Premarital relationship essay ideas

Premarital Sex Essays: Examples, Topics, Titles, & Outlines

premarital relationship essay ideas

Keywords: Adolescents, family actions, premarital sexual relationship, sexual behavior . They were more informed about the topics of the study and knew many. View and download premarital sex essays examples. Also discover Relationships are complex and can be complicated by a longing for a lasting commitment. Research within librarian-selected research topics on Relationships and the Family Questia, your online research library and paper writing resource, contains.

It is one of the seven deadly sins and it should not be taken lightly according to religious teachings. Lust leads to sex, and if sex is taken lightly people more and more people will begin to have children out of wedlock.

Pregnancy is also a result of sex. In some cases children are left with just one parent and have to grow up the rest of their lives feeling unwanted because their biological father did not stick around.

A child cannot comprehend the fact that his or her father just had was with his or her mother to have sex. How could you explain this to a child? An even worse case is a child who is put up for adoption. He or she knows nothing about his or her real parents and is never given the oppurtunity to be given the love that every child deserves from his or her parents. I believe it would be hard not to know who your parents were. Sex is not entirely bad.

Premarital Sex Essays (Examples)

In my opinion sex should be treated like everything else and be done in moderation. People should learn to understand one another and understand that sex is a big step in relationships. If it were not a big step there would be no point to get married. Why would a person want to buy a used car when they could buy a new car? Sorry that it has to be put that way but that is the harsh reality of it. People who have slept around are not going to have an easy time finding a life mate.

Essay: Premarital Sex

Nobody wants somebody who had slept with all of their friends. It would be really awkward having all of my friends standing in my wedding knowing that had all had sex with a person that was going to be my wife in a couple of hours. The same goes for those who can not be monogamous. People should hold themselves to a higher standard. If people had more confidence I believe that they would feel they needed to have sex to impress people or to make people happy.

Sex should be a result of love and should have more meaning than it does to some people. Does it reach the wanted results?

Raising children in a war-torn area. What are the challenges?

premarital relationship essay ideas

The connection between a healthy marriage or relationship and financial security Is replacing human teachers with computers a good idea that is worth taking into consideration? Renewable energy — is it a viable solution and will the world be capable to produce enough of it? Are developed countries responsible for helping the developing economies? Gene screening — is it an ethical medical practice? Is technology a threat to our society? Recycling and green products — are there any positive effects?

Does voting really make a difference nowadays? Does Internet damage our children and society? Environmental effects that are generated by the increased India and China industries Internet of Things — is the world ready for the changes it will bring?

Should we change our taxation system or the one in place now is fair? Nanotechnology — positive and negative outcomes of embracing this new technology Cellphones that cause brain cancer — truth or just myth?

Social Media and College Students — are there any positive effects that can be contoured? Traditional learning compared to long-distance or online teaching. What are the ups and downs of each approach and can a comparison be made? Being adopted — what are the possible challenges you will face? Dictatorships — are they really as bad as the west wants us to believe? How safe is it for the world to consume and produce genetically modified vegetables and food?

Consuming genetically altered foods — some of the main concerns and issues of this practice Is bad behavior in children caused by bad genetics or bad upbringing?

premarital relationship essay ideas

Global Warming — a real global issue or is it exaggerated by media? Electric cars — should we be more interested and supportive of their development and use? How are interpersonal relationships affected by social media?

Personal relationships in the era of the Internet are becoming stronger or more distant? Is terrorism reduced or worsened by the US government? Advantages and disadvantages regarding the recently proposed immigration policy Will the issue of immigration be resolved by building a wall at the border? Obesity and its psychological effects, especially when talking about teenagers Is love one of the vital factors when you choose your spouse?

Can we still discuss the topic of the man being the main breadwinner in a family nowadays?

premarital relationship essay ideas

Data collection method was based on semi-structured interview and observing the sexual actions and interactions of youths at different levels. In order to analyze the data, the researcher used constant comparison analysis of investigation. Based on the prominent role of the family in shaping sexual relations before marriage, it is necessary to educate and support families and also revise the neglected aspects.

Also, providing health for the society is considered as one of the main issues in any country. Sometimes, it would even bring death to such mothers. However, smaller in-depth studies focusing on youth have indicated that their sexual activity has clearly increased.

One of the functions of family is socialization of children. In the socialization process, children learn values, beliefs, and the accepted behavioral criteria of their society.

The daily routines of families and their relations and contrasts are regarded as a resource which has an effect on the growth of children.

A healthy family creates a healthy structure and provides the opportunity for growth and development of children.

Like in other countries, Iranian youth are also at the risk of experiencing and involving in sexual relations.

Research studies have reported that risky sexual behaviors have been observed among the young people of the country. In recent years, HIV incidence has increased through sexual transmission.

