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ukyo ranma relationship quotes

A page for describing Characters: Ranma ½: Ukyo Kuonji. she made him a Childhood Marriage Promise which he didn't understand what he was promising. He died shortly after the marriage, leaving Konatsu at the whim of his stepmother and stepsisters who forced him to do all the menial Kome then points out that while Konatsu was saying that, Ranma and Akane got away. .. Quotes Edit. Relation to the Previous Episode Edit. None. rid of Tsubasa. Confused, Ranma and Akane both expect answers and follow Ukyo to her shop. .. Quotes Edit.

She also carries a large spatula on her back that she uses as a sword or club. She is highly skilled with it, but Ranma has been able to bend it enough to become unusable. A bag of flour used for a smokescreen effect, to hide her movements or distract her opponents.

It has a small range and can be overcome by jumping above. By mixing tempura flakes with gunpowder, she creates a cloud of explosives to blind and stun her opponents. It was potent enough to pain Ranma to the point of sizzling. Large ropes made of rubber Yakisoba or fried noodlesused to tangle or restrain her opponents to make them easier to hit with her spatulas.

Ranma proved unable to swiftly break free. Later in the manga, it is also used like a whip and a rope to swing across gaps. A special batter made with rubber cement, used mainly to slow her opponents down to smack them with her spatula or other techniques. It takes a while to harden from fluid state, possibly requiring the heat of her grill, but once it did, it seemed to have similar tensile strength to her rubber noodle rope.

When Ranma was struck with one, together with Shampoo's dumpling bombs, in the final story this proved enough to momentarily stun him, though he was taken by surprise so his guard wasn't up.

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A 4m diameter giant version. Ukyo's final attack during her battle with Hayato Myojin, which she was able to create in at most a few seconds. Apparently simply a blunt force restraining manoevre. An anime only attack she used to defeat the Crepe King. In the attack, Ukyo creates a huge dragon made of batter, which fuses all of her attacks.

It also traps her foe as an ingredient in a giant okonomiyaki.

ukyo ranma relationship quotes

Like several other martial artists in the series, Ukyo has displayed a certain extrasensory awareness, warning her for incoming danger. For example when sensing the Gambling King's ambush attack. Ranma-Ukyo Relationship Ukyo and Ranma were friends during their childhood, despite the latter thinking she was actually a he.

Their parents engaged them sometime after they met, but only so Genma Saotome could steal the Okonomiyaki Cart that was offered to him as a dowry. When they meet again in Furinkan, Ukyo tries to defeat Ranma in a fight, but loses to his superior skill. Ranma never figured out why she was mad until the end of the fight, where he accidently gropes one of her breasts, and gets slapped across the face for it, finally realizing she was a girl. Her attitude towards Ranma turns around after he tells her that she's cute and they reconcile and rekinlde their friendship.

Ukyo then attempts to prove that she is the most worthy fiancee to marry Ranma. Nonetheless, he only sees Ukyo as more of a friend and doesn't seem to be as irritated whenever Ukyo tries to make a move like he does with Shampoo. Akane Tendo Despite both being fiancees of Ranma, Ukyo and Akane seem to get along on friendly terms, though they still share a rivalry much like Ranma and Ryoga do. Akane even stops by Ucchan's usually with Ranma to grab a bite of okonomiyaki, and Ukyo isn't hesitant to help Akane when the time comes.

Shampoo Shampoo is Ukyo's fiercest rival due to also having her own restaurant and being another of Ranma's fiancees. Shampoo rarely gets along with Ukyo as they tend to fight over the smallest thing, no matter how trivial, and trade biting insults at times.

Nonetheless Ukyo tends to team up with Shampoo and Kodachi when there is a joint threat to their chances of snagging Ranma. Ryoga Hibiki Main article: Ukyo-Ryoga Relationship Ukyo and Ryoga are friends to an extent, and are in the anime continuity joked about as far as being a couple.

How Konatsu sees her. Of course, the reality is rather the opposite ; it's just that Konatsu is so screwed up that being paid 10 yen an hour and given free room and board without regular beatings is heaven to him. At first, and debatedly later on in the manga, where she continues to wear her more masculine school uniform and this coupled with the art makes her look more like a boy than the anime does.

She's enterprising enough at 16 to successfully run an okinomiyaki-ya on her ownwith one episode having her go out of town to attend business seminar. In the manga, she ends up with a negative example of character growth in that she becomes more malicious, destructive, abusive and scheming as the manga progresses.

She's Ranma's childhood friend and after forgiving him, she becomes his active suitor. Ranma likes her as his boyhood friend, but due to his bond with Akane he can't think of her as more than that. When they were children, she and Ranma stole the recipe for the Kuonji family's secret okonomiyaki sauce and made a batch, promising to let Ranma have the first taste which is Serious Business even in real life if he promised that, if it was good, he would "take care of her for the rest of her life", a promise to which Ranma agreed.

