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tomodachi life relationship

For Tomodachi Life on the 3DS, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "Tips + Tricks to Increase Relationships". An example of relationship statuses in Tomodachi Life. When Miis become friends, sweethearts, spouses, etc., their relationship statuses can be checked by . Your tomodachi life has so many things missing from it, and you have so . If you want to take the relationship slowly then you might want to do "I think so too!.

It may take several tries or only a few depending on your Mii's relationship. I was able to marry 3 couples as well as receive the children request from one of them in 2 days.

After you are satisfied with the result and saved your game, you must wait awhile before performing the reset method again. Increasing Relationships Between Mii's Are you in a hurry to get a married couple's status up to soul mate or perhaps making two friends become besties?


Well, the best way to do this is through travel tickets. If a Mii's relationship is high enough with another Mii, they will bring them along on the trip I believe the sweetheart will always receive priority over the best friend, but I could be wrong.

Each time they go on a trip together, their relationship will go up one level for both Miis. I found this to be very efficient in getting couples married faster and having the child option pop up. Getting Two Miis Together Whenever you are trying to get two Miis together, it's best not to pair them up with someone of the opposite sex in the same age group.

You want to befriend a Mii that is the same sex or opposite age group that is friends with the Mii you want to pair them up with.

This way the chances are higher that they will introduce the Mii to them.

tomodachi life relationship

I want to pair up Soul who is 16 with Maka who is also 16 and Dr. Eggman is a friend of Makas. Eggman is an adult, I would befriend him so he could introduce Soul to Maka or perhaps have the option of finding Soul a sweetheart.

tomodachi life relationship

These are just some ways I found were easier to get two Mii's together then just waiting around all the time for something to happen. The reset method is by far the best. TexasAndroid TexasAndroid 4 years ago 2 Your last point brings up an interesting possibility. No idea if the following would work, but it sounds likely Note that the following will work best if the pair are already friends Make all your Miis adults.

Keep opening these orange problems up until your two desired Miis become friends. Reject any confessions they offer up until they offer one for your Mii of choice. From there, just keep them happy! Jerrynsteph4eva Jerrynsteph4eva - 4 years ago 0 0 Maybe if you set two Miis as parents until they get together then change them back to normal and change your real parents Miis back as well, you can influence.

My Miis of my parents got married. That might just be a coincidence though.

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Depending on how you want it to go, pick the "Perfect! This immediately makes them have a better or a worse relationship with each other when you check by pressing L or R. They also give you money and become happier if you tell them that they and their lover have no chance XD User Info: That is the best you can do. I decided to pick two miis to kinda force to get together, and sent everyone else to my sister.

How to have same-sex relationships in Tomodachi Life

Then I deleted them all, leaving the two alone. These two had no relationship at all when I started, within a few minutes they wanted to be friends. Within more time, one had feelings for the other, and in about a couple days of their relationship, they got married. I got all my people back when they started dating, it didnt mess anything up User Info: I've had this work successfully 3 times.