Oprah winfrey relationship with stedman graham

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oprah winfrey relationship with stedman graham

When it comes to Oprah Winfrey, it's inaccurate to say that her recent Stedman Graham has been Oprah's longtime partner, but are Stedman Based on their relationship status, you might see him cheering Oprah on in the. Not only has the inspiring Oprah Winfrey found “absolute joyful contentment” with Stedman Graham; she's also returning to what she loves best. Oprah Winfrey has a strategy on how to avoid tabloid rumors: don't get Why She Keeps Her Relationship with Stedman Graham So Private.

You know you cannot do it [lose weight] for anybody but yourself.

oprah winfrey relationship with stedman graham

He's a very good-looking guy. And I knew that when people would see us together that the first thing they were thinking—I certainly thought for myself—what they were thinking was, 'What's he doing with that fat girl? So there was a part of me that wanted to look the best I could for myself, but also to identify—with form again—for the image of what we looked like as a couple.

Strange things about Oprah and Stedman's relationship

For Stedman this was all about me maximizing my potential, physically. I think that he wanted what was best for me. Obviously he grew up being an athlete and fit, and loves the outdoors and sports and all of that. And he wanted for me to have the opportunity to be in the body, and feel the body in the way that was fulfilling for me, what he believed to be my body's greatest potential. Concerns that a lot of people can relate to. Graham, at 6'6", does cut a strapping figure. And other than having more gray hair now, he doesn't look all that different than he did 20 years ago.

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He's a great traveler. He doesn't get tired or irritable. And he is intensely loyal. Oprah Winfrey or Stedman Graham? Some things needn't change.

oprah winfrey relationship with stedman graham

InWinfrey told E! News that Graham also gave her the space she needed, which she felt was an essential part of any strong relationship.

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He knows how to hold his own. And, you know, want to know, what is it? What is the relationship really like? What are y'all like together?

oprah winfrey relationship with stedman graham

And when you see us, it's really quite normal. Harper's Bazaar reported that the couple first met at a charity event inthe same year The Oprah Winfrey Show launched. They began dating that year. According to People, in the early days of their relationship, Graham would spend weekends at her "lavish condo on Chicago's Gold Coast," and even began leaving a toothbrush there.

I think it's time," Graham told her, to which Winfrey responded: People But the wedding never happened. And Winfrey and Graham have since revealed that they intend to keep it that way. HuffPost In AugustWinfrey told Vogue that after the proposal, the couple talked and decided to postpone marriage. After that, they simply didn't talk about it again.

CBSVogue Still, that hasn't stopped speculation over the years.

oprah winfrey relationship with stedman graham

Back inWinfrey took to Twitter to shoot down one such rumor, writing: Harper's BazaarTwitter Back inGraham spoke with CNN about what it's like to be one half of such a highly-scrutinized couple, saying he doesn't base his whole identity off his relationship with Winfrey. I just support her in her life. And she supports me in my life.