel DLC has a great Call-Back to that scene, seeing as how you're fighting a clone of Shepard. Romance The following exchange: If things don't go well, I want you to know - I've enjoyed serving under you.

Kaidan, I don't think I've had the pleasure of you serving under me yet. Ouch, I walked right into that one. If you mod a save file to romance Kaidan as a male Shepard, this is one of the lines that was recorded before the option was cut, so the dialog plays out in its entirety. Mark Meer's delivery isn't quite as tongue-in-cheek, so he comes off as Straight Gay while Kaidan's lines are still delivered the same, like he's talking to a woman.

You still sassin' me soldier? I think you need some more physical training. Ashley trying to romance Shepard with poetry can lead to this reply. Ashley's conversation with male Shepard, after using Paragon to persuade Jeong into saving the colonists. I just pretend I have my head up my ass and don't care about anything except money. That would be a waste of a perfectly fine ass If you have a good rapport with Liara while romancing Kaidan, he may hesitate, wondering if there's "someone else you'd like to confide in".

Off the record, permission to speak candidly, cross my heart and hope to die. What the hell are you talking about? This can occur right after a relationship is begun between Shepard and Liara. We have almost nothing in common. Saren wants us both dead. That is not the most romantic way of looking at it.

Later in the same conversation: Or maybe they just don't like humans. We've got oceansbeautiful womenthis emotion called love. According to the old vids, we have everything they want. When you put it that way, there's no reason they wouldn't like you. You don't take much shore leavedo you, L-T?

I'll walk drag, ma'am. When you're in the Citadel: That hanar refuses to listen to reason, why can't it act in an orderly and lawful manner? That entire scene with the hanar and the turian can come across as rather funny due to the fact that the turian officer just sounds so exasperated, like he's been putting up with this kind of crap all day and just wants to go home to take a nap. There's a hilarious bit in the Upper Markets on the Citadel. A human customer keeps attempting to make a return to a turian salesman.

Their back and forth is made even funnier when another turian customer's return is accepted much more easily. He has a proof of purchase, sir. If you follow it to the end he finds the receipt and gets a refund with no trouble. Until it continues in the sequel, of course Ashley's comments on Chora's Den is always good for a chuckle. I can't decide if that's funny or sad. What, you don't think they're here because of the food? That could be a problem. Lorik was polite for a Turian, but he was still a business man, he didn't do anything for free.

How could an old Turian like me help you? Therefor, I have just the pass you're looking for. Anoleis shut my office down," He said with a deep, forlorn sigh, "He claims to be investigating reports of my corruption. He's become quite wealthy since he took direct control of the rents. What a strange Turian. Anoleis' thugs may be necessary. Lorik rose his brow plates, "He has members of Hanshan security searching my offices, he's paying them under the table," He explained, "Miss Matsuo is unaware of the arrangement.

She disapproves of outside contracts. I see no other options for you at present. Surely there's some one else on this station willing to help us. She was no good at talking to people in subtle manners, being a slave and then a terrorist hadn't exactly fostered her social skills, prison hadn't helped either. And then after that she'd just sort of avoided people. She wandered back towards the elevator, passing by Lorik as she did, glancing at him as she did. I'm getting rather tired of drinking by myself.

Viveca laughed a bit, "No, it's not, it's just She was pretty sure that wasn't his intention, and didn't want to offend him so she just shrugged, "It's nothing.

Noveria: Lorik Qui'in

Sure, I'll have a drink with you. He waved the waiter back over, "Bring the lady whatever she wants. What is your name, by the way? What an odd name Viveca laughed softly, "No, it doesn't, it's just red, like our blood. It's good, kind of spicy.

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The 'fly in the lotion'? You seemed very amused.

lorik qui in break relationship

She didn't seem to though as he laughed softly, a deep rumbling noise in his chest, "Yes, I've been told that. I'm rather peaceful for one of my race. Of course, I went through the required military service like the rest of us, but guns and violence were never my thing. Thankfully I was still a bit too young to be in the military when the First Contact War occurred," he told her.

She'd been young, but she could remember seeing it on the television, hearing her parents talking about it, really all the adults around her talked about it. It was all anyone had talked about. The first contact with an alien race, and it turned into a war. No one had been very hopeful about finding other species who didn't want to kill them. Lorik blinked, "You do? How old were you? Some one women do find it offensive, but I'm not so easily offended as most. I was six years old.

Why should she blush over a simple compliment? Viveca stared at him for a moment, trying to figure out if he had just hit on her or not. She licked her lips and looked away, tucking a copper-red curl behind her ear. They say what they need to, hear what they need to, and then go on their way. This felt strange, just sitting here, having a drink and talking like this. Viveca hadn't been very social once she'd gotten out of prison, wary of people judging her for her past, and then with everything else that had happened And in none of the relationships she'd ever had were they normal in that they could just go out and have a drink together.

Lorik blinked at her, his mandibles clicking in surprise, "Really? You dated a Turian? I was under the impression we look hideous to most humans. He couldn't get past our differences," That was putting it mildly, but he didn't need to know that.

I'm sorry," Lorik said gravely. Viveca smiled and shrugged, "It happens. I myself never settled down," Lorik told her. Finding a bond mate is so important to most Turians Most Turians were under some amount of pressure from their families and superiors to find a suitable mate and have strong Turian babies to further their race. They mated for life, and often matches were arranged. Extra marital affairs weren't uncommon though, since there was no divorce as an option if the relationship turned sour.

But I was always far too busy with work, and most Turian females find me undesirable because I'm not a decorated war veteran. Military prowess plays a large part in our culture, as I'm sure you know.

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He hadn't really ever wanted to talk to her about anything personal really. As long as they had been together and known one another, he had still very much been a stranger to her. Viveca drained the last of her drink and started to tell Lorik that she should go and find Shepard when the devil himself appeared. She stood quickly, suddenly nervous that she maybe shouldn't have accepted the drink.

She moved back to her place to Shepard's left, hoping he'd just forget about asking her. Shepard sighed, "No, I haven't, so I've been thinking over your offer," He obviously didn't really like what he was about to say, "If I help you, you'll help me?

Trouble did seem to follow Shepard wherever he went, things never went smoothly or according to plan.