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mongolia us relationship

Mongolia - US Relations. In recognition of the importance of western (American) education, in the Government declared English to be the. The United States and Mongolia, recognizing that persistent efforts by both sides across thirty-one years of diplomatic relations have deepened. Mongolia – United States relations are bilateral relations between the United States and Mongolia. According to a Gallup poll, Mongolians prefer the.

A trade agreement was signed in January and a bilateral investment treaty in In Julysix members of the US House of Representatives visited Mongolia to inaugurate an exchange program between lawmakers of the two countries. The return visit came in Augustwith five members of the Mongolian parliament traveling to the US Similar exchanges of lawmakers and staff members have continued.

Joint Statement on the Expanded Comprehensive Partnership Between the United States and Mongolia

The House Democracy Partnership HDPunder which members of the US Congress and staff directly assist their parliamentary counterparts in newly democratic countries, is an increasingly prominent means of engagement. In total, 25 Mongolian members of parliament have visited Washington and Macedonia on this program. Six staffers from the Mongolian parliament also visited Washington during this time.

Members of parliament involved have risen in prominence and spearheaded reforms. These activities are conducted with an eye toward assisting Mongolia in managing the expected windfall and the accompanying challenges of its burgeoning mining sector.

In order to maximize its assets, Mongolia needs to manage its mineral wealth, harnessing its transformative properties to lower poverty, raise household incomes, increase political participation particularly among women and the poorand steadily improve living standards for all Mongolians.

This can be accomplished through improved governance, policy reform, and enhanced private sector and civil society participation.

Mongolia - US Relations

Transparency and accountability issues will be targeted through legislative reforms and institutional capacity building; this approach will enhance the capacity of the government to advance national development goals, including sustained economic growth and reductions in poverty through the Strengthening Transparency and Government Effectiveness STAGE project, which was under procurement as of late In addition to regular bilateral and supplemental funding, USAID central funds target a diversity of development needs in Mongolia, including programs that aim to foster an inclusive environment for persons with disabilities, improve responsiveness of local and national government through national consensus building activities, conserve biodiversity, secure livelihoods of the rural poor, increase citizen engagement in the national elections, and promote economic development through cooperative approaches.

USAID is also supporting the Government of Mongolia as the Chair of the Community of Democracies, an intergovernmental organization focused on strengthening and deepening democratic norms and practices worldwide. The United States has also supported defense reform and an increased capacity by Mongolia's armed forces to participate in international peacekeeping operations. Beginning inMongolia contributed troops to coalition operations in Iraq and Afghanistan, gaining experience that later enabled it to deploy armed peacekeepers to both UN and NATO peacekeeping missions.

While early Afghanistan deployments centered on the provision of artillery mobile training teams, current deployments are far more extensive. Over the past 2 years the Peace Corps program has increased, and as of latethere were volunteers serving in the 21 aimags. At the request of the Mongolian Government, they are engaged primarily in English teaching and teacher training activities.

Other program areas include public health, small-business development, and youth development. Mongolia was one of the first countries eligible for the new Millennium Challenge Account initiative that began inadministered by the Millennium Challenge Corporation MCC.

mongolia us relationship

MCC-eligible countries propose projects that will significantly reduce poverty in their countries through stimulating economic growth. The Mongolia MCC Compact supports efforts to broaden and deepen economic development in Mongolia for the reduction of poverty and strengthens the role of the United States as one of the largest bilateral donors in Mongolia.

mongolia us relationship

The initiative is aimed at providing a venue in which free nations can work together to support democratic values, strengthen democratic institutions, and assist those who are working to build and sustain free societies. The year was a significant year for the United States and Mongolia, as the countries celebrated their 25th anniversary of diplomatic relations.

mongolia us relationship

The program emphasizes one major theme: In most years sincethe United States Department of Agriculture has provided food aid to Mongolia under the Food for Progress and b programs.

Mongolia has contributed small numbers of troops to coalition operations in Iraq and Afghanistan [8] sincegaining experience which enabled it to deploy armed peacekeepers to both United Nations and NATO peacekeeping missions in Department of Defense assistance and cooperation, Mongolia and the U.

They are engaged primarily in English teaching and teacher training activities. At the request of the Government of Mongolia, the Peace Corps has developed programs in the areas of public health, small business development, and youth development.

In and Mongolian Government officials, including President Enkhbayar and Prime Minister Tsakhiagiin Elbegdorjrequested significant increases in the number of volunteers serving in country. The Peace Corps has responded with a commitment to make modest annual increases until The program celebrated its 15th anniversary in with participation by President Enkhbayar.

The Government of Mongolia and MCC expect more than 2 million people to benefit from the investments over the year lifetime of the investment. Louis, Missouri were preparing a bid for the Tavan Tolgoi area, the location of a substantial coking coal deposit.

Bush of the Brookings Institutionmay be able to encourage Mongolia's democracy and U. Ambassador to Mongolia from tosucceeding Jonathan Addleton.