Software requirement specification for customer relationship management

A guide to CRM requirements gathering and key features

software requirement specification for customer relationship management

It's difficult to start a CRM requirements document from a blank slate. . If there's a software issue that can't be solved, the CSR will forward the. To help your planning the development of CRM, we have prepared a detailed guide and an SRS template example. The ultimate guide to gathering requirements for a new CRM and which you budget for new software, the implementation services you require and how This will require a CRM functional specification document, but before.

software requirement specification for customer relationship management

Below, we examine how to identify your CRM requirements, and which features you need to meet them. Identifying your CRM requirements Work through the steps below to identify your CRM requirements and map them onto the CRM features you need - spending time here will pay dividends further on, so don't rush.

A guide to CRM requirements gathering and key features

What do you want to achieve? First, consider why you want a new CRM system. You might find that using a CRM requirements gathering template or questionnaire will streamline the operation.

Start with a wide lens and look at the business problems you are looking to solve first.

software requirement specification for customer relationship management

Once you know what outcomes you need, you can identify what you need to improve. This will vary from business to business, but you might consider: Whatever it is, quantify what you want to achieve as succinctly as you can. This will help you map out your feature requirements further on in the process.

The airline needed to make drastic savings at a challenging time to do business. What stress will the system come under? How will it be accessed? As well as knowing the number of users, you need to look at how and when those users will access the system.

The deployment method cloud or on-premise you choose will have an effect on how you budget for new softwarethe implementation services you require and how easy access to the system is, so weigh up your requirements very carefully here.

Do all your staff work from one office, or do some visit customer sites? Can you afford to replace the existing devices, or will any new system have to dovetail with your current ones?

software requirement specification for customer relationship management

An SRS document is a map of where you want the project to go that highlights all the main stops and landmarks. When you have a plan in mind, your development journey will go smoothly, without unnecessary detours.

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As a result, you will get to your destination a finished product much sooner. Before you seek help from a custom software development company, write an SRS with answers to these questions: What do you want your project to achieve?

software requirement specification for customer relationship management

How will you check whether the product meets your needs? Which factors will limit the development process? If you want to learn more about a step-by-step process of writing an SRS documentcheck out the advice from our developers.

software requirement specification for customer relationship management

You'll find detailed explanations for every stage of creating an SRS and a downloadable sample, that is as good as a business plan template.

Customer relationship management, or CRM for short, is a system for business processes automation, customer data analysis and user experience improvement. A CRM allows you to make more money by spending less time on mundane marketing and sales procedures and improving your understanding of the customers. Depending on your business needs, you can increase the revenue two ways: Use CRM to satisfy the operational requirements of your existing business.

This path is often easier, as you possess an intimate understanding of your business processes and can get a better idea of your clients' needs through CRM, thus increasing revenue. You might even settle for an out-of-the-box solution, though it might not meet all of your needs. Create your own app and offer it to other companies using a SaaS model. In this case, you will need to think of the big picture and take many factors into account.


Even if you develop a product for a single industry, like a Real estate CRM, companies' needs vary, depending on their target audiences and business models. You will need to prioritize critical features and cut the optional functions to keep the project manageable.

When you seek web development services, an SRS helps you stay on the same page with designers, developers, QA specialists, and other members of the team. To ensure this goal, there are three major parts to every SRS: An SRS introduction should outline the scope and purpose of the project. Write your business objectives and preferred results after implementing the CRM system. If you develop it for your own business, you will get a clear vision of how the CRM should help you increase revenue.

In case of a CRM SaaS, get a clear idea of your target audience, meaning business owners who would benefit from your product. Requirements take up the largest part of a CRM for small business owners and large enterprises alike.

To create a list of requirements, for a custom in-house CRM, use a map of your business process "as is". Include each step of the customer's journey through your company from the first contact to the sale, and on to upsales and client reactivation.

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