So, it is important to perform qualitative research studies to be able to prevent and control premarital sexual relations and inhibit risky sexual behaviors and their consequences. In this research study, the actions and functions of family in shaping premarital sexual relations among youth are discussed.

Participants The study participants were 26 single men and women, of age years. They were living in Isfahan. We selected the participants based on the criteria that they had begun to have some form of sexual activities, and volunteered to participate in the study.

Potential participants were enrolled from the university campus, parks, and gyms because a large youth population could be found in these places. There was an equal distribution of women and men; moreover, the researcher used different parks and gyms around the city to be able to choose people of different economic and social status. In order to reach to an expanded amount of information regarding the topic of the study and the aspects which may not have been scrutinized, 12 other participants including parents, teachers, school counselors, clinical psychologists, family counselors, and health care providers nurses, midwives, and obstetricians were enrolled in the study.

To choose these participants, two methods of sampling including purposeful sampling at first and maximum variation sampling people of different educational levels and professions were applied. Informed consent, anonymity, information confidentiality, and the right of research withdrawal at any time were assured.

Data collection Face-to-face in-depth semi-structured interviews were used to collect data. Most of the interviews were conducted in one session. The session with those participants who provided thorough information about the topic was divided into two or three sessions to avoid it being long and boring.

Duration of the interviews varied from 45 to min. The interviews were lengthened to reach the needed amount of saturation and richness.

As the interview continued, it became more specialized and the content of the questions was the formation of sexual relations in youth, family functions, and other topics of related content. The research environment was suitable for qualitative studies and was based on natural settings. All the interviews were conducted in an agreed place such as parks.

We found our potential key informants one male and three females after interviewing 10 individuals. They were more informed about the topics of the study and knew many young men and women who had already initiated sexual activity. In other words, these four participants were considered as the means to connect to the youth network.

They showed their capability of being familiar with the culture of sexuality in terms of language of use, slang, and so on. They had a chance to observe sexual interactions among their peers and the circumstances which were impossible to be observed by the researchers.

The key informants also helped the researcher in finding further participants who had already started their sexual relations. In this study, the first investigator also observed the youth in different fields besides the interview process.

The first investigator also used key informants in observing acts, behaviors, talks, communications, and sexual interactions in different natural environments such as internet cafe, coffee shop, restaurant, shopping center, park, cinema, bus, gym, university, and recreational complex.

The key informants were asked to write whatever it seemed to have a sexual nature among youth. They were asked to write these topics with a detailed look irrespective of any interpretation.

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The key informants were trained to write field note and the reflective journal on a daily basis. They reported 40 episodes of field observation. Data analysis Shortly after an interview was conducted, the script of the recorded interviews was transcribed word by word by the first investigator. The scripts and the recoded observations of the field work were analyzed by constant comparison analysis. All the new data were compared with the existing data in order to understand the differences and similarities of the incidents.

In this way, the acceptable points were identified. Data credibility was reassured with long-lasting involvement 16 months with the participants and in the process of data collection. Besides the data collection duration, we created a rapport by a friendly relationship with the participants and close relationships with the key informants to have a trustful data collecti on procedure.

The first investigator also tried to search and analyze the contrastive evidence by interviewing youth of different layers of the society. Investigation within different social and economic situations was carried out to collect various and rich data.

Discussion sessions with five different participants were conducted to collect their final views about the topic in order to fulfill member checking. Data confirmation was made possible by external checking. During the external checking procedure, three university professors including an expert in the field of sexual behavior, nursing, and clinical psychology, who were knowledgeable in qualitative data analysis, assisted the first investigator to confirm the data. They first rechecked the coded scripts, and mentioned their opinions about the coding method; later they suggested their own code lists.

Data transferability was made possible by the findings reviewed by four young people including two young males and two young females who had similar characteristics as the participants of the study but did not take part in the study. These people found the findings similar to those behavioral patterns they used to observe in their real life.

Furthermore, we used external audit method of investigation to address the matter of dependability. This means the data analysis was done by an expert researcher who was not related to the study. RESULTS Out of 26 single youths of years of age who participated in the study, 15 participants were females and the rest were males.

Also, 15 people were students, 6 were employed, 1 was jobless, and 4 people were employed students. There was also a group of 12 participants 4 parents, 2 teachers and counselors, 1 clinical psychologist, 1 family counselor, 1 nurse, 2 midwives, and 1 gynecologist who participated in the study. Data analysis showed that family and its characteristics are categorized as one of the main factors in shaping premarital sexual relations. They also mentioned that lack of friendship-based relations between parents and children, lack of love-based home environment, contempt and reproach, excessive command and prohibition, one-way relations, humiliating criticisms especially in gatheringsinferiority, loneliness, hopelessness, ostracism especially in teenagers guide them toward having friendship with opposite sex.