Unfortunately for her, Ranma still thought she was a boy at the time, and had no idea what she was asking of him to boot. Regularly uses weapons, has a penchant for throwing flour for use as a smoke curtain Like Akane, she tends to freak out when Ranma, intentionally or otherwise, makes what can be seen as a direct romantic gesture towards her, typically blushing, smacking him and then running off. On the other hand, given the chance to take the initiative, she's clearly not all the "blushing maiden".

In both continuities, when she thinks Ranma is trying to take her engagement seriously in the Spoiled Sauce story, she eagerly tries to initiate "wifely duties" like joining him in the bath or the bed. This, and the constant romantic fantasies, is the reason why almost nobody doubts her raging heterosexuality, despite the cross-dressing. She's essentially the feminine equivalent of Ryoga: Both are childhood pals of Ranma who were also his martial arts rivals.

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Both came to Nerima seeking revenge on Ranma for a childhood offense, holding him responsible for the loss their dignity Ryoga, due to being knocked into the Spring of Drowned Piglet and femininity Ukyo, after being ditched by Genma. And, when each finally caught up to him, their exact words were: Ryoga wanders around with a weighted bamboo parasol strapped to his back, while Ukyo does the same with her spatula, which is the size of a baker's peel.

Likewise, both are capable of spamming projectiles: Her hair ribbon is also analogous to Ryoga's bandana, as both are rarely seen without them. Both live on their own though Ryoga stays with the Tendos whenever he's in town and are primarily self-taught martial artists. As opposed to the rest of the main cast, who come from distinguished schools and family owned dojos. Akane fails to realize Ryoga is in love with her, because she only thinks of him as a good friendunlike Kuno and her other would-be suitors, who annoy her.

Just as Ranma doesn't mind Ukyo hanging around, since they're childhood friends, but tries to avoid Shampoo and Kodachi like the plague. And they have a mutual interest in wanting to absolve Ranma and Akane's engagement Meaning, all their plans doomed from the start'cuz they're both stuck in Ranma and Akane's respective 'friend-zones'. One more important thing is that both she and Ryoga are the only suitors to get along with their main love-rivals.

Akane and Ukyo can actually have peaceful times together even without Ranma around, while Ranma and Ryoga are both the closest thing to a best friend the other has, so much that sometimes they actually borderline on Drop-In Character: Almost a case of Demoted to Extra after Konatsu's introduction arc. Spatulas and noodles are pretty deadly in her hands.

When Ukyo is introduced, she's depicted as "the nice girl with a temper"; she can fly off the handle when she feels pushed, but overall she's the reasonable one out of Ranma's extraneous fiancees. In the manga, she ends up becoming vastly more negative and abusive as the series progresses, joining in on Kodachi and Shampoo's more extreme actions and shamelessly exploiting Konatsu.

Forgotten Friend, New Foe: She's introduced this way.

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Despite being rivals for Ranma's hand, Ukyo and Akane do often act quite friendly, a stark contrast to Akane's relationships with Shampoo or Kodachi. In the anime, during the love-potion bandaid episode, Ukyo even stops from chasing after Shampoo and the abducted Ranma to tell Akane that "she has a shot in this too" meaning a chance to get Ranma to be hers at lastif she has the courage to pursue it.

ukyo ranma relationship quotes

Leaving aside the conflict in her introduction, Ukyo plays the role well. She has known Ranma since childhood and unlike most of Ranma's other suitors, he enjoys her company and sees her as a friend, and so often goes to eat at her restaurant. Good Is Not Nice: Ukyo is initially introduced as the "good girl" of Akane's three romantic rivals, which mostly manifests as her taking the most sane and sensible ways to earn Ranma's affection until she gets a case of Took a Level in Jerkassat least.

Despite this, she's also plain-spoken and strongly opinionated, which means she does not hold back from criticizing others on their stupidity most commonly Ryoga, when they team up. Of course, given this is a comedy series, her criticisms can often fall into Hypocritical Humor. She's rarely seen without her white hair ribbon, which she fashions into a large bow. His attraction to Akane borders on obsession, rivalled only by Ranma's female form. Hikaru Gosunkugi Hikaru is a creepy classmate of Akane's with an obsession with voodoo.

Since he's one of the few male characters with no martial arts training, his attempts to woo Akane fail instantly. This is a source of frustration to Ranma, her family and generally anyone who knows her. Her culture dictates that any Amazon who is beaten by a man must marry him, leading to several confrontations where Shampoo tries to seduce Ranma. Growing up, Ranma used to believe Ukyo was a boy due to the way she dressed.

It wasn't until they were both 16 that she revealed her gender as well as her intentions to marry Ranma. Unlike Shampoo and Kodachi, Ukyo isn't nearly as hostile in her attempts to get to Ranma, as he seems to like her enough as a friend and presumably only needs gentle prodding to turn those friendly feelings into romantic ones. She's a gymnast and a narcissist, only persuing Ranma because of his looks and not caring about his well-being.